Monday, October 14

Everything Happens For A Reason.

So , remember when I had a post on the Asean Scholarship Tests?
I was ecstatic since I was short listed for the tests for one of the most prestegious scholarships in Asia.
Well , we were suppose to get some feedback to see if we made through it and guys ...I didn't make it through.

Honestly , I was really sad at first.
Imagine a life in Singapore with close friends , pursuing your education further.
Perfect , right?
Reading about how amazing it is on blogs weren't exactly helping me too.
But I guess everything happen's for a reason right?
God knows what He's doing.
Perhaps the reason I was to seat for the test is so that I began blogging again.
Or maybe its for experience.
Either way , I know that I am blessed to have gone through such an amazing opportunity.

Then I thought back about my life in Malaysia.
To be very honest , it sucked and still sucks.
I'm waiting for change.
Patiently waiting until my time comes.

Until then , I will just have to cope with everything I have to go through here.

One thing's for sure, the school based assesments aren't really helping me out.
It's adding to my burden.

Dear Lord , I wish I could move.

Move anywhere.

Anywhere BUT here.

Australia, New Zealand , New York , Texas.

I pray hard every day.

Waiting for my luck to change.

On the bright side , I have my blog to keep me company ...sigh.




  1. ah, but the grass is always greener on the other side. school is NOT easy AT ALL. take it from a singaporean ;-)

    1. aw I remember you! You were one of the first people to visit my blog! x
      Yea , you are real lucky to be living there! Haha but yea your ed system is much tougher , I wish I could go there. :(