Tuesday, June 25

A day of Playing Truant

Hey yo!

So , if you guys are from Malaysia or Indonesia or Singapore or Some of these Asian Countries then I bet you've heard the word about the haze all around right? Yea , I'm from Penang and the haze here isn't too bad , in fact it's pretty moderate . The readings for my area of haze is around 98 , it was read last night at approximately 9 pm . The readings for a few of the other states are as stated as below :

Ipoh : 111
Selangor : 208
Port Klang: 402  ( It is said that readings above 300 is considered hazardous and can cause cancer as well as asthma )

If the particular reading is 200 - 300 it is considered as VERY UNHEALTHY
                                      100-199 is considered UNHEALTHY
                                       50-100 is in the moderate zone
So , honestly we are considered l to the ucky.

The above is on the difference of haze levels in SINGAPORE . My cousin took this with her dslr .

So , honestly, the weather there is extremely horrible , its worse than it is in KLANG , which means Singapore goes over the 402 level . I pray that all of you over there are safe and hopefully this will all die down in a matter of time .

N95 masks were advised for Penangites as apparently the haze level is increasing and unfortunately not going even the slightest mark down. Singaporeans are already breathing through N95s' as as you see how horrid the air is over there.

Yesterday , I experienced some haze myself. It actually smells like normal air but is HIGHLY DANGEROUS. So , if you may , do not make this into a big joke as what some of the students in my class were doing yesterday. My school offered some masks for us to wear so that we would not breathe in the hazy air. Have I rambled on about me being in the marching team here? I doubt but (wey hey) I'm on the marching team. It's hard work but I'm happy that I can actually manage to get 8 marks for my co-curiculum. Anyway , so yesterday I went to school at around 10am because my principal was moving and the new one was coming in so I had to be there , assistant head prefect sucks .

Anyway, I was in a rush and ACCIDENTALLY wore my SISTER'S shoes , honestly I fit them but there were a little tooooo tiny so I had to bend my toes in the front , so basically the whole day yesterday I was walking around that way. I think I should be able to handle the pinch of high heels now that I've experienced such pain lol. Besides I'm really very sick uewkgje2hkejh2e3

The haze in my school area yesterday was pretty horrid so the school provided us with normal masks to wear and long story short I got sick ok. So , actually I'm much better now but anyway I skipped a day of school ( WOOOOOOO ) so I'm actually sick at home now.

I hope you guys are ok :)


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