Friday, November 8

2013 Afternoon-Session Prefectorial Luncheon

Shopping , Skyping Late Nights , Stressing , Memories. It all came down to the luncheon which my friends and I were in charge of yesterday. Regardless of everyone else's opinions ( not that I even asked them ) , I thought yesterday went fairly well. The food was pretty good. Although it arrived pretty late. It was just a feeling of pure relief after the whole thing was over. I managed to take some pictures , they were hasty one's though!

An overall shot , creds to my friend~ Syifa.

We gave out adorable little christmas hats to everyone who came :B ( It was my friends and my idea ehehehe ) 

These are the few lame shots of the way I went some quick shopping with my friends :B

<Instagram Screenshot>

Overall, life has been amazing, I'm happy with all that I've done so far so wheeeeee~ Hahaha

Big thanks to everyone who helped out! :D



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