Monday, December 30

Fifteenth Chance + New Room + School.

God sprouted me a life in the year of 99.
He knew I was capable of living it and making myself another helper of Him in bettering the world.
2013 has come but it is about to leave in a couple more days. I don't know if I should be relieved or devastated.
The other years have never meant so much to me before but I really don't know why I learnt so much from 2013.

Like how people put on facades and use you to the max.
Like how the most unexpected of people can be your best friend.
Like how there are bitches in the world, and I live my school life with some unfortunately.
Like how even your so-called "best friends" won't have your back.
Like how I can just cry easily.
Like how I have realised I am growing up.
Like how I am breaking out.
Like how I am looking at things in a different perspective.
Like how I know I am ugly.
Like how I realised there are so many more beautiful people in the world.
Like how I realised even a person with arrogance has a kind heart.
Like how I see the world as it is now.
Like how reading The Fault In Our Stars has changed me.
Like how I look around and see my friends growing up differently.
Like how I realise why people love fairy tales because they end perfectly.
Like how I know I have an amazing life, even if it hits bumps and obstacles along the way.

2013, as you can probably see, has been a year of mixed up madness for me and I would not trade it for ANYTHING TO BE DIFFERENT. I'M GLAD I'VE STOPPED CERTAIN THINGS I'VE BEEN DOING. Let's recap the year, shall we?

In the beginning of the year, I'm not gonna lie, I was super excited for school! I mean, I was going to be a so-called 'senior' and I guess it didn't go the way I planned it but I found and made some new friends who are pretty cool.

Then I applied for the ASEAN scholarship which was an AMAZING experience!

Then came the mid terms where I was pretty sad that I could only get third in class but because of CERTAIN PEOPLE doing CERTAIN THINGS and me not doing it. If you get the hint, take it personally PLEASE. It is intended to you :).

After that was just PBS HELL. It wasn't as bad as last year, mind you, but the assesments got harder. Although I was doing fine in most subjects, it was a huge struggle for me to achieve band 6 in many subjects and I still don't know if I have accomplished it because its confidential!

The end of year test I think ended perfectly because I MANAGED TO BEAT CERTAIN PEOPLE WOOOOOOO! hahaha, yea. But I guess you get my hint, 2013 was pretty weird for me.

Anywho, I am not looking back now, only forward. During the holidays, my family and I went to Malacca & Kuala Lumpur. Yeap, all domestic this year! It was fun though, had some fun family time! Pictures up later as throwbacks I guess because I'm super lazy to get out the memory card from the dslr which is all the way across the room.

Oh! I also did some mini renovations in my room this holidays and I'm super excited! Here are some of the pics I took ( They're from my phone, excuse you. )

P/s : Before you ask, the filters I used the Magic Hour App where I edited the Vignette and I used overlays bcs I'm super obsessed with them right now! haha!

NEW ROOM. ( wonderland )

[ my own. pretty cool ik lmao jk ]

New Chest Of Drawers + Make-Up Mirror with bulby lights ( switched off ) Oops, Patrick was visiting me that day lmao. I love him to bits.

With the lights on, filtered by editing Vignette and exposure to moonlight. Woops those dumb ways to die figurines hehe , my fave overlay .

Bought a super adorable owl lamp + light and heat resistant lampshade. I got it from ikea and it's super adorale! Pusheen just causually eating pizza on my side cushion.

My lamp with the light turned on. #ifIhadonewish

I also bought a new study table! It's a normal one but I love how convenient it is because of the amount of storage there is omg! And also I love the colour, my old one was a woody colour and I prefer this much more! The study table even has a softboard with it and it's super cool!

Also got this 5 checked boxes thing :p I find it super cool! xx haha.

So those were all the tiny tweaks in my room and I also repainted a light pink over my previous light purple because #YOLO LOL jkjk. Anywayssss, I haven't blogged about my holidays at all and I'm sure you're wondering why right? I didn't have the time? ( LOL SOME EXCUSE ITS THE HOLIDAYS ) Ok, to  be very honest I was super busy seeing as I was renovating my room and all ( It's still a work in progress guys! ) 

However, here are a few pics I managed to post on insta of my every day life during the hols! I'll blog about my Malacca & KL trip as a 2013 throwback I guess.


Read my many favourite books during the holidays.

Found my old Chance by Chanel perfume as I was cleaning!

Move your sorry, skinny butt and admire my junk food because it was the healthiest things I ate during the hols. Don't ask.

Had Pizza Hut with the fam today and celebrated my lovely maid's birthday.

And here are just random pics of my holidays in a collage. Let me explain.

Bottom right : Morganfield's
Bottom left : Ikea truffle.
Middle right : Customized Mcd Ice Cream In Malacca.
Middle left : Fruit Scented Sweden Candle from Ikea.
Top left : Bath & Body Works from overseas.

