Monday, November 25

Or So They Claim


Yet full
Yet able to love with the pieces
Yet colorful
Yet I'm going a hundred miles an hour
But I haven't hit the ground yet
But crowded
But cold
They listen to all my stories
But when I'm serious 
They turn their back
They care
But not really
Almost but no
Silent tears
Angry words
Fake smiles
Inside I'm dying
I need to be caught
But no one is there to catch me
No one comes
Why when you need people the most
They leave you
Why when you are the loneliest
The crowd disappears
Why when you need love
There is none left
Why when the smile slips away and the tears come 
They turn their back
Why can't it just be simple for once 
I need someone to catch me
I need someone to brush away my tears
I need someone to make my smile real
I need someone to be there even when I push them away
I need someone who will stick by my side no matter how much I want to give up
I just need someone
That someone is supposed to be you
You love me right 
Well…Prove it


How can you know me?
When I barely know myself.
How can you laugh with me?
When inside I am crying.

I told you once, how I felt.
Your ice cold heart didn't even melt.
You didn't believe any word I said.
You'd be surprised when I end up dead.

How can you talk about me?
When you don't know the real me.
How can you see me?
When this image is a fake, a lie.

You never like anything I do.
Even though most of it is for you.
My "sometimes" best friend
Who is supposed to be with me until the end.
But you leave me all the time.
And never seem to see me behind.
Struggling to stop you,
Hurrying to please you.

You never see my feelings.
Only your own.
This makes me feel unhappy.
But this, you've already known.

Sea Of Fakes

The Sea of Fakes 
Just sitting in Mrs. Greer's room bored with life now-a-days 
It seems like I'm just stumbling through life in a dark- clouded haze 
As I look around the crush of my peers I begin to see 
what trying to be sexy has led us to be 
I wince as I behold skin-tight jeans and skirts 
shirts so damn tight when they breath it probably hurts 
its odd how the supposedly "real" people are wearing what everyone else is wearing, 
saying what everyone else is saying 
Oh your so perfect, you never make mistakes? 
how come I can't pick you out of the crashing the sea of fakes? 
now I cant say I'm the realest of the real 
its just there's no mistaking that I say what I feel 
when you see my face, there is no fake smile, no illusion 
if I don't like you trust me there's no confusion 
it would be ridiculous to say I've never slipped up and lied 
or talked about someone behind there back 
but the difference is I've learned and I try to make up for the things I lack 
I'm learning now to be myself and do my thing 
the fact that I will have to lose some best friends in the process 
strikes my heart with a fatal sting 
though its going to be harder than anything I've ever done before 
I'm going to have to be firm in my decision to separate myself from the sea of fakes 
because I've finally grasped the concept 
that if I'm going to have a future in today's world this is what it takes 
So now I'm telling you, take the time and ask your self something all these manikins didn't, 
dare to be different?


last year, last month,
just yesterday,
I could have sworn,
I knew my way,
cause you betrayed me,
you were mean,
in my future,
you weren't seen,
I had my whole life,
all mapped out,
and in my mind,
there was no doubt,

you want me back,
what should I do,
am I a fool,
for trusting you?

My Mask

She smiles, I cry.
She's brave, I’m shy.
She loves, I’m alone.
She’s amazing, I’m unknown.
She’s beautiful, I’m a mess.
She’s happy, I’m depressed.
She’s a fake, I am real.
My mask is perfect, she hides me.

I Can't Forgive

You torn my heart open
And now I shiver
In the cold night
Where you left me
Dying in pain
You betrayed me
Now I don't trust
Because you lied
And bitched
So I don't need you no more
Here I am lying on my bed
Writing this about you
If you hadn't of betrayed
I would be laughing
But you did betray
And now I feel as if I am in a black hole
Of nothingness
You were a fake friend
Pretending to know
Pretending to have fun
I trusted you
I told you secrets I hadn't told anyone else
You kept those secrets
Until now when you tell everyone
Not just will I never trust you again
I will never call you a friend
Nor a best friend
I'm backing out of your life
And pushing you out of mine
I will lock you out of my life
And I will make sure you never ruin it again
I won't help you
I won't talk to you
I won't give you payback
Because I try to forget you
And those lies you told
I will never forgive you

You Think

You think you're so good.
Think you're so perfect in everything.
You think you can control my mood.
Please you must be joking.

I gave you all my heart.
I believed in everything you say.
I trusted you from the start,
and everything went your way.

I guess I made my biggest mistake,
when I became loyal to you.
You're one of those friends that are fake,
in everything you say and do.

I thought your kindness would last.
But now, I feel so used.
Because when I think of the past,
I thought you'd never give my heart a bruise.

Why did I ever rely on a word you said?
What did I ever do to deserve this pain?
I've trusted you but you've hurt me instead.
And I don't know if I could believe you again.



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