Monday, July 16

goin' on city adventures

so ok i started a poll on twitter to see which post would be most interesting for me to blog on and with an overwhelming 15 (yes! 15!!11! i have so many friends y'all) votes, you guys......................did not vote for this post HAHA. but i felt like writing a post on this cause the pictures were easier to compile.

anyway in my third sem of foundation in HWU i was definitely a tourist more than anything in KL. btw, i am from penang. so when i say KL i mean - shah alam, kepong, cyberjaya, petaling jaya, subang jaya, damansara bla bla, ALL OF IT. sorry i don't get the segregation - its kinda ignorant of me, i apologize. but KL is the city to me and city is KL lol. also, this is partially thanks to a certain someone (ahem). here are some of the few spots i went to that i can somewhat recall.

1. Ali, Ah Hock, Muthu @ Chinatown

ok so I came here on a date. ok lets be honest, 95% of the places in this post are dates la lets just get that out of the way. hi dhanya, i see you. anyway, yeah that's why i took so few pictures and the pics that i did take are super grainy and not in focus/ a terrible angle. but its ok cause memoriez y'all.

Anyway it was a really cute ass cafe, i loved the interior and also their logo on the blind prints if i recall correctly. we had their nasi lemak ayam goreng - really good; according to kx the owners also owned village park so the taste was somewhat reminscent of that?? we also ordered chee cheong fun alongside the nasi lemak a penangite i can tell you, was a complete disappointment. it was edible, but don't get it if you ever decide to give the place a try. idk why but kx wanted to give their char koay teow a go after tasting their ccf (idk man he weird??) BUT it was honestly one of the more decent char koay teow(s) I've had, halal too! So yeah, just give the ccf a skip.

2. Pasar Seni

from there, we headed to pasar seni where they were selling lots of small trinkets and little goodies. it was very pretty. i love the malaysian art culture; and pasar seni definitely had malaysian art splattered all over it. there was an array of batik selections, little peranakan inspired jewellery, typical chinese bangles, etc. etc. such ravishing culture we own! correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there is an indoor and outdoor portion of pasar seni and (while i didn't manage to take any pics there), i did manage a shot of our putu bamboo which we bought when we were roaming the outdoor market!

3. Merchants Lane

the pic was taken in Merchants Lane cafe (which MY GOSH STUNNING). next to it was my aesthetic tea, i forgot what flavour it was. and kx, as usual got himself a latte. Merchants Lane was super crowded that day, but its an insanely interesting place, i love how they did up the small ruins of the shophouse! I would go back and try their food too.

sneak a look @ their menu!! so cute!

HAHA so funny story, i like to randomly take pics when i see certain "iconic" moments come to life. and by iconic - ok let me explain through this pic. basically, i felt like this guy was truly living the hipster dude vibe - sitting in a cafe, working on a mac; with a cup of coffee by his side, rockin some converse and his smol kanken rested on the floor - isn't it cool? maybe im just really strange. ok moving on

4. Chinatown itself aka the street LOL (apparently petaling street)

Walking the streets is nothing amazing, but its an experience. i remember this is when kx called mata kucing something else and i basically was like "wtf is that???" and he was like "you've never had?" and obviously i said no cause he fked up the name but HEY I HAVE HAD IT EXCUSE ME. still good tho. noms.

5. Aquaria, KLCC

Ah, the tourist spot. truth be told, i was never very intrigued as to what goes on in aquaria. i was just always interested to know why it was an attraction? and i guess the only way to know is to go for myself right? right.

Aquaria is honest to god gorgeous, pretty crustaceans everywhere. really interesting place. but in my opinion, not worth the money. however, i did read a tweet online saying how people who claim places like aquaria are too expensive are ignorant and that it costs lots of money to maintain and provide these creatures with suitable living environments - and I guess I agree to a certain extent. 

visit it once la, its quite a place.

the jellyfish were too pretty!!!! <3

6. Jalan Alor

View of twin towers as we were walking the street.

tbh idk wtf i was trying to achieve in the shot above. but its ok, at least i got something. jalan alor was everything i heard of plus more. it was FULL of food, aromatic food accompanied by sizzling sounds of charred goodness in the night air -- it was so nice! we ended up eating at a small thai place with pretty good food. a scammer almost scammed kx into getting me a rose, tbh i would've loved to have kept it if it wasn't a scam. too bad la. then i practically lectured kx on getting a backbone and fighting off scammers HAHA. oh! and there was a relatively good local band playing that night and it added to the mood. it was great. 

7. Village Park Nasi Lemak 

Village Park was hella packed when we went......and it looked just like how it did on everyone's instagram. really good. service was a little slow, they brought our drinks super late but other than that - the food was pretty nice. I would recommend. 

8. Cheese Milk Tea ???

ok, not an insanely notable place BUT it was an interesting experience. we both have lactose intolerance, by the way HAHA. it odd combination. some say it works, i say its OK, kx says its bleh. oh well, to each their own i guess. 

9. Little Wonton Cafe

THIS PLACE IS LITERALLY A SMALL HIDDEN GEM. it is so gorgeous and the food is super interesting too! 

They serve charcoal wanton noodles (supposedly healthy); they tasted really light and flavourful and were not oily at all! I loved it. after having village park and cheese milk tea, something light like this truly did the trick. i really enjoyed myself. 

damn isn't the interior so dreamy?? it was in such a dodgy area i did not expect such a lovely place! 10/10 would recommend y'all come here!

this place is also personally vvvv special because of other reasons that shall not be disclosed LOL.

Anywho, there's lots more tales of adventures for me to spill. but i shall just stop here for now. i will look back at these and remember them as a very big part of my youth, thank you for coming into my life and blessing me with such experiences. here's to many more.


Saturday, July 7

being a low skilled labourer - as unglamourous as it sounds

i think i have a problem, my egoistic self is never happy nor satisfied working small time jobs. but one thing's for sure, i never have and never will regret the experience of them all.

my current job environment, is, i admit, one of the best amongst the 3 jobs ive worked. earning higher here too. but certain things that we're tasked to do as low payed workers, i sometimes can't accept. and it makes things tough on me and the company.

but i only have 3 more weeks of work left and here's a mantra to help me cope: do it for the money.

i struggle with the fact that work is for money. i always find a need to only work when it is meaningful and necessary. so when im given an odd, dumb job - everyone tells me i should just be happy i have a relaxing part and accept my money. but i cant. i like being valued, i dislike being looking down upon.

yet again, i tell myself to breathe. it's all for the money. nothing but the money.

god help me