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2013 Asean Scholarship Selection Tests

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 © The following is my Asean Scholarship Test Experience. This is my personal one and if you see a duplicate, inform me as soon as possible! 

Asean Scholarship Selection Tests 2013 Intake 

AY2013 ; Applicant for Secondary 3 scholar.

Hey yo!
Lol is that even a word? idek .
This is an Asean Scholarship Blog thingy though I should post it with proper english.

Nahhh . Haha jkjk.

Anyway , I took the ASEAN scholrship tests in Trader's Hotel , Penang yesterday :D
Ok , I'm now going to tell you about my experience there , expect a long post , skip it if you think this has nothing to with you .

This post I guess will help you understand better one WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT IN THE ASEAN SCHOLARSHIP TEST.

I remember the night before the test , the day before yesterday , I was twisting and turning on my bed , trying to let all the recent information which I just learnt seep through my brain . I remember I was memorizing the simultaneous equation formula, some factorising ones , mean , median , mode , parallelogram , and the one thing which kept swirling in my head was π = 22/7 . I was also trying to get some idioms and adjectives like ' euphoric ' , ' appalling ' and ' turbuleous ' into my system . Therefore with so many things swirling in my mind , I could barely get my eyelids to shut. After much tossing and turning ( and some scolding from my Dad who was worried of my health ) , I finally drifted off to Dreamland for what seemed like an hour . I remember waking up to the obnoxious sound of my mom's voice lol ( just kidding mom! ) I remember the moment I opened my eyes , my heart thudded loudly and my face was the sign of anxiety and excitedness( not a word but :D ) I leaped into the bathroom , went to the loo , brushed my teeth ( tmi )  . Then , I got dressed . Most of the applicants would be pondering the question on what to wear , I'm pretty sure , as I was one of those worry-warts . Well , I got some information online , and my friend Kah Yee from Selangor said that casual wear is what everyone would wear, so don't look lik the odd one wearing a suit and a tie! I just laughed at her , and took her advice . My other friends Eileen and Sheila also said practically the same thing so I decided to wear my comfiest jeans and a hoodie . My hoodie was dark blue with a hint of pink at the logo . You don't care do you? Ok, moving on . Then , I went down did my hair and yada , yada , yada.

We ( my parents and I ) set off to Trader's Hotel at approximately 0705, my dad was speeding ( hah cops u suck lol ) , ok he was speeding for a good cause though . Anyway , we reached Trader's Hotel at around 0725 ( the reporting time was 0800 ) and my dad stopped at 7/11 just opposite Trader's . My mum bought some buns , well I did ask her for one chocolate bun but she , you know being a mom , bought like 12 buns ( I AM NOT EXAGGERATING) she really did! My dad was pretty angry as there was no place to keep the buns . I just ate half of one bun as I was really nervous and felt like puking after the first bite , but I forced myself to consume at least half the bun so that my stomach wouldn't be empty . I then remembered my dad dropping us off at the hotel lobby , as he did that he called out to us and said ' I'll just get a parking space you go in first ' , mom and I entered as we nodded at him . A concierge came to us and ushered us in ;

"Asean Scholarship ? " , he asked with a friendly smile plastered upon his face  .

I just nodded as my mom said "yes"

"Very well , third floor miss , please just follow the crowd "

I remember going up the escalators bla bla bla and we waited at the front of the registaring tables , at least that was what the two of us thought it was . After around 5 minutes of just standing around a lady came and spoke in a loud voice asking all of us to go down and wait in the lobby . We were all obedient enough to follow ( :p ) . Anyway we all headed down and mom and I passed the same man who gave us instructions . This time he was talking to another family , however he didn't even ask if they were here for the scholarship test or not he simply said " Good morning , third floor " Mom and I glanced at each other and began laughing , I guess the man got fed up with the number of people who he had to usher in . Since we had to wait a while till we could go up , mom and I sat on some comfy chairs in front of a coffee table , not soon after my dad arrived . I went to the loo and finally it was time to go up to the third floor again .

Let me tell you this ,  the whole thing was pretty unorganized if you ask me , people were scurrying and scattering here and there , the whole thing looked like one big mess . Then the person who I assume was the head invigilator spoke in a loud , stern-like voice , " CAN ALL THE STUDENTS OF CLASS 3,4 & 5 PLEASE ENTER THE BALLROOM " , her voice bellowed . Her demeanour could fool anyone. She was dressed so proffesionaly though her face resembled a woman of petiteness and delicateness . I was wrong, she was really, really stern. Of course I was in Class 5 , I said a quick goodbye to my mom and dad who engulfed me in warm hugs and 'good lucks' . However , it wasn't time for the test , it was just the briefing session! I think in Penang there were only around 100-200 students INCLUDING the sec1's . So sec1+sec3 = 200++ students which , to my shock , was pretty few . Around 5 of them didn't come for sec 3 I think it was because they were on their holidays , poor them , but higher chances for all of us :D .There were 99% chinese , approximately 10 indians and ( LOL ) 2 Malays , pathetic!  Anyway , it was a humungous ballroom . I think the tests in other states the sec 1 and sec 3 candidates would've been seperated , however , in  Penang , I think there weren't that many candidates in this state so they combined both sec 1 and 3 candidates together to sit for the tests ( different tests of course ) in the same location . Our names and index numbers were printed out on tiny white papers and pasted onto our respective tables , at the side which we were suppose to sit on. It may look like this ( At the end of the test the lady said we could take the tiny piece of paper home as a souvenier or throw it away haha :P ) Here's a picture of mine , I took it using the mirror effect so that the numbers would come out backwards because I wanted some secrecy in this lol whatever . IGNORE THAT FINGER LOL .

