Sunday, September 8

Glasses ?!

Hello and all that .

Ok, so  I have something proper to blog about. ...finally . Haha ok, but this isn't a happy thing ok , I'm still getting over the fact.

What fact?

It all begin on Wednesday when my class was being re-painted . We had to shift to a temporary class while the work progress was going on . I got the news late and was redirected to my temporary class a few minutes later. I then found out that there were no middle seats, my usual place so I went right to the back of the class.

That's when I realised I couldn't read ONE SINGLE THING on the board. I remember nudging my friend in front and asking her if it was me or ... I should get my vision examined. She said that I should get my vision examined. I thought perhaps she was joking but the whole day, I felt a headache coming along. I then knew I definitely HAD to get my eyesight check and my mom did it yesterday.

Surprise , surprise!  I need to wear glasses. I think I chose the nerdiest of nerdy of glasses since it WAS my mom's choice. Cries.

Leave me alone to die. Be depressed.

This is depressing .




  1. Hi Supriya thanks for dropping by my tagboard.: ) See you around.<3