Tuesday, December 3

A Surprise + December Day Out

Hey everyone!
So, how are your holidays getting along? Went anywhere fun? Domestic or international? Any uber interesting things you got? Leave a comment below because I would love to read just even the tiniest excerpt about your holidays since I haven't gone on mine ....yet. Well, this year my family decided to just go on a domestic holiday to one of the many ( thirteen but ) states here in Malaysia, the historical city of Malacca. Have any of you ever been to Malacca? Comment down below some lovely places I could visit! ^^
Anywho, as you all have probably notice it is December. The TWELFTH month of the year 2013. OK, is it just me or is time just speeding up as you get older?! I mean, I just got used to the idea of us living in 2013 and now we have to switch to 2014. Pretty normal, I guess? LOL, anywayssss December 1st was one of my really good friend's birthday and we had a sort-of surprise party for her on the 29th or 28th I reckon, not quite sure of the date. ( Yes, I should've blogged on that day but whatever HAHAHA ) The reason I'm not as active in blogging as I used to be is because I am just currently hooked to YouTube videos. I'm just consistently watching random crap on YouTube , from hair tutorials to YouTube Innuendo. Have you ever watched a YouTube innuendo before? No? WELL GO CHECK IT OUT NOW. I personally like the one with Joe and Tyler Oakley but the others are just as funny. Ok, moving on. So the surprise party yea, we had a so-called party in ...are you ready for our super amazing fun time location? Chatime. 

Yeap, a bubble tea shop. It was beside her school ( It's a private school so that would explain it I guess ) , well I was to pick my friend Cynthia up from her house so we arrived slightly late. It was still pretty fun and afterwards we went to her place and just chilled. We ordered some pizza and chicken wings and garlic bread and just chatted and watched YouTube videos together hahaha. We ( well two other friends of mine ) got her a Barbie cake which in the end, needless to say,went to waste. We did take a few snapshots but they were all sent to me by my friend and I got them using my phone so when I transferred them to my mac they were all either ; a) too pixelated b) too small or c) the resolution was just too unbearable.  Buttt, I decided to put them up anyways so yay me and stupid desicions! [ some are candid and some are not haha~ sorry for the bad quality! x ]

[ us idk idk ]

Look at her Barbie cakeee~ Before & After. I'm just HAHAHAHA.



Anywayssss, I went on a sort-of shopping spree on the first of December too~ So yay! I guess. Hahaha
 Welllll, I went to First Avenue Mall and Prangin Mall ( they're linked so yea! ). I didn't go to Paragon but in my opinion Paragon is just overpriced and people go there for the name so yea, I don't really yearn going there honestly. And I went shopppinggg, in just simple shops. I personally don't mind where people get their clothes from. As long as they are comfy and you think they look nice, then just get them! It doesn't matter that it has no brands or it is not made out of 100% pure cotton or whatever. It really irritates me when people show off that they're rich. For example, someone I know claims that H&M is not an expensive brand and she wonders why people like to go there. Ok, one thing is you my friend, are rich and some others are not, can you not go around saying this? I mean it's H&M for God's sake. It's meant to be sort of high end. It is pretty branded too, like they say, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. This applies to a few of my friends honestly, I'm sorry for saying this HAHAHA don't hate me but I'm serious.

There is also this girl who is pretty popular on Instagram and she is embarassed when she gets things from the Thrift Shop, I mean OK, whatever. Thrift Shop merch can be nice too you know. At certain times.

Anywhooo, I went shopping but only managed to get a few clothes because there wasn't any proper attires that caught my eye. My sister then bought these cool shoes where it has a button at the back ( end ) of the shoe and you press it, a roller comes out and you can just skate. And when you want to just walk you can press that button again and push in the wheel roller thing and it acts like a normal shoe! Cool, ain't it?

After a bit of shopping and more shopping ( lol ), my family and I got pretty hungry so we went and ate at some homemade food shop. I forgot what it's called but they food there was YUMMY INDEED.

 Here's a brief on who ordered what :

Me - Cheese baked rice ( Indian style ) * the only reason I chose Indian style is because in the menu it stated that the Indian style is the spiciest one. + Water

Lil' sis - The Classic Fish & Chips + Blue Lemonade

Mom - TomYam Soup + Enriched Chocolate

Dad - Grilled Chicken Burger + Cold Cappuccino

As you can all probably clearly see, this is not your regular shop along the streets of Malaysia. This restaurant actually serves both Malaysian and Western Cuisine. Coolest thing ever, aite?

The service was really good too! The food arrived really quickly ( except for the Fish & Chips because God knows why but it wasn't too late! )

Here is my little sister's drink and food :

The Blue Lemonande ( before stirred!)
So as you can all probably see, the lemonande looks really cool! It comes with some delicious fruit jelly at the bottom and it tastes absolutely divine! I fell in love with it. I was actually regretting not getting one myself but seeing as I literally drank all of my lil' sister's it was fine , tee hee ^^

The Fish & Chips
The Fish & Chips were pretty massive. It came with some coleslaw, cucumbers, chips ( obviously) and some mash potato with some really delicious sauce. It was absolutely spectacular! All the flavours blended together perfectly!

