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A Surprise + December Day Out

Hey everyone!
So, how are your holidays getting along? Went anywhere fun? Domestic or international? Any uber interesting things you got? Leave a comment below because I would love to read just even the tiniest excerpt about your holidays since I haven't gone on mine ....yet. Well, this year my family decided to just go on a domestic holiday to one of the many ( thirteen but ) states here in Malaysia, the historical city of Malacca. Have any of you ever been to Malacca? Comment down below some lovely places I could visit! ^^

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Premiere Of THG : Catching Fire

P/s : I typed all this out on the 21st Of November when I watched the movie at 730pm. When I came home, I was so excited that I typed all this out but I fell asleep doing so and today morning, well yesterday to be precise since its already midninght, my mom suddenly called and said we were all to go to the Island for a swim since my uncle and aunt were down from Singapore. I was in shock but we had a great time ( more on this later ) , and I just came back and I am pooped out.

Ok, I know what you're all ( might ) be thinking.
3 posts in a day are you crazy?
Well, I guess I am but Catching Fire is too amazing to not be blogged on that specific day because I may forget the important , intricate details. Nah, who am I kidding? No one could ever forgot a movie like that . It is what Neil Patrick Harris would call legendary. ( Yes, I watch How I Met Your Mother. )

So, if you have not taken the large hints yet , I went to watch Catching Fire today in the cinemas. It only came out today in Malaysia, not sure about the rest of the world though! I think its about the same, Catching Fire will be ( was ) released on the 21st November worldwide. Since Malaysia's timezone is faster , we were able to view the movie first but the premiere for celebrities was on the 11th I think, not quite sure!

Anyways, moving on. I need to fangirl over this movie. It is indescribable. It was just so perfect and everything that I imagined when reading the book came through. It was just literally perfect. I will not say much here about it though, I don't think I can put it all down in words too but yea just take my word for it, watching Catching Fire is one of the best experiences I have ever had ( in a movie theatre anyways ) . Oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to blurt out short scenes here anyway. This movie was really satisfying, although I'm sure the producers were sure this movie would be a hit, good or bad. However, they still chose to depict the character's beautifully and they brought justice to the book. This is coming from someone who has fangirled and read the trilogy wayyyy before there was even a movie.

Running Time : 146 Minutes +-

Brief Review + Storyline

Catching Fire is the sequel to the movie The Hunger Games. These are all originally books written by the one and only Suzanne Collins. So basically in Catching Fire, Katniss is chosen to compete in the Games again, against all odds as there was a Quarter Quell in which they held since it was the 75th year of the annual Hunger Games. Katniss is devasted and to make things worst, President Snow knows all about her act of love toward Peeta and her real feelings toward Gale. Snow threatens Katniss to convince him or her sister , Prim and her mom as well as Gale will be in deep danger. Katniss kicks things up a notch by trying her best to act in love with Peeta. This all happened before they went on their Victor Tour , before they even found out about the Quarter Quell. 

Gale Hawthorne : I had to do that, at least once.

During the Tour at District 11, Katniss couldn't take it but talk a little about Rue and as for manners , Thresh. Katniss's act touched the hearts of all the people in 11 until one man did their signature symbol for what I assume is peace. This, got that man killed , right in front of Katniss's eyes. Katniss as you can see, was devasted and taken aback.

Katniss Everdeen : I never meant for anyone to die. 

Signature Symbol.

Katniss then tries her best to look in love with Peeta before goes to the final tour location where she will meet Snow to see if she has convinced her enough to let her and her family to live. During that period of time , Katniss and Peeta decided to get married. They made marriage look as if they had nothing else left to loose. Their dignity , self respect and lives were all already taken away from them, what more could they want? At the final tour location, Katniss anxiously wait for Snow's apporval, to her devastation, Snow shook his head at her during the display of the fireworks. Katniss was bewildered and angry, they already got married. That was a statement wasn't it?

When walking in to the grand party, the finale of the tour.

Katniss is extremely devasted and too add on to that? They find out about the Quarter Quell right after that moment. Coincidence? I think not. Snow wants Katniss dead but Plutarch Heavensbee begs to differ. Katniss met Plutarch at the party and oddly enough, Plutarch was giving Katniss some hints in where Katniss gets confused.

After the tour, Katniss returns to Gale however this time, she is aware of being too close with him. In the meantime, Plutarch and Snow form a plan, it was basically Plutarch's plan, trying his best to not kill Katniss. Commanders flooded District 12 and took away all the little that they have. Gale gets mad and tries to protect his people by fighting back but the Commander took him and gave him a good lashing and wipping, a slow and extremely painful death. Thankfully, Katniss, Haymitch and Peeta came to his rescue!

