Thursday, August 8

Dentists? Dog Chases?

Hey guys~ 
So today is Aidilfitri! Yay~ haha Wishing all Malays a very happy Hari Raya and may your day be filled with prosperity and blessing from God .The above picture is me , sort of , I hid my face hehe~ [ note : it USED to be my picture until I just couldn't stand looking at my discriminating figure evrytime I log onto blogger. Judge all you want about my ugly face and my lack of confidence but I'm insecure!Moving on with the treats which I clearly enjoyed tee hee~  I got MANY cookies in school & from my neighbours . Ate loads of them.Eccentric? Whatever .

*Just for the record I do not celebrate this prosperous holiday as I was getting numerous wishes haha :') 
Ok, moving on after my wishes. My blogging tips went well didn't they? I'm happy you guys liked them and was delighted by the response I received So, I guess I should continue on posting tips? What do you guys think? Comment ok?

Proceeding to my trip to the dentist (( sigh )) This morning , my mom took my sister & I to the dentist for our oral check up. Overall , I think it went decently. 

I remember my heart thudding loudly as I walked up the steps to the dental clinic reception area. My mom handed the appointment card to the lady seated there , a genuine smile upon her face. I shuddered slightly at the chilliness of the place. After examining our card , the lady instructed us to the 21st floor. We obeyed and entered the lift . With trembling fingers I pushed the number '21' on the lift. My mom knew I was afraid. 

My phobia in dentistry offices all began at the root. School. School dental clinics are extremely rough and the dentists there aren't friendly at all. Not one bit. I had experience in such rough , school clinics. They actually pulled out one of my molars ( by force ) , they gave me injections ( YES WITH AN S ) which hurt loads and there was lots of blood. Instead of attending to my bloody state, all the dentist did was just shove in a cotton wool and I could feel my teeth actually THROBBING. Enough history for now , I shall continue.

As I stepped out of the lift , a clean and sterile odour hit me. It was the smell of Eugenol? Soap? Acrylic monome? I don't even know. As mom , sis and I made our through the little people near the door , we sat down in the waiting room , on the seats provided. I gripped my seat tightly and took a good look around. It's not like I haven't been here before. Oh, no. I always come to this dentistry office. Every 3 months. But, I am frequently this nervous.As I looked around I realized that the partients were mainly in my age group. 

There was a skinny indian girl , a pretty chinese girl and a young chinese boy. We were all around the ages 13 - 16 . I realized that all their attention were directed to the tiny idiot box, also known as tv. They were playing re-runs of the old show Casper the ghost. I myself love this show and distracted myself for a good 5 minutes until I heard a small feminine voice call out.


My sister stood up, fear clear in her face. She pulled a weird one and spoke, 

" Can't sis go first ? "

I gave her the evil eye and she surrended , following the nurse helplessly like a little lost dog. My heart began pounding again, my brain interpreting once again that we were in a dentist office and I was next. I tuned my eyes to the Tv again but nothing was happening until I heard a deep voice call out my name.

I stood up, brushed myself , set down the newspaper I was reading and followed the guy who called me. He was around 22 , a chinese guy. Apparently he was my doctor that day . First he led me to the special kind of dentist chair and did a long survey with me . Regardless of how uncomfortable I always am in dentists, I couldn't help but feel calm with this dentist. He had a way of making you feel serene and had a set of amazing communicative skills. After the survey , as usual I did scaling.

My scaling however , was done by  another doctor  , this time round , a female. I felt slightly uncomfortable shifting doctors but I managed. The lady was a really nice person and she handled my teeth ever so gently. She told me to raise my right hand if I felt any pain. I kept raising it , numerous of times , but she never got frustrated. She just told me to relax myself and that she would set the equipment on a lower manner. An hour later , I was done. I thanked her a lot and felt happy that my visit went pretty OK.

My sister on the other hand, made a huge fuss. Apparently, she disliked the sound of the machine and all that. In the end, my mom actually had to bribe her AND threaten her. It took hours , but she finally got it done!

Later that evening , I went for my usual bike ride, this time with my two cousins. The air was crisp and fresh , a slight breeze blew , surrounding us. I rode my bike , also keeping a beady eye on my little boy cousin who kept running in the middle of the road. I also led the troop with my little dog following behind. After we reached our destination, we played for a little bit and I led all my little followers back to the house.

Guess what?! As I was just leisurely walking back , my little (( not so harmless )) dog got in a fight with a ROTTWEILER. YOU KNOW THOSE KIND OF DOGS YOU COULD JUST BITE YOUR HEAD OFF IF THEY WERE MAD?! yea, and the dog was MAD.  It chased all of us! Needless to say, I am embarassed of what I did but I got off my bike and screamed. I grabbed my little cousin and ran right home. Thank heavens some of my neighbors saw the incident and halted the dog. Gosh , I was so shy after that . I thanked them and went to get my bike , my head hung low in shame. Going home , there was a slight fuss over the two of us.

Long story short , it was a realllllllllllly long day.

Ok, in conjuction of Hari Raya I shall post a mini message for you guys in malay ^^ sorry for my horrid grammar!

Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua yang menyambutnya!^^  

Wow that was really freaky ok HAHAHAH 



  1. First photo? ^^ You shouldn't hide your face! You're very cute/pretty.

    I absolutely know what you mean by horrible dentists. Every once in awhile I come across a good dentist. The dentist I have right now is very kind. It's great your visit went well. ^^

    I hope your dogs okay too. It made me laugh a bit, the way you described the other dog. xD

    Your posts are very interesting. Looking forward to more. ♥

    1. haha aw thank you so much ♥ for both the comment and the compliment haha ^^. I know I'm not super pretty whatsoever but I am at times ashamed of my appearacne haha. Your comment made my day <3 thank you :D :')