Tuesday, September 24

Wish Me Luck! | The Face.

Hello guys!
Previously for the past 2 months I've been whining and moaning about my dreaded finals. Well guess what? They're here. Today was the first day of the examinations and today consisted of one of my worst subjects , Bahasa Melayu [ paper 2 ] When sitting for this paper , we are required  to compose 3 essays , a summary and answer 3 comprehension questions in the mere time of two hours. Ridiculous or ridiculous?I'm just saying ahahha.

Anyways , thank God that the paper is over and I pray that I did my best. Lets see, a review and recap of todays exams? , I think I did pretty ok in the summary but the comprehension questions , not so much. For the other three essays , the first one , I don't think I did so well but the second one I tried my best to write an article or in other words rencana which I chose on the discipline of students. The last essay , as usual , was the one where we do research on a novel given.

All in all , I think I did my best. Tomorrow's papers are English Paper 2 and Moral. For English , we are required to compose 2 essays and one summary as well as answer 2 questions on a poem in the narrow time of an hour and 30 minutes. My language base is strong , I'm not meaning to brag , but english has always been my strongest , even though I do not study it much. I guess its due to the fact that I communicate using English.

As for Moral , we have to memorize 36 values and its definition. I'm currently on number 8 and I'm freaking out.  But nevermind bc ;

Hahaha I found this really adorabs!

On other notes , do any of you watch The Face? A reality series to choose models? Its the best show ever and I recommend it highly! I'm going to do a series review on it! ahaha. Just a brief review of it ; The Face is a competition where four models from each team , Team Coco , Team Karolina & Team Naomi. I'm Team Coco all the way as I've always loved Coco Rocha . I sort of despise Naomi in this competition as she seems like one who plays dirty. 

This is Coco Rocha. Isn't she gorgeous? I'm all in for her team although there are only 2 out of 4 girls left for Team Coco. I'm supporting Margaux and Stephanie , my two favourite models , alongside Jocelyn , from Team Naomi.

This is Karolina Kurkova form Team Karolina

Anywhooooo, wish me luck for my finals! :b

And this is Miss Naomi Campbell.

Yours truly,


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