Thursday, November 21

Highlighters & My First DSLR


Ok, so I got these really neat highlighters the other day, and I just had to share it with all of you!

They're actually just normal highlighters but I love their fluorescent colours and its a double end highlighter which I have been looking for , for quite a while now! I did the basic highlighter test for you guys!

Sorry the lighting's so bad! I took it with just my phone cam, which explain's a lot, doesn't it? Ok, so as you can see there are six colours , orange , pink , purple , blue , green and yellow. Many colours, huh? Best part is these adorable highlighters only cost $2.50!! I love their colours, these kind suit me and I'm happy that they are translucent, going towards the transparent side and not too opaque for my liking.

With a single stroke, the highlighters highlight with minimal heaviness, leaving the words still very much readable and easy to spot under franticness. A double stroke doesn't add much difference which to me is useful as we all tend to double stroke at times to make the highlit part look nicer, I guess?

Beside the testings, there are scribbles in which I used the pen for . Since it is double end, there is a fluorescent pen matching its highlighters at the end. I find this real neat except for the orange and yellow ones as they are slightly too bright for white paper but the rest work fine!

The colours together with its highlighters! They compliment each other well, don't they?

Also as you can easily see, the highlighters don't smudge PEN & PENCIL ink which is a real plus point as normally these kind of highlighters tend to be really runny. However, in my case, these are not runny at all and are perfect for school work!

Are these recommended?
I would have to say yes as the colours for me are perfect and it is not watery and runny at all. Unless of course, you prefer darker colours then these are not for you! ^^

Credits to karimew for this highlighter test idea and for the title! 

My very first DSLR.

My dad gave me the Canon EOS 60 D the other and I was ecstatic.
Finally, my very own DSLR.
I have longed for one even before I wanted a Mac and my dad gave me a mac last year! Haha. 
Photography has intrigued me since my dad started showing an interest in it.
I find that the way a photographer takes pictures differs very much from a regular person.
Their angles are completely different.
I love photographers and people who have a good eye for photography! I think their eyes see things in perspectives where others can't. I really love people like that.

Anywho, I have a Canon EOS60D. Sometimes, I prefer Nikon as Canon Dslr's are really really heavy and this one is no exception.

Excuse the skills, I used my phone cam in a haze of blurriness because I was so excited of my tetralogy of books and also my camera!

You can see my Mac charger lurking behind hehe~
Anyway, as you can see its bulkiness does contribute a lot to its weight and sometimes it is exhausting carrying this thing around lol.

A side view .

Top view.
I know I love writing but this time I think I'll let the photos do all the talking.
I think if I had taken the shots on a brighter surface they would've came out better despite my lame phone cam but I was too impatient!

As you can see, my holidays have been going well so far and its going to get better tonight because I'm going to watch Catching Fire which is premiering is cinemas only today in Malaysia and is very difficult to get tickets , I think. That is why I booked mine 5 days earlier , tee hee^^. Dedication right here people! Haha.

Till next time!




  1. The colours look very nice and bright!
    Thank you for the review, where can I get them?
    Congrats on the dslr! and good luck with photography.

    visit me back

  2. I love how you have tested the highlighters and your dslr looks very nice too! ^^

  3. congratz on your new dslr!
    the highlight colors are really neonc:

    wanna follow each other?:)

    1. Thank you honey!:) Sure, I've followed x

  4. So lucky to have a 60D! I plan on getting a DSLR too after exams. How is this DSLR? Was it good?

  5. @Anne Collins Aw thank you! ^^ . This dslr well it shoots like magic! The shots you take are unbelievably sharp ( and you need minimal knowledge on it to get a good shot too! ) However, this is slightly bulky and heavy and not really suitable for every day use D: I can recommend Nikon D3100 or D7000

  6. congratulations! i love the shutter sound DSLRs make for some reason!

    and here's a tip - google has answers for ALL questions, seriously!! i only got that moon photo after researching on google :-)

  7. @adithi Hahaha aw thank you so much! Yea, I've tried googling it but all I've got on photography is how to adjust aperture and basic things like that.
    I know that you are a pro in photography, mind tutoring me a little? hehe, I know its a lot to ask :p

  8. @supriya sivabalan

    haha no lah no pro. just someone who experiments a lot. i don't know a lot about photog but i'd love to help out as much as i can (i know how sometimes even google cant answer my qns) but you can email me/ anytime :-)

  9. @adithi no I'm serious I LOVE ALL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS and I wouldn't be surprise if you grew up to be a renowned one! hehe^^ aw thank you! I'll be sure to consult you if I am doubtful / need help. xx

  10. Congrats on getting your DSLR :> I looooove your blog's theme ♥ I've followed you on GFC, follow back?:)

    Majorie ♥

  11. Hello~! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check it out

    Thanks ♥