Sunday, July 28

Been A While

It's been pretty long since I blogged because of some things. Well , today is Saturday ( basically Sunday bc 00:12:28 )
But I shall touch on my day because I feel guilty for not posting things up :3

Well , today I had to wake up around 5.30 am due to some prayers we had to attend. It was quite Ok honestly although I slept around 1.45 am the day before. However after the prayers I completely blacked out and slept till 12:50 pm . I have an exam on Tuesday ( 300713 ) , its also my dad's birthday that day! But thank god because it's just a one day exam.

It's basically called Pentaksiran Pusat which is counted in our PMR examination results ( although the government claims to have no exams *snort* ) Anyway, this test consists of all mainly Higher Order Thinking Skill ( HOTS ) -like questions. The Malaysian education system is usually based on the Lower Order Thinking Skill ( LOTS ) as they educate children step by step , a little to slow in my opinion.

In comparison to the Malaysian syllabus , I would most definitely say that the Singaporean education system is on a much higher basis and challenges young minds at an early stage , this helps children later on as they already have the flow of thinking in a very high manner and can cope with all difficult challenges and obstacles. I know this due to the fact that I set for the Selection Test for the Asean Scholarship . Obviously , their math is WAY higher than ours. In our form 2 syllabus , we are newly introduced to Squaring and Rooting , Linear Equations , Ratios . Pythagoras' Theorem method , Geometrical Construction, Coordinates , Loci in Two Dimensions , Circles & Transformations whereas in Singapore I am pretty sure these topics are touched on when the students were in primary 5 or even 4.

Thus , their sec 2 syllabus contained all sorts of things which sounded like foreign language to me. Simulataneous Equations , Metriculation , Probability , Factorisation. I could ramble on more however I think I shall stop here for my test. Wish me luck though!

Today we sent my maid back to Indonesia , housework for 1 month cries :'(


I'm really lazy though k bye.



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