Sunday, September 1

September? Wow.

Good Lord! Its already September? Ok can someone spell FAST for me?
This year has gone by really quickly. I can't believe its almost ending, though it was a pretty bad year if you ask me. The excessive load and burden of a student + being the assistant head prefect equals total death. Ok , so I may be exaggerating but yea. It hasn't been that great a year , but , I guess it has been pretty OK overall. It wasn't an amazing year or anything but , yea.

Anywhoooo, the school pictures are in! And as usual, I look like, well to be frank , all of us looked pretty fine. Just some slip ups here and there but I guess I looked better in this year's photos than last year's. *shudder*

I might put some of them up , but let me examine them first! haha~ Just kidding. Here's a messy version of it.

Excuse the camera, I used my mac's photobooth & my sister took the candid shot through her phone. So, the resolution is really really low. 

Some really messed up photography huh?

Good Lord. My sister took this in candid and idk memories hahahaha.

 I can't believe I actually posed for this, good gracious HAHAH , anyway thats my lame class hahaha. Goodness, my hair. Do excuse it! x

God, haaha how horrid I look! whatever, its not like anyone reads these or anything. So, I guess that about wraps up this whole post. Wishing everyone a very Happy 1st September. However, finals are on its way in 23 days for me.

MY FINALS ARE A WHOLE 28 DAYS. Yeap, you heard me. 28 DAYS. DAYS. DAYS.

Can someone cry with me?



Someone wish me luck!

My previous exam, I actually studied and managed to get results for my satisfaction. But my finals are around 23 more days and guess what I'm stuck doing? ....Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah. Yeap! The *censored* hahaha. Just kidding.

Tomorrows Monday :( :( :( :( :(

Good luck for the Monday and have a very happy Sunday! xx



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