that little piece of paper lol .( I like to say lol often lol xD )

So, the paper should look like this HAHAHA. On the e-mail / letter which every candidate who was qualified enough to sit for the test received , they stated that 'all stationery has to be put into a clear , transparent    plastic bag ' . Actually , that's not necessary you can put your stuff in a clear PENCIL CASE like I did

my pencil case , if you care lol.

Or you could just put all your things as in stationery into a pencil case like this one too! It'll do just dine , they won't confiscate it as I saw a few candidates using this  : 

you know these kind's that they sell everywhere nowadays .

Yea , those should work too . Anyway back to the selection tests . After all of us settled in , they opened the doors for parents to come in . Oh , before that! I remember the lady said something like "ok  , I'm going to let your parents in now , don't go and speak to them, this is only a test not a bye bye forever moment " , only a few chuckles were heard across the whole room , that was how nervous we were. I remember the boy beside me , he was wearing a red tee . He looked so nervous , as was I . To my right was a friendly chinese boy and a smiley malay girl who always smiled back at me as I smiled at her. In front of me was an indian girl who my parents made friends with ( with her parents ofc! ) and beside her was a malay girl ( who looked like a chinese honestly! ) , but who am I to judge, I'm an indian who looks like a weird chinese mix malay . After a little introductory session , the head invigilator showed us a slideshow on Singapore and all that and at the end was a small video clip , taken here and there with various asean scholars from all the asian countries telling us how fun and what a memorable experience it is . I remember just sitting there thinking " oh , how I'd love to be the one on that screen giving advice next year " . Anywho , after the briefing session all the candidates were moved outside in 'she said and I quote ' , " AN ORDERLY MANNER" lol. Outside as in out the ballroom , near the test rooms . The first thing they did there was take our attendance and also see if we were all sitting according to our index numbers .Then , they asked Class 3 & 4 to follow a lady but class 5 to wait at the secluded area . As you see , the GENERAL ABILITY TEST were done in classes , first was class3 , then 4 then after what seemed like 9120381923820983192839018092381928301928390128910238019238198013 hours , we were finally called to enter the test room called 'Langkawi 2' HAHAHA . I'm crazy lol .

So, the GAT test consisted of 48 questions which we had to complete within the narrow time of 20 minutes . I was sort of emotionally and mentally prepared for this test as I read on various blogs on how fast I got to be . Here's a piece of advice : If you can't get the question , guess the answer and go on with the next . I did this and in this way I managed to finish all 48 questions in a mere 17 minutes , the other 3 minutes I used to check around 20 questions. With this , you not only can complete the test ( which is a huge wave of relief! ) but you can also reconfirm some of the answers which you have put down . That test for me was just plain fun. Please note that in this test you will be given ALL patterns and it may confuse you , so if you're confused just guess all the answers , that's what my friend did anyway . Some of the examples shown were like, they give you 3 blue squares and they'll ask you what comes after that . The answer is so obvious ; a blue square . Simple right? However , the questions tend to get tougher AND tougher AND EVEN tougher . So , beware! Around question 45 the patterns didn't make much sense to me so I guessed my ways through them . I'm pretty sure they use the same test booklets every year as we weren't allowed to scribble on them . After the GAT test , we were given an hour break and my parents took me to komtar , where I devoured my korean burger ( nomonononmnomomonm ) , well I ate half of the burger anyway , because I was tremendously afraid of the next test , DUN DUN DUN ;

THE MATHEMATIC TEST consisted of 33 questions for 2 hours . The time here which was given was sufficient enough as I didn't have to rush through the questions . However , do note that Singapore Math Syllabus is much , MUCH higher than Malaysian syllabus . Especially for me and other 99's since we were only 14 and were competing with many other 15 year olds for this scholarship so our chances aren't really that high . Also note that Singaporeans take Add Math & Elementary Math when they're 14 years old , so OBVIOUSLY THE TEST WAS CHALLENGING. How do I  think I did in the test? Pretty.freaking.bad , I remember questions 1-3 were so simple . Number 1 if I'm not mistaken was just a simple whole number equation , something like : 

