Thursday, November 14

Examination Results

Remember how I was fretting so much about my finals and how I was going to fail them? Well the results are in and I guess I did pretty decent.

I shall go over them one by one and recall the traumatic experience of studying each one of them.
How absolutely true is this? Haha, I always feel naseous whenever I see people going over facts before an exam!

I will start from the lowest till the highest marks.

First off, the most dreaded subject of all time. Geography. I honestly have no idea why but I just cannot click with Geography. I don't find studying and researching Malaysia all that interesting. What's worse is the amount of memorizing. From memorizing the locations of mountains and molehills to remembering the number of people in an area. To me, it's a difficult subject and I knew I didn't do well here so


Moving on to my next horrible subject, Physical Education. Phys Ed, oh Phys Ed. It is not an important subject but they still have an exam for it so there's still marks but even without studying I actually managed to get an A. An extremely lame A might I add.

An 81. Yes, an 81 for Physical Education. OK I guess

Next is my National Language. Bahasa Melayu. Me and a few other girls actually scored the same mark which is considered the highest actually and I was to be very honest extremely shocked at this. My BM isn't what I would say horrid but it isn't the best either so woo hoo!

Only an 87 for BM. Yea, not quite a good score but I guess OK. I'm pretty satisfied with it

Then, we have the dreaded History and Home Economics.
I actually scored the exact same marks for both. Let me start with the horrid, horrid History. Well, Sejarah isn't that bad a subject honestly its just that it puts loads of pressure on us when it comes to exams because you have the tendency to feel as though you have to memorize everything. Well, I didn't study the final chapter of History but I expected a better mark than what I got so I am pretty down.
Home Ec. Home Economics is not something in which I frequently excel in unlike Math and English but this subject is one of my absolute weakers and I swear, I swear I didn't study this at all until I got to school . I SWEAR. I normally NEVER do this but in this case I was desperate because Geography and Home Ec were on the same day so I was just in need. But, I got a pretty amazing score for not studying and I am proud of that! x

I got a 91 on both my History and Home Economics Paper, Yea!

Then, comes Mathematics. I got the highest in class but my result isn't that astounding. I was actually hoping for more because I am pretty good in Math and I'm not being cocky or anything I actually adore solving equations because I am a geek HAHAHA but I seriously do , I actually like Math unlike my feeling towards Geography. Haha, I didn't study much for Maths because Maths is not something you can accomplish overnight but it is day by day by day practice so the best advice I can give you before facing a Math exam is sleep early and relax.

I got a 95 for my math but I think know I can do better!

Then, Moral. For Moral all you gotta do is memorize 36 values and their definition. Sounds easy but it's not when you do it last minute like me. But our Moral memorizing sheet is just a small one and there have been rumours going around that many people snuck that paper in through their wallets. I don't know how sure that is though but it's just rumours. I didn't manage to memorize the final portion of the 36 values so I actually only memorized 30 out of 36 but it was alright I guess.

I got a 93 for Moral. That's OK, I guess

Next is English and Science. First off , English. I have always loved English. My whole life is dedicated to writing and composing stories. I am an English speaker and it is my Mother Tongue. I feel as though I may have the capability of writing a book. It is my lifelong dream. Unfortunately, it is an extremely huge one. Anyway, I usually get highest in English but this time my MCQ questions pulled me down and another classmate won me by 1 mark. Yea yea 1 mark isn't much but still .
I actually scored the same marks for both Science and English.
I expected my Science to be somewhat lower but my teacher told me I could actually get highest if I did well in my MCQ. ( Yea, I'm not good in MCQ's , I absolutely hate them and prefer Subjective Questions ) Science is a matter of understanding and memorizing and I tried to do just that and am pretty satisfied I guess.

A 96 for both English & Science. A pretty decent score, I would say.

Well, that about sums up all my marks for my finals.

I got number



Gahhhh, I am sick of always either being second or third in class and in my form. I wish I could have the taste of being number one sometimes but I just have to be thankful for what I have now and pray that I sustain my achievement.

Some may call me an over-achiever , I guess , it's fair to say tht yes I am an over-achiever and I am obsessed with getting good grades. That's just me and if you can't accept it just don't talk to me.

That's all for now!



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