 Those were some of the things that went on in my life during the holidays, I don't celebrate Christmas so I didn't post a post ( what ) but I would like to wish a late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you guys! x










I'm seriously super scared for school because this year it has been super busy with me carrying a heavy responsibility on my back and juggling the torment of PBS. I'm super super scared omg, I also haven't made up my mind if I should become a prefect next year because sometimes I feel like its interfering with my school work but I love the blazer so much! It looks super cool, and your opinion is invalid. AHHHH  I've been getting ready for school these days and its havocccc.

My ikea planner which is super organised and has like little stickers inside of EVERYTHING as reminders and I love it loads and am planning to become more organized next year.

My few things in the old pencil case. Gahhhh I need to clean thissss~

GUYSSS THIS IS THE BEST PEN EVERRRR! It is the Papermate Ink Ball pen and it writes like a charm. It's slightly costly though, rm 4.50 just for one pen but I think it's worth it

My old rusty compass which I've used till its worn out! I haven't replaced the lead and its super rusty. It's from the Maped brand though which made it super pricy. Rm15 for a compass, what was I thinking?!!

 Anyways guys, I want to wish all of you the best of luck for the school year. I know half of you want to go back to school because the holidays are boring and the other half are moaning about it . I am the other half lol. I don't find school very pleasurable these days because it isn't like last time when everything is carefree and jolly. I used to have no problems at all but these days I feel like going to school is such a hassle and I much prefer staying at home. Opinions not needed. School to me is currently just a place kids go to suck up bad things from surroundings although proper teaching is given in classes. Only the certain people who pay attention gain. And I feel this is a huge hassle.

Anywho, I have loads left to do before the new year. As I have mentioned before, may 2014 be a good year for us all. This is what everyone says every year but I am seriously hoping for a good year. I am going to mend my flaws, make amends, say my prayers, become more organised and just a better person in whole. I want to apologize for my flaws and my mistakes. I hope you accept my apologies. Thank you for understanding. It is the end of the year and let bygones be bygones. Let's not let the past hold us from a brighter future, let us be smart and look forward instead of tagging backwards. Let us all pray and thank God for the amazing life we have in this generation and may we get more in the year of 2014. May humans realise their mistakes and let unnecessary grudges go.

Thank you all for the amazing support on this blog and all of your lovely comments.

Thank you all for all the tags.

Thank you all for the nominations!

I love you guys.




  1. ooho I was born in '99 too!c:
    your new room looks SO CUTE ESPECIALLY THE BOX SHELVES:D
    school starts on thursday for me again-.- I don't find it "fun" anymore either, I prob only enjoy it because we get to see friends:/
    happy holidays and good luck at school!

  2. wot wot. i love ur new room and also that kitkat and dairymilk. omg!!!!!!!

  3. wow nice room you have there ! you have room of my dreams ree sobs. anyway happy new year ! and goodluck with school! :)

  4. hahaha the room renovation looks great! i laugh at the picture where you stick PAtrick at your dresseer table! haha that's so cute!

  5. Sure you´ll learn much more in 2014 :)
    I follow you right now via google friend, visit my blog and follow back if you like it? :)
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  6. So in love with your room! The decorations are so, so cute. And pink! Love it.

    I also went to Malacca and KL this holiday, omg. What a coincidence! Hahaha.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year! xx

  7. Ahh this is so cute! I love the pictures you edited and the chocolate mousse dairy milk! :O I didn't even know it existed!!

    Wish you a great new year!

  8. all the best for schools , dear :3

  9. Your room is so adorable, love the owl lamp :)


  10. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
    May it filled with joy, love and peace

  11. Aww thank you all so much! Happy New Year to all of you too! ♡ ♡ ♡ Have a blessed year! x

  12. u dont have to be one of us-the kopop's fans-, to read the fanfic. u can read it like u read a book that u bought at a bookstore XD . dont have to know about the characters, just follow the storyline and we'll know about them :D

    have a nice day , dear :3

  13. haha your room is so pink and dainty looking! sigh i dont even have my own room hahahaa. and i agree with the friends who don't have your back thing - just do what i did and abandon them bc they're not worth your time & spend as much time as you can with your true friends :-)))))

  14. nice owl lamp :p i want one!!

  15. hey, passed back. :3 happy 2014!

  16. you're new room it's really cool dear!!!!!! Love it!

    My Blog ♥

  17. your new room is just fantastic!:)♥

  18. oh and I follow you on google+ kisses!:)♥

  19. I absolutely love your blog. Its so cute and I'm glad I found about it. Lovely room and I really like the whole look. Its really nice.

    Zoha xx

  20. post bout school pls like i wanna know whats going on

    1. boring la brader HAHAHA but I'll try on wed