Saturday, November 16

Final Day As A 14 Year Old Student

Warning : Before you proceed, make sure you are aware that below I get corny and cheesy and well just a little sensitive , the following are series of events in my 2013 life. 

The other side of me. A series of emotional events coming up!

I took one step, landing my feet right on black, hard gravel. Looking up, I caught sight of two of my what I consider close friends. A broad smile took over my face, plastered upon it, making me look like The Joker from The Dark Knight. I walked happily over to them, my sling bag casually resting on my shoulder. Mouthing a hey I began joining in their goofy conversations of just random nothingness. Memories flooded my brain, bringing back melancholic recollections as well as euphoric ones.

Walking up the stage to where the public address system was, I set myself down on the school piano. Brushing my fingers over its keys, memories still bombarding my brain. We were doing a supposed spot check soon, and I was in charge of guarding the plateau , where the whole thing was being held. Long story short, we found a few items. A handphone , the usual , a camera , some jewellery , etc. Leaving the other prefects to handle the students, I went back to where the piano was situated.

Somehow, whenever I sit at the piano, I go into a trance. That is , only if I'm alone without any distractions. At that point, yes , I was a alone. Alas, more memories came rushing in, making me grin like a fool or sometimes feel like blinking back tears.

A rustle by the thick stage curtains was all that I needed to snap me out of my so-called trance. It was another one of my friends. I smiled and placed my fingers on the piano, playing my latest learnt piece Sambelel√® and Adelita . Sambelel√® was a fast moving sound which omits a very peculiar sound when played on the piano. It is a combination of harmonic and melodic verses which explains the odd sounds which I strangely enjoy and find soothing. Adelita is a rather slow moving song. It can easily bring back sad yet strangely life changing memories.

Here are the two songs, I just had to share them! They mean a lot to me.



Moving on. If any of you guys actually clicked the play button you would understand my emotions I guess haha. Anyway, my fingers were placed on the piano keys, slowly pressing them in a certain motion to make them produce a ravishing sound.

Sighing , the memories of day one up till today, the last and final day of school.
My last and final schooling day in the afternoon session.
My final time coming to school at 12pm and waking up late.

Honestly, I had some pretty rough moments but I managed to sail through it.

I remember the first few days of school. I thought it was going to be laid-back but the havoc started even back then.

Photo taken - 11 months ago , 3 January 2013.  When school just began.

I remember just rushing through my Sejarah chapters and finding all that I needed to help me pass the certain band. Haha, it was literally craze but I guess it was all worth it in the end I hope . 

Photo taken - 10 months ago , 20 January 2013. Around the second week of school.
Then, came the work load of being the president and vice president of many clubs.
The name lists had to be completed, activity lists had to be planned , juniors had to be chosen as the vice for some positions. Just to sum it up , busy, busy, busy! .

Photo taken - 10 months ago, 20 January 2013. First ever Geography 2013 work.
I remember doing this. It was a lot of work and I actually completed most of it decently, I actually drew maps and photostated what was meant to be pasted in our books. Of course, the beginning of the year is when students are usually extremely , extremely , extremely hard working.

Then, came the dreaded assignments.

Photo taken - 8 months ago , 10 March 2013. My fourth Home Economics Project , sewing.
 So basically my home ec teachers ( we have two in each class ) assigned us to sewing our own shirt, baju kurung style. Let me tell you first hand, it was a difficult task but I had my lovely grandma to help me out! ( She's a wonder with sewing machines and anything to do with needle and thread! ) and I actually managed to get it done. I got the top band for this, and am real proud.

Photo taken -  7 months ago , 21st April 2013

My Geography Kerja Kursus. Gosh , I remembered there was loads to do! And not just one but TWO . It was havoc and let me repeat , exremely pressurizing. I was so stressed up and panicky , this was right before mid-terms to so you just can't imagine the amount of anxiety I was having!

Photo taken - 7 months ago , 13 April 2013. 
Ahhhhh~ Good memories. This was on my prefect installation day. I got my assistant head prefect badge. Yes, I was the assistant head prefect and am pretty proud of my position. It's nice to get that kind of recognition at times though the work load can be real stressful. Being the assistant head prefect is not an easy task especially having to juggle the work load with the pbs load and the pressure of trying my best to obtain good results in school, I was really stressed out and had some problems along the way. Fights and make ups, anger and frustration, all worth it in the end. If you ask me , I will never give up this experience. It is one which I will treasure throughout my life.
I am of course really proud to be known as the Afternoon Session Assistant Head Prefect and I will always keep this memory at bay. It is one of my fondest and proudest.

Photo taken - 7 Months ago, 18 April 2013. It was prize giving day and I got a prize! haha.
Prize-giving day.
Treasured moments.
A very very special day.
It was amazing to get recognition.
I was extremely proud and was real happy to be there.
I am thankful that I got this opportunity!

Photo taken - 5 months ago, 17 June 2013. 

I remember this trophy! ( of course I do, its barely been a year! ) I won it for Science & Math week. I won some testpads and pens for Language Week too. For Science & Math week, I took part in a Math contest where we played scrabble , math style! I got second place as stated on the trophy haha. Science, on the other hand, we were required to build the model of a cell. There were 4 of us in a group and we managed to complete it but ...the teacher's didn't announce any winners LOL.

 For Language week, I took part in the essay writing contest where I emerged as the winner and also the debate competition where my team got the first place!

Not only did I take part in competitions only in school level but I took part in the real school debate team. I was the reserve and it was truly a what I shall call mind-boggling experience. I am thankful to have such exposure which I know will certainly help me later in life. I am happy to have taken part in the many competitions I have been in though not always emerging as the winner.

Oh! I took part in an art contest too! Here was my entry!

Goosebumps re-make cover! Photo taken - February 17th . 10 months ago.
Hahaha, sadly I only got sixth place haha.

Photo taken - 7 months ago, 4th June 2013. Asean Scholarship Test preparations!
I remember this so so so clearly. I was doing Add Math , factorization.
I did not like this period of time one bit.
Albeit , the experience was most certainly worth it. I met quite a few people there, some people whom were real friendly , others stuck up.
I remember burning the midnight oil just to stay up and understand math formulas - some with I haven't even touched on yet in school.
I remember probability , simultaneous equations and factorization . Those 3 were the killer ones.
In the end, I didn't make it through the interview though but that's alright, I am thankful to have gained such an experience!

Photo taken - A few days ago.
All my fun and horrid experiences all lead down to today.
I am extremely happy to be given this opportunity.
The chances of becoming the assistant head prefect.
The chances of being able to take part in various competitions.
The chances of being able to go through all sorts of experiences.

 I may be weird, but one thing's for sure, I never let an opportunity slip away and taking this one, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me so far. Thank you guys so much and have an amazing school holiday! I love you all.

But alas! Of course my school year has been one to remember, however I am really looking forward to the holidays and I'm sure loads of people agree with me hehehe.

Sincerely ,



  1. Nice post , Ree!
    Looking forward to more.
    I hope you visit my blog back!

  2. as you get older, you'll realise that probability, simultaneous equations and factorization are actually the eaaaaassiiiieeessssttttttttt part of math. but its super easy once you get the hang of it, don't worry :-)

    1. Hahaha I find probability simple but the rest, not so much :\ haha thanks for your advice though! ^^

  3. Nice blog. You're so young.