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Life Trying To Be An ASEAN Scholar

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wey hey guys!

I'm rn doing Singapore based Mathematic Form 2 questions . You don't think its hard  ? Just imagine add maths and modern maths . But harder . Crying right? Its really difficult and I'm really starting to rethink this whole scholarship thing , you know? When I first applied for the ASEAN Scholarship , I had a very high expectation , thinking this would be my road to success , my future , but a the same time I doubt I was going to get called for the selection test! But surprise surpirse, I got my e-mail and letter ( through snail mail ) two weeks before the exam .

Now , I'm pretty much stressing . . . sigh . I mean look at the example of form 2 math questions :
Factorise the following :

x(squared) +12x+35,
m(squared) +12m+27 etc.
what the .

or how about the following one ;

Those are actually pretty simple compared to the others which I've encountered , sigh . Just got back from Aeon , bought add maths and modern maths books . Do I really need this pressure at such a young age ? haha anyway , I think this is a real great opportunity . Doing some questions on factorising now , if anyone can help , do comment so! x

So I'm going to explain my whole journey up till now ( life trying to be an ASEAN scholar ) . 
Ok basically it was just a random Sunday morning and well I was just watching some lame cartoons . Then , my dad suddenly said he wanted to speak to me , I got a little terrified as whenever he says that it means I was in trouble. Besides , he said it so grimly which made even more afraid  . So then , the two of us sat in the kitchen and my dad began to take a newspaper pull out . I was really confused when he asked me to read it . My eyes scanned the fine print on the paper and it nearly bulged out of its sockets . I was reading about the application of having an ASEAN scholarship . My heart began thudding loudly as a huge smile popped on my face . Note : Read THE STAR newspaper you may find more interesting scholarships like this one! 

My dad looked at me and asked me a few questions , I fairly remember they were along the lines of ' Are you sure you're interested ? ' ' Would you be willing to leave Penang ' and that's when my mom came home from the market and heard my dad questioning me . She just laughed a hearty , warm laugh and said cheerfully ' Oh , dear you don't have to put so much pressure on our daughter!' , then she spoke directly to me , looking me in the eyes ' We just want to give you an exposure to these kind of things '. I just nodded as I was still very excited . The closing date was somewhere around 28 March , I think and we applied on the 23rd , we speed mailed it tho! 

I was actually really happy after we applied but after checking my e-mail day by day , my excitement gradually slowed down and vanished . Then I rarely began going through my mails , and during this month I just stopped , due to my mid terms . DO NOT DO THIS , I REPEAT DO NOT DO THIS. Guess what ? I just had a sense to check my e-mail yesterday and found a huge surprise waiting for me!  6 days ago , was an e-mail I received from the ASEAN scholarship department , saying they'd be pleased to invite me to sit for the exam . An example of the letter you may receive is below : 

Dear ( yn ),

1.       We are pleased to invite you to sit for the AY2014 ASEAN Secondary 3 Scholarship for Malaysia Selection Tests in General Ability, Mathematics and English.

2.       Your class and index number for the Selection Test are listed below:

: Private & Confedential

Index Number
: Private & Confedential

3.       The details of the Selection Test are as follows:

: Private & Confedential
Test Centre
: Private & Confedential 
Reporting Venue
: Private & Confedential 
Timetable *
0800 hrs
Reporting Time
0830 - 1115 hrs
General Ability Test & Briefing Session
1115 - 1215 hrs
Lunch Break
1215 - 1445 hrs
Mathematics Test
1445 - 1515 hrs
1515 - 1815 hrs
English Test

* Note : I did not  cp the whole email because I'm sure the rest are private , and for certain people to see only .

For those of you have already applied and still haven't received your email / letter , don't worry! The latest you can get it is on the 1/6/2013 , so smile and be happy !

Anyway , I hope all of you do get the letter and may all of us perform with flying colours in the selection test! 

Yours truly , 

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