Monday, October 14

The Girl Behind The Mask.


It's difficult to find a person who is pure nowadays.

In every aspect.

I think only God is that perfect.

I need someone to talk to now omfg.

I really need to pour my heart now but I'm afraid.

God , what should I do?

What am I suppose to do?

Lead me to the right track?

Help me ,show me the way.

I'm trying to create a poem and below is what I've came up with so far.

Her Story , Copyrights by SUPRIYA SIVABALAN.

Looking through the windows , she sees her soul.
So free and light.
How she wished she weren't so cold.
And how she wasn't always at fright.

Masking her pain was the mirror.
So crisp and still..
Tearing her , inferior .
Tears roll down with chills.

Craving for real people.
Craving for real friends.
Hoping for true love.
Without boundaries and no end.

Life passes day by day.
She grows wiser night by night.
Every day she keeps her heart at bay,
Away from the light.

Thanking life for its wonders,
But also wondering,
Was this all that it has left to offer?
Or is she to keep waiting?

I have always wanted to write a poem, unfortunately I'm not very good at them as you need an EXTREMELY strong grasp at english to compose one.

Anyways, I hope my life gets better guys but I feel like these problems are just before the storm.



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