Friday, August 2

5,4,3,2,1 Ho(mework)liday

Yay! It's finally the holidays. Two week break after sch(ell)ool. I still have so many Pbs to accomplish not to mention I have to study for the finals. Currently , I'm at my study table in my room. Alone again sigh. But honestly I prefer it this way, there's a sense of serenity when I'm all alone in my room and the other's are sleeping and the music turned up reasonably high with some chips (( I WISH)) beside me. Anyway, yay holiday! Nay homework! My homework is higher than mount everest I tell you. It climbs over the charts.

I just finished watching the re-run of the final episode of The Apperentice Asia. My favourite! I missed it on Wednesday because I had to go for my Math tuition. Sucks! haha. Anyway, I was honestly VERY intrigued by the show today because all sorts of unexpected things happened. The two finalists were Jonathon & Andrea who I found very fiery though slighlty back-stabber-ish. In this final task they were required to host a black tie cocktail party and hold an auction for some of Air Asia's helping South-East Asia products. It wasn't an easy task though seemed really fun to perform!

First off went Jonathon. In my opinion he looked very relaxed yet interested which is how I would've wanted to look like if I was in his position. He was very natural yet proffesional , friendly yet conveyed the message in a very free , simple flow. Andrea on the other hand was VERY nervous. Her welcome speech, the way they filmed on tv , was a disaster. The auction was very bumpy as she couldn't remember the figures of the auction items. It was really sad for her She usually is a very strong candidate. Unfortunately that day wasn't her day.

In terms of leadership , I would've definitely picked Andrea. She just has this vibe of leadership around her. She just has potential though needs to be pulled down to earth. If the winner was only based on the final task, without a doubt Jonathon would've won. He did his job extremely well and his co-workers helped him lots too! I felt like Jonathon was much more in touch with the people. He can woo more hearts and capture more souls. I think that Tony made the right choice by picking him instead of Andrea.

Okok enough on that. Bilibilibilibilibilibilibilibilibilibili ...sigh that's the song that's been stuck in my head for so long now thanks to some idiots who I call my friends. She created this stupid song and now the annoying melody is in my head. Idiot.  hahaha. Jkjk. I hope I don't procrastinate even more during the holidays and I really wish that my holidays go well. I'm craving McD's urrrrrgh. I need some fooooooooooooood. ahhhhhhhhhhhh! haha . I guess I should get back to my Sejarah work. There's just so much Gahhhhh!

Anyway, tuition today went fairly went except for some irritated glances exchanged between my mom and me. Singapore English is really fun to do and pretty challenging for unnurture ( LOL ) minds like mine. We really have to think and I enjoy doing that lmao. I should really continue my work right now haha procrastination alertttt! Sigh boring boring Sejarah . I should get back to it! My pile of books is as large as the ones below I'm not kidding.


sigh, I guess that's all for now! xo



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