Tuesday, August 6

Blogging Tips!

Hey guys!
So if you read my previous post (till the end), you'll find that I promised some blogging tips on my next post! However, I posted my story up a few hours ago and I deleted it now due to the lack of attention it was getting . Though here's a random shoutout to  Dee   who kindly commented amazing words of encouragement regardless of my story's blandness. Check her blog out ok? 

Another shoutout to  
Renn  who kindly made a whole tutorial just to teach me how to disable my right click with such an adorable textbox! It took me several tries to get it and she even e-mailed me so I just wanted to say thanks! Do view her blog too! 

Anyways! Back to blogging tips!  These tips shall be in point form and are ALL MINE. Copyrighted by Supriya Sivabalan on 06 August 2013 , a Tuesday at precisely 22:24:40. Copycats will be heavily punished according to the law. This tutorial was request by Pgy on Saturday. Sorry for the late posting ^^


♡ Header

Be sure that your header isn't too big or else everything else will look unorganized and people may not even scroll down far enough to get to your fun and amazing posts!

     ♡ Sidebar
In your sidebar, make sure you have at least :

-a brief introduction

It doesn't have to be long . Perhaps just your name & your age. This way, people will see if you are the same age group as them. For instance, if a 14-year-old blogger was surfing your blog and you were 25 , they'd know that such a blog isn't suit for them and will continuing surfing until they land on a proper one.

-Number of followers

Honestly, this is not a necessity. However , in my opinion , displaying your follower count is a great way to attract attention. As an example , a person surfs your blog and finds that you have 100 followers. What's the first thing in their mind? ' Her posts and tutorials must be good ! I should check it out " As if it were like magic, you manage to attract people.

-Cbox / Shoutbox

This, my dear readers is   EXTREMELY   important. Why, you ask? The other day, as I was blogging and trying to promote my blog , I realised that they weren't some cbox-es on the blogs I followed. This , in my opinion , is truly inconvenient as there's no quick way to ask them to follow you back in an instant. Not having a cbox on your blog is pretty frustrating.

*music is not necessary but in my opinion no music is better. Piano music is fine though, just for a welcome! However, I am positive that most people surfing your blog would pause them so what's the use? HIDING YOUR MUSIC PLAYER , till there's no pause button is NOT A GOOD THING TO DO. This is because if a person was surfing your blog at night , and the rest of the house is sleeping and all of a sudden some music BLASTS out. Infruiating right? I know. 


Just a brief thank you note with some of your links to soical media ^^

   ♡ Pages

-Number of pages

Your number of pages SHOULDN'T be more than 9 pages~ Or else it would look pretty messy!

-What pages to include?

Some important pages which you should include are :
* profile pages
* exchange link pages
* your social media contact pages

-Profile page

On your profile page , you should first post a picture, not necessarily you , but even a picture of an artist you like. Then , have a pretty lengthy introduction about yourself. Include your private information ( WHICH YOU CAN SHARE , eg : birthday ) and also fun facts about yourself! Below, you can put it in biodata form . Click on my 'ALL ME!' page  to see an example of what I'm talking about. Then, you can type out your blogging history. This really intrigues people!

-Exchange link page

On this page, you should ask as many people as you can to exchange links with them. This way you get to promote your blog as well as help others! ^^

   ♡ Posts

When posting keep in mind the few things below :

-keep it fun and not boring

I realise that I have the tendency of making my posts a tad bit boring due to my excessive use of higher level english. This , unfortunately , is out of my control as I am very used to speaking ,writing and typing in this manner. However, when I read some malay blogs I find their posts EXTREMELY interesting due to their carefree language use and their funny expressions and references!

-include emoticons

You should include emoticons in your posts to keep them lively! If you do not know how to do this , ask me in my tagborad ^^

-Sign off

ALWAYS sign off with your name / signature at the end of a post to prove your typings to people!

Steps To Promoting Your Blog

Next are just brief tips on promoting your blog!

One , is by being flattering and 'lovely' 

Two , is by following many blogs and leaving them flattering messages on their cbox
Three , is by posting your blog on social media ( unless you don't want your friends to see )

Four , is by making new friends online and sharing their blogging interests

Five , is by sharing all their posts and flattering them with compliments.

One thing I've got to say in promoting your blog is DO NOT USE ADFLY. It's realllly irritating and I hate it so. It frustrates me! 

I guess that's all I've got to offer for all you bloggers out there! Hope I helped ! If you find me helpful please comment! 




  1. wow, your tips are awesome...!! i think I should do that :3 especially the number of followers step.

    but why its very hard to get just one follower??! I know i'm still newbie, lol xD

  2. I think you will get many follower as quickly as can be because I love the way write and the way you tell them . keep on ^^V

  3. aw thank you so much :) i bet you will too

  4. aw no problem ^^ ~ p/s this isn't my story aha I took it down! :( x