Tuesday, October 1

October , Oh Really?

Oh. My. God.

It's actually October.

The tenth month of the year.


I'm screaming.

Time really does fly , doesn't it? It's pretty unbelievable when I think back to those primary school times. I'm already 15 soon and I'm up most flabbergasted.

I hope that October will be a good month.
But seriously , 2013 has flew by in a blink of an eye. I barely realised it . It's already the 10th month guys,

The tenth month.

Doesn't that freak you out the slightest bit? hahaha.

Anywaysss, I wish everyone a good october ! [ It's my birthdayo on the 5th ehehehehehehe ]

October is usually my favourite time of the what with all the shows of Halloween on Tv and my birthday and the mark of the end of final term, yeah. 

If there's one thing for me to tick off my bucket list is celebrating Halloween on October 31st American Style.

I wish I could go trick or treating and get free candy.

How absolutely perfect

Hahaha but I guess I should plead my parents to take me to the states from now as once I reach the 17 year old mark I don't think I'll be getting that many sweets , haha.

But ,  I pray for a good month and may everyone have a blessed October!


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