Friday, August 16

School? Crap.

Hey guys!

I have a new blogskin. It's pretty simple and I'm kind of in love with it. I realized that my previous blog was slightly too goddy so I opted for a change and ended up with this skin! It's really simple and pretty difficult to edit with no sidebar so I didn't have to do much editing and I'm satisfied with what it came along with. I decided to change not only because I felt the other one was too fancy but because I want to get the message clear ; I blog to express and not impress. Those who beg to differ can just keep their opinion to themselves. Of course, I want my blog to be presentable and have a slight sense of 'pretty' but overall its mainly to type out my feelings. Now , I shall go on after my mini-rant express lol.

This is the shot which I truly like tee hee!

The six of us. Ooh we so pretty hahaha jkjk.

Ok, time to continue frantically worrying about my school assignments. There are just TOO MANY for a girl to handle. I even made a list below. So far I have finished absolutely nothing and this list is going to help me. But before that let me tell you about how rad (( lame )) my holidays were. I shall just start with the highlight of my holidays, 'hanging out' with my somewhat really weird and close friends. The 5 of them , 6 of us , have been really close with each other ever since primary school . Regardless of which school each of us ended up when we began our secondary school life , we remained friends , perhaps not as close anymore. I guess that's the effect of schooling differently. For instance , two of us go to the same school and only us who understand the inside jokes so its not that fun anymore. Honestly, I thought a few of them changed. Like really change. For instance, there was one who I was really close to but as far as I could tell when I see her attitude over the web and the people she talk too she did change. So did a few others but there were some who managed to stay the same. They didn't change one bit except that their topic of favour has reverted from random to boys or clothes. Did I change? I will never know because I feel the same though in other's eyes I may have reverted from my usual ways. I know one thing's for sure, we're all less outgoing and much more aware of our appearance in public.

Anyway, we went to Sunway on Tuesday (13/06/13) . The 5 of them met up at 12pm and had lunch while I came at 3pm just in time for the movie. I had to do so as I had tuition and my confirmation of Visa ( lol ) came today , only in the morning. We watched R.I.P.D which was so damn awesome I can cry. The above shots are us in Sunway . We rarely take photos but that day was an exception since ALL six of us could make it. It's usually just the four of us. Those who I thought changed? Were EXACTLY the same, I was pretty glad. Though, I feel like I missed out on a lot since I came so late. I feel like the 5 of them caught up together even more and ...sigh. Just feel slightly left out , I guess. Anyways, after the movie I called my mom and had a sleepover at my friend's house. It was just the three of us as the rest couldn't make it. One had tuition and the other two didn't ask I guess. The sleepover went fairly well , I GUESS. Though I felt like my two friends would've had much more fun if I wasn't there .

Anyways, that about wraps up my holidays +my cousins from Singapore who came down . Now , for that assignment list . 

Science Assignment ( Monocotyledons & Dicotyledons )
History Evidences
                     [] B2D1E10
                     [] B1D1E7
                     [/] B1D1E14
                     [/] B1D1E15
                     [/] B4D1E6
                     [/] B3D1E8
                     [/] B5D1E3
                     [/] B4D1E5
                     [/] B3D1E6
                     [/] B4D1E4
                     [/] B5D1E2
                     [] B6D1E1 { SPEECH DURING ASSEMBLY }
                     [] B6D1E1 {Scrapbook }
History Book Work
Bahasa Melayu Sinopsis - Di Sini Bakti Bersemadi
Mathematics Books
Art Work ( Paper Machè )
Geography ( Effects towards mankind on the sources of earth )
Home Economics Project
Moral ( Water Bill Evidence )
Science Pbs ( Band 6! )
Science Pbs ; Physics ( Air Pressure )
Sivik Pbs ( Assignment on the different cultures in Malaysia )
English ( Literature , Grammar & Essay )
Geography School WorkBook ( Cries )
Science ( Excerise , Notes & Experiment Report + PEKA )

Do you see the burden of a student ?!?! The ant carrying its pastel licking sweet ?!?! The moth getting away from swotting hands ?!?! Haha.

Anyways, as you can see I have TONS of work left and school starts in barely 68 hours. Anybody want to cry with me? Hahaha. I should start on them now! But before you go do read below.

One more thing guys , though I doubt you all will make it to the end so I will kind of promote this post. I don't want attention ok #sorrynotsorry. Anyways, basically I have this assignment thingy where I act as a psychiatrist kind of thing. I will ask you guys a bunch of questions and you just have to answer them.
Do help me out! If you are willing to , comment to me please and I'll set up a session for us! Tee hee , session, lol.

Until next time if I don't die of homework.