Monday, September 30

September Ends

Bad Moods.

I really rarely have bad moods and this is one of the rare times.

I think I only have ONE true friend and she's already ahead of me.

Why is life like this?

Sunday, September 29

It sucks.

Doesn't life just suck?
Doesn't it?
It sucks.
It sucks always trying to please people.
It sucks always trying to be the best.
It sucks having friends who don't give a damn about you.
It sucks having to be so insecure.
It sucks being fat.
It sucks when you're the high expectation.
It sucks when you have a truckload of acne.
It sucks when you cry almost every day.
It sucks being a teenager.
It sucks living
It sucks when you're not good enough.
It sucks when you try your hardest.
It sucks when you're always used.
It sucks when you're made fun of.
It sucks when your best friends are so _.
It sucks when you have no real friends.
It sucks when you don't have a real best friend.
It sucks when you have to wear a mask upon your face.
It sucks not being to eat without getting judged.
It sucks being teased but your family.
It sucks being ugly.
It sucks being smart that you have to be consistent.
It sucks being me.
It sucks having a life like mine.
It sucks having ugly eyes.
It sucks having crappy skin.
It sucks having un-understanding parents.
It sucks when all you do is cry.
It sucks when music is your friend.
It sucks when you're uncared for.
It sucks when people look at you and expect the most.
It sucks when you try your best and that's still not enough.
It sucks that I have so many pretty cousins and I don't fit in.
It sucks having pores.
It sucks not having straight teeth.
It sucks not being perfect.
It sucks not being to please you all the time.
It sucks seeing that my best isn't enough.
It sucks to see you love me only when I'm at my best.
It sucks having to mask the pain.
It sucks not being given the freedom.
It sucks not having the courage to stand up.
It sucks not being given the life.
It sucks being a caged animal.
It sucks living my life.
It sucks having ugly fingers.
It sucks having ugly nails.
It sucks having crappy hair.
It sucks having shitty voice.
It sucks only having 0 talent.
It sucks seeing so many talented people around the world.
It sucks living my life.


Tuesday, September 24

Wish Me Luck! | The Face.

Hello guys!
Previously for the past 2 months I've been whining and moaning about my dreaded finals. Well guess what? They're here. Today was the first day of the examinations and today consisted of one of my worst subjects , Bahasa Melayu [ paper 2 ] When sitting for this paper , we are required  to compose 3 essays , a summary and answer 3 comprehension questions in the mere time of two hours. Ridiculous or ridiculous?I'm just saying ahahha.

Anyways , thank God that the paper is over and I pray that I did my best. Lets see, a review and recap of todays exams? , I think I did pretty ok in the summary but the comprehension questions , not so much. For the other three essays , the first one , I don't think I did so well but the second one I tried my best to write an article or in other words rencana which I chose on the discipline of students. The last essay , as usual , was the one where we do research on a novel given.

All in all , I think I did my best. Tomorrow's papers are English Paper 2 and Moral. For English , we are required to compose 2 essays and one summary as well as answer 2 questions on a poem in the narrow time of an hour and 30 minutes. My language base is strong , I'm not meaning to brag , but english has always been my strongest , even though I do not study it much. I guess its due to the fact that I communicate using English.

As for Moral , we have to memorize 36 values and its definition. I'm currently on number 8 and I'm freaking out.  But nevermind bc ;

Wednesday, September 18

Finals , Female Dogs & Much , MUCH more.

Hello everyone who is reading this , no one? Oh ok.

Hahaha, anyways this is a useless post though. I'm just ranting here so ..yea.

First off, I guess starts with school. Those damn _____ there I'm telling you. Okay , for instance this girl who I shall refer to as cb. So , cb , is a pretty good friend of mine. But there is this thing that pisses me off about her. She uses me . She literally uses me. Oh, evidence? Yea , do you need me to screenshot every one of our messages?

For example, if I'd want to start a chat I'd go on enthusiastic , I abosolutely despise people who begin chats with the boring 'hi'. 

Anyways , moving on. Well , if I start a chat with her and crap and ask her what she's doing she replies with 'stuff' and I'm just like 'Well , ok , what sort of stuff?' And her usual answer will be so common, pbs. Our current education system where in my perspective we , the first batch of this so-called ' School Based Assesment ' are the test rats and we go through hell and torture .

Ok, so , as you can see , I try to keep up the conversation unlike SOME PEOPLE who seem so completely uninterested in replying or responding to your messages. One or two messages are fine , since ok, probably you're really busy but like EVERY SINGLE TIME , I'm just so done with you.


Moving on to another one of my so called 'long term best friend ' This girl , I shall refer to as gee. Well , Gee , doesn't attend the same school as me anymore . We still keep in touch and are still as close as ever but damn her actions and antics irritate me LOADS sometimes. A short example would be that she actually starts the conversation and it ALWAYS goes like this

Sunday, September 8

Glasses ?!

Hello and all that .

Friday, September 6