Sunday, February 17

who knew

im really grateful that i dont have a roommate this semester, to be honest because i can cry my heart out as loudly as i want to until my head spins and throbs and i feel like throwing up.
who wouldve ever thought the one person who used to be the only reason i smile became the reason i break down and cry almost every night, silently or unsilently. There are so many rushed emotions ewirling round in my head and i can’t even think straight.

u can really feel it, when a person’s presence has changed around you.
when they used to care if you didnt eat or when they used to empathize to your sorrows.
As time moves on, those issues and pain stay constant but the level of love and compassion deteriorates bit by bit. There are days when i know if i let go, i cant see ahead. and with constant tears trickling down my face, i hurt inside.

i try so hard to make normal conversation even after my anxious breakdowns, but when my efforts are barely acknowledged with replies as stone-cold as ice, my heart hurts even more.

i try so hard,

day by day

the lack of care
the lack of reassurance
And especially
The lack of patience

Scares me to no end.

I.... don’t know what to do


Sunday, January 27

a random ayam penyet review lmao

disclaimer: written by kx not me

Cyberjaya has quite a number of Ayam Penyet spots, though only very few stand out. On my mission to find THE best ayam penyet spot in Cyberjaya, I stumbled upon this unassuming spot on the same row as KFC.

The Food [3.5/5]
- Dapur Penyet's presentation was its best factor. Served on the traditional wooden tray, their chicken is beautifully plated alongside some sides of tempeh, tofu, raw veg and sambal. However, it was not very tender and left more to be desired. I suspect this is due to pre-cooking the chicken beforehand, as it was not served cold. Also, the sambal is on the milder side, especially if you were to compare it to the original Indonesian sambal.
On the other hand, their complimentary soup really stood out to me. While the peppery soup that is often combo-ed with ayam penyet is very common, this place did it much better than all the other places in Cyberjaya, due to a balanced amount of seasoning.

The Pricepoint [3/5]
- The prices for the food here range from RM10-RM15, making it relatively mid priced. There are cheaper, better options out there; though it might take some hunting.

The Ambiance [3/5]
- The interior felt like a fast-food joint, with the color scheme making it look reminiscent of A&W. The decor definitely did not suit the cuisine, but otherwise it was OK.

The Service [4/5]
- The servers and manager(?) were friendly and accommodating. I asked for extra sambal and they provided it with a smile. Furthermore, I actually left behind some belongings-- and they graciously kept it safe for me until I realized and turned back to collect it. Definitely one of the better points of Dapur Penyet.

Verdict: [3.5/5]
- The food is not amazing, but is definitely above average. However, if I had a choice, I would choose to head to a different restaurant to satisfy that ayam penyet cravings.