President Snow : We must kill all of her species. 

Katniss is then whisked off after the reaping where she couldn't even say Goodbye because of that wretched Commander. She then found herself in the same train, with the same people off to the same place, her death. 

The lovely view from the train - not.

Katniss then goes through the same thing she did when she last was at the Games.

First, they show off the tributes.

Cinna : Press this when you're ready. 

Before this whole thing, Katniss meets Finnick 

Finnick Odair : Want a sugar cube?

And after the show she meets Johanna who does quite a display in the elavator by stripping down in front of her, Haymitch and Peeta. 

Snow still wants to eliminate Katniss by killing her but Plutarch keeps trying to keep her alive, the best he can but still showing that he is on her side for God knows why. ( I read the book so I understand his perspective more hehe ). Snow says Katniss is giving them hope and that they are rebelling against the capitol, fighting for justice. As long as Katniss is alive, hope will still be there. Plutarch diverges his plan and creates another just in time to save her.

The rebellion begins, a mockingjay as their symbol.

Katniss and Peeta then move on to the training facilities where she meets Finnick ( whom she already knew from the show ) , Mags ( the old lady who volunteered as tribute for the young girl ) , wiress and beetee ( nuts and volts as Johanna likes to call them ) and of course Johanna Mason, the extremely angry female.

After that, as usual, they are called in one by one for the individual training of some sort if  I'm not wrong, but this is where Katniss shows her skills for them to rate it. Katniss is the final one to go as she is a girl and is from 12. When Katniss enters the room, she sees Plutarch and a few other men looking down at her. Then, she glances down and sees a picture of Rue, Rue's face and pain were all captured in that painting. Katniss gets so outraged that she doesn't pick up a bow and arrow to show the Gamesmaker but she instead creates a Seneca Crane dummy and hung him by the neck as she graciously bows.

Plutarch Heavensbee : Seneca Crane decided to die. 
Katniss Everdeen : Decided? 
Plutarch Heavensbee: It was either that or the berries.

The day before the Games, as usual, the tributes will have to go to a so called interview with the famous Caesar Flickerman. This is the time where the tribute's stylists will have to doll their tributes up. Katniss's stylist and one of her favourite people here, Cinna, made her into one of the most spectacular looking girl there. Katniss was first shocked at why she was to wear a wedding dress but she did not even have time to refuse when Cinna said that President Snow insisted on it. However, Cinna said he did make some changes to it.

Katniss Everdeen : Am I going to twirl today?
Cinna : Save it for the end. 

In the end , my , did Katniss give a show! Cinna really made her look outstanding. However, this could put Cinna in danger. From a wedding gown,

And when Katniss twirled , she transformed into a


When I was watching this part of the movie, I knew then and there that Cinna was going to be killed and I honestly was devasted. I was really attached to Cinna :p . I was right though and even in the book, they said that when Katniss was going up to the arena, when she was trapped within those tubes, they will kill Cinna in front of her. I think it was pure torture for Katniss and it agitated her even more before she entered the arena.

When the buzzer sounded, Katniss went immediately toward what Haymitch calls the bloodbath.

She didn't care at that moment, she needed weapons. There, she finds out that the arrogant Finnick is allies with her, work of Effie Trinket. Katniss had no choice but to not kill Finnick , she then moved on to finding Peeta. When I put it down in words, it doesn't look as though Katniss has any emotions but you guys should watch the damn movie, you will ball your eyes out like I did. I think I had tears trickling down my cheek every time someone is killed, justice or no justice.

One thing I have to say though, they made the arena look SPECTACULAR. I was really wondering how the beach would look like but they made it come to life, hats off.

Mags found Peeta fighting .

I have to say, the way they captured the arena and the way they made the arena look like a clock was simply stunning. They didn't show the blood bath, unfortunately but they did show the effects of it. The poisonous fog was needless to say VERY believable. I literally cried when I saw Mags kill herself through the fog to save Peeta. It was very heart touching. The jabberjays were perfect too, the way they made Prim scream and Katniss's emotions when she heard it, so was Finnick's when he heard Annie's voice. After all this happened, Katniss , Peeta, Finnick, Johanna, Wiress and Beetee become allies.

Sadly, after a devasting fight, Wiress was sacrificed.

The Catching Fire soundtrack is also really nice and I recommend you all to have it in your iPods or Mp3 players! Here is a list but I'm sorry, no preview because I'm lazy haha.

