Thursday, November 21

Mom's Bday + Tetralogies

Heyyy everyone!
I basically have a lot to blog about but I never really came round to it.
A simple warning though : I'm blogging about one of my many favourite books and I tend to get overboard haha.

Mom's Birthday & Tetralogies

Ok, I shall begin with my mom's birthday. 
It started off as a normal enough day , if not not normal enough. It began with me going for my piano class and getting tons of scolding for not practicing my exam pieces well. Hehe~ . Then, we basically just lazed about till it was time for my what one would call Tamil Language Speaking Lesson, but get this. My grandpa's the teacher, cool huh? I have this session every week with a few of my cousins. Oh, before that we cut the cake. It was my mom's signature fave, Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe.

After the class, my grandpa and grandma ( she tagged along that day too ) insisted on singing and basically errr ...serenade her? Haha, idk but took out the same cake ( more than half eaten might I add, by yours truly )  HAHAHA , so with that half eaten cake and one deserted candle, we sang to her again. In the evening when my dad got home from work, we went to Queensbay Mall in Penang for dinner. We didn't go to Paragon unfortunately /sobs/sobs/ . But, we still did have an amazing time in Queensbay. After roaming about for a little bit, we finally settled down to have dinner at a restaurant called Dave's Deli. I personally wanted to eat at Morganfield's but that was in Paragon /sobs more/.

The food at Dave's Deli was pretty delicious but I think I prefer Nandos but this was definitely nicer than Kenny Rogers. I don't know why actually, maybe it's because I used to consistently eat in KRR that I got so sick of the food, haha! Anyway, I ordered a Chicken Schnitzel which came with three side dishes, mash potato, salad and some sour cream covered cucumbers hahaha. My dad ordered the classic Chic Chop and my sister the grilled chicken, I shared my meal with my mom. She doesn't particularly enjoy eating big portion meals. The schnitzel was really good! There was not one bone in site and the sauce poured on it was simply lucious. It was a good meal, overall despite the drinks being so lame. They only served sparkling juice and soft drinks , um , calling 911 for sophistication ? Haha, just kidding! It was a pretty lovely meal and I would recommend this restaurant when out with friends!

After having a hearty meal, we didn't go for dessert at Baskin Robbins or Häagen Dazs like we usually do because we were all stuffed! The food at Dave's Deli came in HUGE portions. Instead of dessert, my sister begged my parents to take her to Borders ( I LOVE GOING THERE BECAUSE I AM HIGHLY ADDICTED  IN LOVE WITH BOOKS AND IT IS MY DRUG HAPPINESS ) . In case you all weren't aware, I am a huge bookworm . I have been reading since I was 4 , and I don't mean looking through pictures reading, I mean  reading reading. I love ALL genres from classics to sci-fi . Anyways, we went to Borders and my sister bought the latest Wimpy Kid book Hard Luck with her Deepavali money. I on the other hand, did not plan to buy anything. I was calming myself down, telling myself not to look around because it was only last week that I bought two new books. Deep breaths, doubling figures in my mind, to keep me from looking around.

Alas, guess what?


But, I honestly am really happy that I did because THE TETRALOGY WAS AWERSOME OMGOIFHWODEHW. Ok, I haven't reached the end yet but IT'S STILL AMAZING.

What tetralogy you ask?


I was ecstatic,needless to say , hysterical! When reading that book, especially the first one, all I could imagine was Asa Butterfield's face as Ender omhqwiehqkehq.  I WAS SO HAPPY OMG.

Angular view. Aren't these perfect?

And get this, I got two books for a 50% discount while the other two , the original price. Quite a bargain if you asked me! Eeeeeee I was so damn hysterically happy.

All for of them. Sighhhh~

They're all just basically sitting in my room right now, looking so fantastically perfect ~ haha.

Now, I shall introduce the books one by one, but I shan't talk much on them as I plan to in my upcoming book reviews!

This is book number 1 , Ender's Game. It is currently a major motion picture and highly recommended for you guys to watch because it is so far my favourite movie ( soon to be 2nd because I'll be watching Catching Fire tonight! akjhkqjwh so excited. More on this later ) :

This here is book Number 2, Speaker For The Dead :

And book number 3 , Xenocide :

Finally, the /quote/ spectacular conclusion to one of science fiction's greatest stories /unquote/ , Children Of The Mind :

I highly recommend this read to anyone who is interested in Sci-Fi Genre, it's got aliens in it and is just to sum it up spectacular. I don't want to spoil the read for anyone of you , but THIS IS AMAZING OK.

That was basically how my mom's birthday ended. I know, I know, weird that I bought stuff on my mother's birthday but that's just how my family rolls haha~ :p . Anywayyy, I did write my mom some real special things in her card and my dad is getting her a new phone ( a real nice one might I add ) so I think she enjoyed her birthday.

Till next time!




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