Sunday, September 29

It sucks.

Doesn't life just suck?
Doesn't it?
It sucks.
It sucks always trying to please people.
It sucks always trying to be the best.
It sucks having friends who don't give a damn about you.
It sucks having to be so insecure.
It sucks being fat.
It sucks when you're the high expectation.
It sucks when you have a truckload of acne.
It sucks when you cry almost every day.
It sucks being a teenager.
It sucks living
It sucks when you're not good enough.
It sucks when you try your hardest.
It sucks when you're always used.
It sucks when you're made fun of.
It sucks when your best friends are so _.
It sucks when you have no real friends.
It sucks when you don't have a real best friend.
It sucks when you have to wear a mask upon your face.
It sucks not being to eat without getting judged.
It sucks being teased but your family.
It sucks being ugly.
It sucks being smart that you have to be consistent.
It sucks being me.
It sucks having a life like mine.
It sucks having ugly eyes.
It sucks having crappy skin.
It sucks having un-understanding parents.
It sucks when all you do is cry.
It sucks when music is your friend.
It sucks when you're uncared for.
It sucks when people look at you and expect the most.
It sucks when you try your best and that's still not enough.
It sucks that I have so many pretty cousins and I don't fit in.
It sucks having pores.
It sucks not having straight teeth.
It sucks not being perfect.
It sucks not being to please you all the time.
It sucks seeing that my best isn't enough.
It sucks to see you love me only when I'm at my best.
It sucks having to mask the pain.
It sucks not being given the freedom.
It sucks not having the courage to stand up.
It sucks not being given the life.
It sucks being a caged animal.
It sucks living my life.
It sucks having ugly fingers.
It sucks having ugly nails.
It sucks having crappy hair.
It sucks having shitty voice.
It sucks only having 0 talent.
It sucks seeing so many talented people around the world.
It sucks living my life.


I'm a loser.

I don't even deserve life, do I?

You implement that I'm a dissapointement.

You direct your hissy and bitter words to me but I still love you.

Being heartbroken is perfect.

Heartbroken by your own _______ that is.

Am I really that a dissapointment ?

I have never went out partying with the wrong clique.

Even if I'm invited to so many parties , I have stayed home because you told me too.

I know when and when not to go to them.

I know what is right and wrong but I may be slightly misguided 

But I dont think I'm a dissapointment .

I didn't think  you saw that in me.

You've always wanted a __________________.

You should just send me away and have a knew one since I'm such a dissapointment.

I understand why people commit suicide now.

I  truly do.

I understand them.

I rarely go on my social networks till the wee hours  but you still get mad.

I get good grades and you still get mad.

Of course I procrastinate , everyone does.

If you want a perfect _____ , send me away.

Thank you.

Life sucks and I'm a dissapointment arent I? I guess if I weren't alive half your problems wouldn't be existing would they?

Pouring my heart out , tears are trickling down my face.

Aren't I an embarassment?


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