(6-3x17) divided by 9 

Then question 2 was also a whole number equation , however rather difficult to understand if you do not have a good grasp in English . The third question was slightly confusing ; I remember they gave something like the approximation of bla bla bla and then they asked us to approximate what π is when ( some number I dont remember ) . As I said , all I knew about π was it is equivalent to 22/7 as in 3.1429 ( roughly ) . So I just put down the answer 22/7 lol. Then questions 3-33 were pretty freaking hard . Some of them I could do , like the simulataneous equations , graphs , simplifying in linear like equations and some other add math questions but the others were completely gibberish to me and were just out of my league lol, honestly they were simple but tough for me considering I didn't even flip a page towards those sections. So yea just prepare yourself for this part of the test . After 2 hours in crazy land and making our own formulaes , we were finally allowed for a 10 minute break --. Freaking short right? --\

Next , was ( yipee ) the ENGLISH TEST, but when I set my eyes on the paper my yipeeness ( not a word lol ) died down I tell you. Singaporeans English is so high D: .So this was only ENGLISH PAPER 1  , the test paper was honestly pretty simple , but , BEWARE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A GOOD GRASP OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE . The words used were despicably high and their use of language was of 100% , to me the paper wasn't that challenging nor was it easy , I kind of enjoyed it. But , the paper took me off guard! I was reading some blogs on the previous year tests and they stated that their English paper consisted of a long article , around one and a half pages and there were 10 questions to answer, they said there were 9 comprehension questions and 1 summary . However , this year I think it got simpler ! There were multiple choice questions , fill in the blanks , grammar exercises , and word replacing . To be honest , the mcq questions were pretty difficult as like I said their use of the English language is pretty high! Halfway through the questions , I realised that the questions weren't half as bad! Then , suddenly the most embarassing thing happened! Guess what? MY ALARM WENT OFF IN MY BAG! At first I just shrugged it off as I though they were sounds from outside but then the thing got louder and louder! I remember my heart thudding as I slumped lower and lower into my seat. The invigilator walked toward the sound , shook her head dissapointedly and covered all the bags up , so there was only the muffled sound of Taylor Swift's 'I knew you were trouble ' . ( not a good song choice, but its lovely to wake up to it in the morning haha! ) They didnt really do anything after but I PUT MY SNOOZE BUTTON ON 5 FREAKING TIMES DAMNIT . I remember praying so hard to God to stop the infriuating sound omg. I thought the invigilators would ask the culprit ( sadly me TT_TT) to own up and switch off my phone before the next test , they didnt though so THANK HEAVENS . 

Anyway , the second test was ENGLISH PAPER 2  I remember the dude beside me gasped " paper 2?! " and I was just sitting there like "lol" HAHAHA. Anyway , in this paper we were required to compose a 300 word essay in half an hour . I remember when she said ' do not open until I tell you too ' but I already opened the question and read it lol . I was pretty euphoric with the questions! I remember one was 

" A visitor came to your country , which place would you recommend him or her to go to during his or her visit ? "

And this is the one I chose : 

" Write on a recount of your most memorable experience in school " 
(they'd only give you TWO questions and you have to write on ONE of them .

Simple right? Well , the guy beside me was having some problems though , he sighed and kept glancing at my paper . Not be a show off or anything , I have always loved writing essays , especially story-like ones! They provided  2 and a half pieces of paper for us to write on, unfortunately I did not have enough space . ( Was I going overboard ? idek ) So I raised my hand and asked an invigilator what to do. I really disliked this invigilator as she just looked at me and shrugged it off and told me " make  use the space left " BUT THERE WAS BARELY 2MM LEFT WOMAN ARE YOU CRAZY . By that time I was fuming! Remember , if an invigilator does this to you , call another , like I did . This time , I raised my hand for the head-invigilator to see . She came over to me , smiling and nodding as I told her my problem . She was all "Not enough paper ah?! " Then she just told me to use the rough paper provided and she said that  she'd attach the rough paper together with my answer sheet later on  . A huge wave of relief washed over me as I continued my writing , as fast as I could , my pencil just moving like it had a mind of it's own  . I remember the boy beside me , his eyes were bulging out as I worte ( lol :p  ) Hey , I had a really great idea at that moment! However , I wasn't that happy with my writing standards , I didn't meet my ususal criteria :( , I think it was because of the time limit set which put a lot of pressure on me .That's all that I went through today , I guess . I wish anyone who took the test too good luck ! and I hope you guys make it to Singapore , as much as I would love too <3 

I don't think I'll be called for the interview anytime but I hope my post helps you guys! 
Until next time , 

~Supriya! x



  1. It was so interesting to read this!
    How did you apply for it?

    1. @stephanie : It was an online application system but you are also able to apply via snail mail although online application is much quicker. However, through snail mail, your application is much more verified and is looked through more thoroughl

  2. hey! thanks for the post. I'm planning to apply for sec 1

    1. @deliah royal

      Wish you all the best! :)

  3. an example of a tough math question?

    1. @anais

      this was quite long ago but I think I remember one fairly well.

      It is something as below

      x^3 + 10x^2 + 33x + 34