Track List :

01. Coldplay – Atlas
02. Of Monsters and Men – Silhouettes
03. Sia (ft The Weeknd & Diplo) – Elastic Heart
04. The National – Lean
05. Christina Aguilera – We Remain
06. The Weeknd – Devil May Cry
07. Imagine Dragons – Who We Are
08. Lorde – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
09. The Lumineers – Gale Song
10. Ellie Goulding – Mirror
11. Patti Smith – Capital Letter
12. Santigold – Shooting Arrows At The Sky
13. Mikky Ekko – Place For Us
14. Phantogram – Lights
15. Antony and the Johnsons – Angel On Fire

I think I shall end my post here, leaving the rest of it a mystery. I do recommend this movie to all of you guys and I just cannot express my love for Catching Fire in this post . I really do love this movie especially the book, and I absolutely loved Jennifer Lawrence. It was perfect, and I mean perfect.

I truly hope you guys go and see how amazing this movie really is. Besides, I couldn't find proper gifs and pictures of the ending so yea, it should be a mystery. Take my word for it, it is absolutely magnificent and I think the cinema fee is too cheap for a movie as spectacular as this.

Did I tell you that I booked my ticket 5 days earlier? Yea, I did. However, I booked it in TGV cinemas and not GSC as TGV tends to be more what one would say deserted, and I prefer having those feels in a more quiet area. 5 days earlier than the movie, I booked the tickets. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call dedication. Hahaha! I really enjoyed the movie and a huge thumbs up! The special effects were perfect and the humour was cruel and sly, just the way I like it. It was amazing and is my favourite movie of 2013, a close follow is Ender's Game.

I hope you guys have the same movie experience as I did, because I really enjoyed myself.
Oh! Before I forget, a completely embarassing thing happened to my family and I before we watched the movie. We entered the wrong theatre and took the wrong seats HAHAHA. IT WAS SO EMBARASSING. My dad actually booked the 7:30 pm movie but we went in for the 7:20 one so we were sitiing in some else's places. We were completely oblivious until some people came and told us. We said sorry and moved on to Hall 2 where we were meant to be HAHAHA. But Hall 2 was better though, it was colder and had a bigger screen so yay!

Anyways, till next time!

P/p/s : I hope I have showed my dedication through this post I LOVE THG SO MUCH . Can anyone tell me where I can get a mockingjay pin too? Haha.



Thursday, November 21

Highlighters & My First DSLR


Mom's Bday + Tetralogies

Heyyy everyone!
I basically have a lot to blog about but I never really came round to it.
A simple warning though : I'm blogging about one of my many favourite books and I tend to get overboard haha.

Saturday, November 16

Final Day As A 14 Year Old Student

Warning : Before you proceed, make sure you are aware that below I get corny and cheesy and well just a little sensitive , the following are series of events in my 2013 life. 

The other side of me. A series of emotional events coming up!

Thursday, November 14

Noticed By John Green!

Omg omg omg omg omg omg
omg omg omg omg
omg omg

Examination Results

Remember how I was fretting so much about my finals and how I was going to fail them? Well the results are in and I guess I did pretty decent.

Wednesday, November 13

How To Hack Into Page Sources

Ok, so I normally don't do tutorials unless they are requested pretty frequently.
However, this is one which I personally want to make.
It's just a one-time thing and this blog isn't going to turn into a tutorial centre for blogs or something hahaha.

Sunday, November 10

Spreepicky Giveaway

Hey guys! So basically I found out about this giveaway and would like to share it with all of you. I actually love many of the things they sell.
However, I will first blog on their giveaway. I personally have longed for this sweater since 2012 when I found it on an online shop which my friend was hosting. However, the price was really really costly and I thought that there was no point in purchasing it. Now that I see this shop is having a giveaway, I would like to share with all of you.

Saturday, November 9

Friday, November 8


2013 Afternoon-Session Prefectorial Luncheon

Shopping , Skyping Late Nights , Stressing , Memories. It all came down to the luncheon which my friends and I were in charge of yesterday. Regardless of everyone else's opinions ( not that I even asked them ) , I thought yesterday went fairly well. The food was pretty good. Although it arrived pretty late. It was just a feeling of pure relief after the whole thing was over. I managed to take some pictures , they were hasty one's though!

Monday, September 30

September Ends

Bad Moods.

I really rarely have bad moods and this is one of the rare times.

I think I only have ONE true friend and she's already ahead of me.

Why is life like this?

Sunday, September 29

It sucks.

