Wednesday, November 13

How To Hack Into Page Sources

Ok, so I normally don't do tutorials unless they are requested pretty frequently.
However, this is one which I personally want to make.
It's just a one-time thing and this blog isn't going to turn into a tutorial centre for blogs or something hahaha.

If you already know how to open a page source but want to know how to hack, skip below. 

Basically, have you ever gone on a blog and go

 'Oh that's adorable , I want that on my blog but where the heck did she get that?'

Well, there are two options which can go by here :

1.  Ask the blog owner. ( If you find that she is ignoring you just proceed to step 2 )
2. Open their page source.

So , what is a page source, you ask?

When you want to edit your tempelate you go to 'edit html' right? Well their page source is simply a whole display of their blogs HTML / CSS codes.

How do I open someone's page source?
It's simple! It is an easy and old trick! Just right click / finger option on trackpad (mac users) and you can see a list something as below ;

See the small box on the right?

Close-up view of the small box.

So, as you can see there are several options to choose from, just click ' View Page Source ' and voila! Their html codes are yours! x.

However, some blog owners are aware of this sly trick, so I have found a way for you to hack into them. ( I'm sneaky, yes.  )

How to hack into page sources on other blogs. 

Okay, this is extremely easy and you need 0 knowledge on Css & Html codes to do this.

1. Try the normal viewing of page source, if that doesn't work, proceed to step 2.
2. Copy this :
3. Paste that in a new tab.

*Replace :BLOGURLHERE with the url of the blog you are viewing the page source of.

For instance, if you are viewing MY page source ( don't you dare ; jk I don't mind ) , the link should look like this :

Simple huh?
Don't worry, this trick works for EVERYTHING ( in blogspot )!

Any confusions?  



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  1. Ree, I do know the above steps on hacking one's page source(hehe) and I've been long doing this already... so far so good, but there's this one particular blog, I just can't open the page have a try at this URL--->

    1. Hello Anonymous! Haha, you can show me who you are :b
      Anyways, just paste this in a new tab view-source: & click enter! Then scroll past all her messages. She's just trying to shoo you away before you can scroll to her real page source , scroll down till line 978! x. Hope this helps!

  2. And just now I saw this comment. Wow.

    1. what comment are you referring to, mind I ask? haha

    2. That anonymous, dear. LOL because I saw my blog link.

    3. ahhh haha I know who that anonymous is but I hope you don't mind!! I apologize if anything imp was taken :(