Friday, September 6

Short Ideas?

Hey everyone! :)

So, I guess this post is related to the title and this IS going to be a really short post .

I just wanted to say that it is realllllyy boring typing out stories for ghost readers. No one seems to read my stories, and I guess I sort of understand why. I'm not that good at typing out really creative stories , but I do this in order to improve my flair in writing and my fluency in the different type of essay forms . 

So, in order for me to do so , I need some ideas or requests as you could call them.

I want to know what story you guys want , I have made my mind to type out short stories with proper endings nowadays so if you have a request or anything , do comment!
I'll be obviously promoting this post and I truly hope for responses.

Thank you so much if you do comment. I look forward to it! Have a lovely night , day and weekend! 

Ciao ,



  1. for me, i like something that can motivate me to be a better person. maybe it sounds boring but i prefer a story about the journey of life like to kill a mocking bird, the perks of being wallflower. because nowadays, love story is too mainstream. try to create something different.
    good luck ! looking forward to read your story :DD

    1. To kill a mocking bird is truly amazing! I really love how inspirational it was ! I think you'll like the fault in our stars! :D Check it out , you can find it in my book review! Thank you for your reply <3. :D I'm definititely typing out a motivational story soon! Much love.

  2. I love ghost stories, It keeps my imaginations colorful but now I prefer something that can inspire me, or can motivate other person, o can change readers perceptions.
    I love inspirational quotes actually, you can put some quotes related with your story :). Hope that helps hihi.

    1. thank you for your suggestion! :D Working on it already ♡ ♡

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