Friday, November 8


The end products.
Endings are possibly the most important thing in life.
For instance, you may currently be extremely successful in school now. You have your parent's protection even though you may or may not have done something wrong. In the end, you will see if you are on the right path. You will then regret your decisions.

End products are NEVER the same as how they started out.
For instance, protein. It comes from a freshy cooked / raw fish. It will look beautiful but once you put it in your mouth, the end product? Amino acids. Any signs of protein left? Nope.

I feel that I am on the right path and have amazing people to lead me through it and I am very thankful. However, not everyone can be as happy for you. You have to remember , people are not perfect and they have emotions.

Anger, jealousy, enviousness .

Just be careful.

A piece of advice? If you are not happy with your life, don't try and ruin another person's happy one. That is possibly the worst action you could ever carry out. I vow to never do that, no matter how frustrated I am , personal experience guys.

Another thing about endings and their significance?

The feel you get.

What makes The Fault In Our Stars , The Hunger Games , Catching Fire , Mockingjay , Harry Potter , Confessions Of A Murder Suspect , The Boy Who Could See Demons , Will Grayson,Will Grayson , and much much more , all astounding books?

One is the ability of being able to quote every single thing written by the author. It is like the truth of the world in perfectly and beautifully structured sentences. It is like a compiled art of pure beauty. Different people view the world in various perspectives.

Your choices are who you are.

That speaks a lot to me. I specifically LOVE John Green 's writing especially TFIOS.

I LOVE Agustus and his smoking metaphor.
Agustus puts a cigarette into his mouth, but NEVER lights them up. He has a metaphor, 'if you put the killing thing in your mouth and not give it the power to kill you , it doesn't'.

Isn't that the most amazing metaphor you have ever heard?

Another thing that makes these books an amazing read is the way the author's end their books.
They have full power in their character's lives.

They have the power to end the story in a depressing way.
The power to make the reader go " WHOAH "
or make the reader cry
or laugh
or just keep thinking and thinking about the book.

A good author takes his power and uses it into full use, taking the reader on a journey and ending it either
smooth sailing
with an oomph
a plot twist

or just the typical , everyone knows whats going to happen ending.

In a nutshell, endings are extremely important and symbolizes perfection.

I really love endings. They wrap up everything so well. I want my life to end in the way I am remembered and loved. My ending, I promise, will be one to never forget.


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