Friday, August 2

Double Doom H

Sigh , double doom H?

Holiday & Homework. The amount of work I have right now I tell you is making me on the verge of tears. What's worse ? Is that I barely have time to keep blogging  It's really sad. Ok so since I haven't been on that much I shall just explain a little on what happened today bc I'm that bored right now. It's 1:13 in the morning and I am still awake, typing this out. Ok anyway today is a Thursday right? So , in the morning, as usual I just went to my piano class , boring! haha! But class today wasn't all bad ( though I didn't practice! ) and what's even more surprising is that she actually complimented my piano playing. To say I was shocked isn't the correct term to describe it , more like utterly and completely speechless.

No matter. It's the 2 week Raya holidays next week and I for one am most definitely looking forward to it! hehe  Though I have truck loads of homework to do! Noooooooo! But anyway I guess it IS the holidays so I shall try to have as much fun as I can. My mom's twin sister aka my second mom is coming next week with my two favourite ((cousins)) half-sister , brother-ish idk.I am honestly suppose to do my Geography homework right now but I'm too lazy. Procrastination alert! Cries. So I reached 2.6k on Twitter the other day! haha. Currently, I'm in bed ,lying down and typing this out on my Macbook. Oh! I just realised that I haven't touched on my dad's birthday yet! ( & also the day of my PISA question aka doom ) So I shall do that now!

Well my day began normally , well with some extra stress due to the exam in a few hours. When I got to school we rushed to a classroom and eventually had to move anyway to a different one. The first test was Math. ( Literasi Matematik Sekolah Menengah ) How I think I did in it? Pretty.Freaking.Bad Sigh. However, I did manage to complete the whole question paper which consisted of 24 questions given the narrow time of 45 minutes. Then was the Science test. ( Literasi Sains Sekolah Menengah ) I did WORSE in science than I did in math. It was horrid! The Science test was practically like gibberish to me. I thought I was the only one who thought it was like that however apparently everyone did so too. At least I managed to get the answer for some of the questions , some of my other classmates had the nerve to write there ' Cikgu saya tak tahu jawapannya ' or  ' Teacher this is too hard ' . There was even one girl , not from my class though , the 3rd class . The question asked to explain the substance Chloroflourocarbon and she put that it was an alien. Besides, we were required to choose which of the three substances had the highest density. The options given were S, T & SF . Guess what? She chose S ,then they asked to provide a reason, she said because the alphabet S has a very nice shape. Haih that girl I tell you! 

So anyways when we got back we celebrated my dad's birthday with our typical white cream fruit longan cake. It was a little dry though yummy! Then , we went to Khun Thai to have some seafood which was really yum. I gave my dad a camera-ish tshirt and some sleeping shorts because that's all I could afford and I even made my own card lame but nice lmao. Well , that's all I guess. I'm going to sleep now and its precisely 02:07:50am now. haha, I should head to bed maybe after some editing!


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