Monday, October 14

Stress & Procrastination.

My previous post was a very sad one.

It was almost me , poring out everything. That is just a part of my story. I still have tons more to go.

Now , I shall revert to the stress of school.

School nowadays is just HELL.

Hell I tell you.

Due to the school-based assesement which us '99 are going through , we have LOADS of tests. Almost every day , test , test , TEST.

If you guys are unaware of , which you are probably , you lucky people, we have to sit for test after test after evidence after evidence to PROVE OURSELVES WORTHY OF BEING SMART AND ACHIEVING THE LAST BAND , BAND 6.

Wow , just WOW.

In my opinion , the overall idea of Pbs [ school based assesments ] is pretty good. The descriptors require us to think in a higher and mature level but the way the assignments are given are pretty , dare I say , illogical.

Us students have always wanted to voice out on this but where can our voices be heard?

We're just pathetic little 14 year old girls and boys who have no freedom of speech whatsoever.

Everything that comes out of our mouth is being judged by society.

Don't deny , you know it.

And then there's also the students fault.

As in my fault.


I swear I have 4 more exams and I had exactly 4 days free to study for it.

Perfect huh?

Oh , no.

It's the second day , oh wait third day since its already 12 am on 14th October , I DIDNT TOUCH MY BOOKS ONCE.

I'm really sad of my dumb move.

God , I'm an idiot.

On  the bright side , 4 days holiday woooooo!

I have a new tempelate , its not much different to the old one but I like this more, its much neater.

Credits once again to Iskandi Lojaya!

Loads of love.

My next post will be on something very close to my heart! x

Sincerely ,



  1. Oh ya , I have the same feeling with you . Everyday test , evidence and test and evidence even doing lots of projects. I feel very tired and hesitated ...... Why the government don't considered about us ? PBS increase my pressure not decrease ....
    *PS : My English not so good so please ignore some of the incorrect or errors sentences.

    1. Hahah I know right! Sigh, I guess we're just the 'lab rats' . We are really unfortunate.
      Sigh. Anyway , good luck for your coming years! How old are you btw?

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