Monday, August 5


Semi-Holiday Hiatus . Huhu  

Hey guys! So I guess I'll be going on a MINI HIATUS soon due to the amount of homework that has been mounting up on my table. I've got Sejarah , English , Bm , Math , Science , Geography , Folios , Scrapbooks , Presentations & MANY MANY more to finish. Somebody HELP ME! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ Anyway , enough on that . Now to proceed on how my holiday progression has went. The holidays started on Saturday ( 3/08/2013 ).

What I did on Saturday? I completely forgot sort-of. Hehe  So anyway on Saturday I woke up late due to my extremely horrible insomnia the day before. I woke up at 10 am which to me is already pretty late. Then , I immediately started on my Sejarah homework , ((CONTINUED)). Sejarah SUCKS!  sigh. Anyway , a few hours later I finally went down and my parents took us out to have some lunch. Asam Chicken Rice ...again. It's delicious but seriously aren't there other better places to eat?! I sound so petty omg. Ok , moving on. Later in the afternoon at 3pm we had our ( my cousins and I ) usual lets say holy lessons with my grandpa who is 70+ so a huge salute to him! Then , my favourite cousin, who I shall refer to as K , stayed back together with another one of my cousin who shall be named J here.

We took K & J out for a bicycle ride. The whole troop included me, my lil sis , my dad , J & K. K is only 10 though she should know ho to ride a bike right? Wrong. She barely knew how to ride a 4 wheel yet 2 wheel? So we spent half the hour teaching her. My sister took my old bike , K took my sister's bike and I took my dad's bike. Which is gigantic. So of course I was a little nervous at first  But it was honestly nothing and I had loads of fun! keke~ . The rest of the day was practically outdoor activities. After all the riding and badminton playing , we were pooped . We could barely sit yet stand! All our energy used up.

After we had a hot bath , my sis , K and I played computer games. J went home at around 6 pm so yea. We played some really childish games because of my sis whose only 9 and K who was 10 so I , being the only matured one was sucked into such kiddiness at this game website called Kaboose . We played Lighthning Librarian & Michael Recycle. I was pretty engrossed in them regardless of their childishness hehehe. . Moving on.

In my previous posts , I think I have stressed A LOT on how much I was craving Mc D's. Well I went on Saturday Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! So happy! Finally got to try the Samurai Chicken Burger! We went to the McDonalds in Perda. The quieter one . We didn't even have to wait in line although it was buka puasa time! [ 8 pm ] So we got our food pretty quick. I still remember our orders:

Me : Samurai Chicken Burger ( OFC ) hehe
K : Spicy Chicken McDeluxe
Lil Sis : Spicy Chicken McDeluxe
Dad : Samurai Chicken Burger too! [ high 5 dad ! ]
Mom : nothing bc she wants to grow thin
+ Mc Fizz
+6 nuggets
+Oreo McFlurry

So as you can see we truly had a feast that day and I can personally tell you that the Samurai Chicken Burger is simply DELICIOUS.   It was haven to my tastebuds! But I'm pretty sure this burger is not for all people as not many enjoy Teriyaki sauce. Yes , dear readers , this burger is made with extremely tender chicken dipped in TERIYAKI sauce. It was sweet so if you do not like such burgers , don't waste your money purchasing them.Then we went home and K's parents fetched her. Before that we had a fair round of Monopoly Deal! haha. After sending K home, dad, mum , lil sis and I sat in front of our tv and watched Frankenweenie in 3D. The movie is really weird though sweet and the overall idea of crossing the boundaries between life and death as well as playing with science was undoubtedly cool!

That about wraps up all which we did on Saturday. Proceeding to Sunday. Sunday was lazy day where I just blogged and slept the whole day.

Teehee! That's all for now I guess.

p/s : My semi-hiatus isn't really a semi-hiatus. I'm just going to post up less frequently now but I'll be active all the same!

p/p/s : My next post will be on TIPS ON BLOGGING AND PROMOTING YOUR BLOG  I got a request on this so I'm really excited!

Ciao ,


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