Saturday, November 9

Bitstrips & Hols

Hey! :D

So basically, a lot of people over my timeline has been using this app called bitstrips. I've honestly known about this app a little over a month ago and now it seems as though everyone knows it haha. So, I'm just going to do a brief talk or would you cal a review, rather.

So basically Bitstrips is an app on Facebook. It works as though you are a comic creator. You are to first create and avatar , then you can make up stories and comics about you and your friends.

Before we move on, some super sweet words from Ariana Grande which really helped me and I thought you guys might like it.

Okay, moving on. This below is my avatar. I tried to make it look like me but LOL
I literally love my avatar.

I haven't made any bitstrips of myself yet so yea hahaha nothing much to say here LOL.

Anyways , my form's Spm examination's holidays are over and we basically have one more week of school. We're all not going to do anything, that I am 100000% sure. We're just going to sit in open space, and play carom and the traditional congkak game since my weird school has a rule of no board games.

I find that really very weird hahaha I mean no board games? Are you serious?

Anyway, I'm not really looking forward for the last week of school but I can tell you what I am looking forward too ;


I literally cannot believe that its almost the end of 2013. It feels like the beginning of 2013 where I just accepted the fact that 2012 is now gone but then here comes 2014. Whoah.

I cannot accept the fact that I'm already fifteen next year. FIFTEEN YEARS ON THIS PLANET WOW . Hahaha~ And I'm going to take my second out of three major public examinations. It's something called PBSMR since they've sort-of demolished PMR? Idk. It's really weird and they stated this in the newspaper and the next day they were like " However, its not confirmed at all " So , I may or may not be still sitting for PMR or PBSMR.

Life's confusing these days because we're all so unsure of what to do. Like what we're going to face next year? No one knows. Not a single soul. Everything is so uncertain that I'm actually terrified to find out what they have in store for us next year, I mean a major public examination is of utter significance which I can't stress further. That is how important exams and tests are here.

I really hope that we would finally get some steady information to get us prepared on what we're going to face next year. Sigh , I guess all I have to do is wait patiently and prepare myself for all that will definitely be coming.

This is my final year of being an afternoon session student. I can't say I'm going to miss it, I am a fan of getting up late and getting dressed for school but being an AS student has really slowed my time down. For instance, if I wake up at 10 , by the time I change out of my nightgowns and take my breakfast, it will already be time to get ready for 7 hour school in which I will get back at only earliest 7.15pm. Then I rush upstairs change and eat dinner and BAM! 8pm. Then I procrastinate , & procrastinate & procrastinate until its bedtime and I repeat my cycle. So basically, I don't have much time to study , yet they want us to finish heavy assignments for our assesments in class.

I'm actually looking forward to morning session next year. The form 5 seniors next year are actually really nice and the head is really nice, well to me anyway. So yea, besides ,I'll have much more time on my hands ( if I don't procrastinate ) , I HOPE! Haha . Procrastination is seriously unavoidable though . Tips on keeping me on my feet? haha thanks!


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