Monday, September 2

Final Term Examinations & Typical Stuff.

Oh no! Its that time of the year again , the final terms. Mine's in barely 21 days and I'm not exaggerating when I say I have studied absolutely nothing . What absurdity? Yes, I know. Believe me. I shall now go on one by one on how I have procrastinated studying until it became this ...this horrid. Okay, I know what you're all thinking Should't you be studying instead of posting up this useless post? Yes, yes I should but just call me ...PROCASTINATE QUEEN THINGY . Whatever. All in all, I know how much I love procrastinating that it's not even funny.

Okay, history. History , history , history. Oh gosh, I haven't studied it for even one bit. History this year is much easier in comparison to last year's rush of madness. But, one thing's for sure, there is MUCH more for us to memorise this year. There's Chapter1 , where the British takes over Penang then Chapter 2 , where they take over Selangor , and three other countries which I forgot because that is just how AMAZING { note sarcasm please } my memory power is ...yay.

Whatever. Next is what we call the wretched Mathematics. I swear to God, the amount of letters in Math is more than the numbers. I guess , English is fine but the Literature is freaking me out a little since I haven't had the flair of Lit essays yet and I'm trying my best.  Anywaaaays, school today was such a bore! There wasn't any actual lessons going on.

Let's see , I had a math double period and I was so looking forward to it. Yes , I said looking forward . I kind of like Math since I find some of the equations pretty fun to do and I love cracking my brain . Then it was PML which stands for Pemulihan. This class is practically free period for the non-malays since the malays has to go to the prayer room for ...whatever they do. Ohmygosh , I just realised I have never known what they actually do HAHAAH. Okay, moving on. Then , it was already for recess where I had chicken rice. I ordered it from my friend whose grandmother's shop sells chicken rice which is truly ....stupendous.

Darn right it is. :(

Then, was the weekly assembly where I had to perform my 'pidato' in other words , public speaking , on our role in ensuring the Malaysian sovereignty towards the other , more advanced countries. Yeap, pretty boring title and pretty boring speech. But it wasn't any much different for me speaking in front of the student body since I frequently carry out the assembly and give the announcements so yea. I guess the speech went pretty well and I did my what you can call best? haha, I don't even know.

Then, we had English , which we skipped since the assmebly was dragged on , as usual. If I haven't mentioned it before, my mom teaches my class English. Yeap, she's a teacher. What's weirder , she's my English teacher . Can someone spell awkward for me? haha, its not necessarily awkward at all times. I mean its pretty nice when you get some inside scoop once in a while but it can be pretty infruiating at times.

Alas, that's life for you , ladies and gentleman. And the last two periods were Bm, which sucks . I didn't even benefit through this since my teacher was only doing some speaking assignments where she would ask some really tough questions and you've got to answer them using very high bm language. Some of  my really proffesional { in bm } friends didn't past and to my complete surprise ... I did.

Last friday , I actually passed. I mean, my bm is really horrible and I'm not even exaggerating. So , anyways, since I passed I had the WHOLE HOUR free so I practically did absoultely nothing while she assesed other kids. Sigh, that was how boring school was. But there was an upside , I got my Simpsons Sweater , Studded Skull Cap and a free gift from the online shop I ordered from , more on this later but below's a brief picture ,since I've got to go right now haha.

Aren't they adorable? I especially LOVE my sweater and the cap is amazing too! ^^ . I even got a free gift hehe! xx

Good day, morning , afternoon , night !




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