Doesn't life just suck?
Doesn't it?
It sucks.
It sucks always trying to please people.
It sucks always trying to be the best.
It sucks having friends who don't give a damn about you.
It sucks having to be so insecure.
It sucks being fat.
It sucks when you're the high expectation.
It sucks when you have a truckload of acne.
It sucks when you cry almost every day.
It sucks being a teenager.
It sucks living
It sucks when you're not good enough.
It sucks when you try your hardest.
It sucks when you're always used.
It sucks when you're made fun of.
It sucks when your best friends are so _.
It sucks when you have no real friends.
It sucks when you don't have a real best friend.
It sucks when you have to wear a mask upon your face.
It sucks not being to eat without getting judged.
It sucks being teased but your family.
It sucks being ugly.
It sucks being smart that you have to be consistent.
It sucks being me.
It sucks having a life like mine.
It sucks having ugly eyes.
It sucks having crappy skin.
It sucks having un-understanding parents.
It sucks when all you do is cry.
It sucks when music is your friend.
It sucks when you're uncared for.
It sucks when people look at you and expect the most.
It sucks when you try your best and that's still not enough.
It sucks that I have so many pretty cousins and I don't fit in.
It sucks having pores.
It sucks not having straight teeth.
It sucks not being perfect.
It sucks not being to please you all the time.
It sucks seeing that my best isn't enough.
It sucks to see you love me only when I'm at my best.
It sucks having to mask the pain.
It sucks not being given the freedom.
It sucks not having the courage to stand up.
It sucks not being given the life.
It sucks being a caged animal.
It sucks living my life.
It sucks having ugly fingers.
It sucks having ugly nails.
It sucks having crappy hair.
It sucks having shitty voice.
It sucks only having 0 talent.
It sucks seeing so many talented people around the world.
It sucks living my life.


Tuesday, September 24

Wish Me Luck! | The Face.

Hello guys!
Previously for the past 2 months I've been whining and moaning about my dreaded finals. Well guess what? They're here. Today was the first day of the examinations and today consisted of one of my worst subjects , Bahasa Melayu [ paper 2 ] When sitting for this paper , we are required  to compose 3 essays , a summary and answer 3 comprehension questions in the mere time of two hours. Ridiculous or ridiculous?I'm just saying ahahha.

Anyways , thank God that the paper is over and I pray that I did my best. Lets see, a review and recap of todays exams? , I think I did pretty ok in the summary but the comprehension questions , not so much. For the other three essays , the first one , I don't think I did so well but the second one I tried my best to write an article or in other words rencana which I chose on the discipline of students. The last essay , as usual , was the one where we do research on a novel given.

All in all , I think I did my best. Tomorrow's papers are English Paper 2 and Moral. For English , we are required to compose 2 essays and one summary as well as answer 2 questions on a poem in the narrow time of an hour and 30 minutes. My language base is strong , I'm not meaning to brag , but english has always been my strongest , even though I do not study it much. I guess its due to the fact that I communicate using English.

As for Moral , we have to memorize 36 values and its definition. I'm currently on number 8 and I'm freaking out.  But nevermind bc ;

Wednesday, September 18

Finals , Female Dogs & Much , MUCH more.

Hello everyone who is reading this , no one? Oh ok.

Hahaha, anyways this is a useless post though. I'm just ranting here so ..yea.

First off, I guess starts with school. Those damn _____ there I'm telling you. Okay , for instance this girl who I shall refer to as cb. So , cb , is a pretty good friend of mine. But there is this thing that pisses me off about her. She uses me . She literally uses me. Oh, evidence? Yea , do you need me to screenshot every one of our messages?

For example, if I'd want to start a chat I'd go on enthusiastic , I abosolutely despise people who begin chats with the boring 'hi'. 

Anyways , moving on. Well , if I start a chat with her and crap and ask her what she's doing she replies with 'stuff' and I'm just like 'Well , ok , what sort of stuff?' And her usual answer will be so common, pbs. Our current education system where in my perspective we , the first batch of this so-called ' School Based Assesment ' are the test rats and we go through hell and torture .

Ok, so , as you can see , I try to keep up the conversation unlike SOME PEOPLE who seem so completely uninterested in replying or responding to your messages. One or two messages are fine , since ok, probably you're really busy but like EVERY SINGLE TIME , I'm just so done with you.


Moving on to another one of my so called 'long term best friend ' This girl , I shall refer to as gee. Well , Gee , doesn't attend the same school as me anymore . We still keep in touch and are still as close as ever but damn her actions and antics irritate me LOADS sometimes. A short example would be that she actually starts the conversation and it ALWAYS goes like this

Sunday, September 8

Glasses ?!

Hello and all that .

Friday, September 6

Friday, August 16

School? Crap.