Here is my food :

Cheese baked rice ( Indian Style! )

So that is my cheese baked rice, it comes with loads of chicken but it just has a really peculiar taste in my opinion. I mean the rice was just splattered with Indian-style curry ( I would know ) but when it's mixed with the cheese it's just really weird. I don't know how to explain this but I didn't quite enjoy so boooooo D: . Hahaha aw :(

Here's my mom's -

Oh! Doesn't just looking at it make your mouth water? The TomYam was magnificent and I stole a lot of it hehe ~ It was absolutely delicious and I loved it so much! So did the other members of my family LOL :p It was SOOOOO scrumptious and spicy and I just loved it. However, the portion was MASSIVE. It came in a huge bowl and we were all needless to say, gobsmacked or flabbergasted as some would call it.

And last but not least, my dad's meal :

Well, my dad's meal was really delicious too but it came in A MASSIVE PORTION AS WELL. It looked huge and WAS huge honestly. The chips itself were BIG. It was a delicious burger though overall.

I would recommend Penangites to go and have a meal in this place because the environment is nice and certain food there is delicious! ( As mentioned above! :D )

Overall, I would give this restaurant an 8/10. It's not a review but I couldn't help myself hehe.

P/s : I'm going to Malacca this holidays ( as mentioned above ) and if you guys have ever been there, do comment below some cool and fun places! x


Rest In Peace dear Paul Walker.

He was so talented and gorgeous! It was wayyy to soon :(. If you guys didn't know yet, Paul Walker passed on in an absolutely tragic accident. He was coming back from some charity run which he organised and his Porsche ( driven by his friend ) crashed into a light pole ( if I'm right ) and the back of the car just exploded. This is very very sad and I am devasted too, he was so good in Fast & Furious and loads of other things too! He has a 15-year-old daughter too. That made my heart break. I could not imagine not having a dad at such a crucial stage of life. He was halfway filming Fast & Furious 7 at that time and I just can't bear to imagine what that movie is like now. Rest in peace Paul Walker.

In other news, my school's canteen uncle also passed away recently and he was such a nice jovial man. He used to call me 'aunty' everywhere I went, whenever I passed him, he would shout at me 'aunty!' and I would just smile. He has now passed on and I will never forget his amazingly delicious cooking and his jolly good character. Rest In Peace Pak Cik Harun . xx

Anyways, I'm sorry to end so sadly but it's the truth and you've gotta face it.

Till next time!




  1. Omg the food looks amazing it's making me hungry! And I know what you mean by getting hooked on YouTube videos. I do that a lot too!

    Anyway, I answered your question about under eye products on my blog. You can check out my response there. :)

    I'm also inviting you to join the Christmas giveaway I'm hosting with other bloggers http://urhappybunnie.blogspot.com/2013/12/christmas-bloggers-giveaway.html

  2. the food looks so good!
    i lovee bubble teac:

  3. hic: I don't know if you've already been nominated, but I nominated you for The Liebster Award!


  4. @Judy Dong Ohmygosh thank you so much for nominating me!~ Haha I don't think I was ever nominated for this before thanks ever soooo ♡

  5. @Joanne Hahaha ikr! I will definitely check that out!x

  6. hii supriya!! i've been to chatime once when i went to KL but it was just a stand, not a complete store HAHAH. Didn't know they served food though :o it looks good ^^

    PS, I LOVE THRIFT SHOPPING!! and i followed you :)

  7. @NovacatAw they're usually just a stand but in this case it wasn't haha. Oh,they don't serve food! The pictures were from a different restaurant which I went in a mall haha :p
    aw thanks and followed back! x

  8. It seems like you had a great day! I love YouTube videos! The food looks yum too!


  9. the food looks tasty!
    and chatime is always my favorite hangout too!

  10. First time on your blog! :)

    Found myself saying "Me too!" in my head a lot of times while reading just your first paragraph. Haha. I'm going to Malacca after Christmas this month and I'm so excited! I also love love wasting time on YouTube. Hahaha. Tyler Oakley is definitely one of my favourite cos he's just so entertaining! :D

    Looks like you had a really enjoyable day. That poor Barbie cake though! Haha.

    Nice blog :D Definitely will keep coming back to read xx

  11. @Czarina Mae Ohmygoshhhh hahaha aw yayyy ♡ I'm glad we can relate :p . Haha omg ikr Tyler is so adorable I can't. Aw thanks so much! xx

  12. Looks like you had a lot of fun. This is the second time I read about Malacca just today through blog hopping. Seems like a very interesting place. Hope you'll enjoy it.

    My family is not really going anywhere. We never do. :(

  13. @April Aww thanks so much April! ♡ ♡ I do hope you go somewhere interesting soon, until then perhaps just create your own fun. Enjoy the holidays! xx

  14. Looks like you had a lot of fun there! :) and the food looks amazing! keep blogging <33