Hey guys!

I have a new blogskin. It's pretty simple and I'm kind of in love with it. I realized that my previous blog was slightly too goddy so I opted for a change and ended up with this skin! It's really simple and pretty difficult to edit with no sidebar so I didn't have to do much editing and I'm satisfied with what it came along with. I decided to change not only because I felt the other one was too fancy but because I want to get the message clear ; I blog to express and not impress. Those who beg to differ can just keep their opinion to themselves. Of course, I want my blog to be presentable and have a slight sense of 'pretty' but overall its mainly to type out my feelings. Now , I shall go on after my mini-rant express lol.

This is the shot which I truly like tee hee!

The six of us. Ooh we so pretty hahaha jkjk.

Ok, time to continue frantically worrying about my school assignments. There are just TOO MANY for a girl to handle. I even made a list below. So far I have finished absolutely nothing and this list is going to help me. But before that let me tell you about how rad (( lame )) my holidays were. I shall just start with the highlight of my holidays, 'hanging out' with my somewhat really weird and close friends. The 5 of them , 6 of us , have been really close with each other ever since primary school . Regardless of which school each of us ended up when we began our secondary school life , we remained friends , perhaps not as close anymore. I guess that's the effect of schooling differently. For instance , two of us go to the same school and only us who understand the inside jokes so its not that fun anymore. Honestly, I thought a few of them changed. Like really change. For instance, there was one who I was really close to but as far as I could tell when I see her attitude over the web and the people she talk too she did change. So did a few others but there were some who managed to stay the same. They didn't change one bit except that their topic of favour has reverted from random to boys or clothes. Did I change? I will never know because I feel the same though in other's eyes I may have reverted from my usual ways. I know one thing's for sure, we're all less outgoing and much more aware of our appearance in public.

Anyway, we went to Sunway on Tuesday (13/06/13) . The 5 of them met up at 12pm and had lunch while I came at 3pm just in time for the movie. I had to do so as I had tuition and my confirmation of Visa ( lol ) came today , only in the morning. We watched R.I.P.D which was so damn awesome I can cry. The above shots are us in Sunway . We rarely take photos but that day was an exception since ALL six of us could make it. It's usually just the four of us. Those who I thought changed? Were EXACTLY the same, I was pretty glad. Though, I feel like I missed out on a lot since I came so late. I feel like the 5 of them caught up together even more and ...sigh. Just feel slightly left out , I guess. Anyways, after the movie I called my mom and had a sleepover at my friend's house. It was just the three of us as the rest couldn't make it. One had tuition and the other two didn't ask I guess. The sleepover went fairly well , I GUESS. Though I felt like my two friends would've had much more fun if I wasn't there .

Anyways, that about wraps up my holidays +my cousins from Singapore who came down . Now , for that assignment list . 

Science Assignment ( Monocotyledons & Dicotyledons )
History Evidences
                     [] B2D1E10
                     [] B1D1E7
                     [/] B1D1E14
                     [/] B1D1E15
                     [/] B4D1E6
                     [/] B3D1E8
                     [/] B5D1E3
                     [/] B4D1E5
                     [/] B3D1E6
                     [/] B4D1E4
                     [/] B5D1E2
                     [] B6D1E1 { SPEECH DURING ASSEMBLY }
                     [] B6D1E1 {Scrapbook }
History Book Work
Bahasa Melayu Sinopsis - Di Sini Bakti Bersemadi
Mathematics Books
Art Work ( Paper Machè )
Geography ( Effects towards mankind on the sources of earth )
Home Economics Project
Moral ( Water Bill Evidence )
Science Pbs ( Band 6! )
Science Pbs ; Physics ( Air Pressure )
Sivik Pbs ( Assignment on the different cultures in Malaysia )
English ( Literature , Grammar & Essay )
Geography School WorkBook ( Cries )
Science ( Excerise , Notes & Experiment Report + PEKA )

Do you see the burden of a student ?!?! The ant carrying its pastel licking sweet ?!?! The moth getting away from swotting hands ?!?! Haha.

Anyways, as you can see I have TONS of work left and school starts in barely 68 hours. Anybody want to cry with me? Hahaha. I should start on them now! But before you go do read below.

One more thing guys , though I doubt you all will make it to the end so I will kind of promote this post. I don't want attention ok #sorrynotsorry. Anyways, basically I have this assignment thingy where I act as a psychiatrist kind of thing. I will ask you guys a bunch of questions and you just have to answer them.
Do help me out! If you are willing to , comment to me please and I'll set up a session for us! Tee hee , session, lol.

Until next time if I don't die of homework.