Thursday, January 30

school of twentyfourteen

The day before school was a day of mixed emotions.
It was just happiness and joy.
But sadness and death.
Happiness and joy because you know you're finally going to be and do something that is actually productive.
Sadness is thinking of the workload that is going to burden you in school.
And the death of your holidays is just a small moment of grief which we all go through every time a holiday ends.

However, school this year had a slight twist to it. Instead of going to school at 12 in the afternoon like I've been doing for the past two years, I go when the Sun is just rising in the East of Japan. ((( yes I wake up earlier than the sunrise, I'm perfect. ))) aka terang-terang tanah. Some, may call me crazy or a loon but well yes waking up early is  much better than waking up late if it concerns school. I mean think about it. Let's weigh the pros and cons out, shall we?


1. Feeling more energetic in school.
2. Information seeps faster into brain.
3. Coming home early.
4. Having time to practice the piano.
5. Having time after school.
6. Having time to complete school homework.
7. Having proper lunch at the right time.
8. Having more food in the house.


1. Waking up late.

I can literally think of only one ok wtf.


1. Having to wake up early.
2. Having no breakfast.


1. Feeling lazy in school all day.
2. In no mood whatsoever to study.
3. Having no time when you come home.
4. Coming home late ( esp if you're a prefect )
5. Coming home and not being able to practice the piano because its too late.
6. Coming home and eating at odd times.
7. Coming home and feeling too tired to even do homework and promise yourself you'll do it the next day but you wake up late and BAM! Procrastination is born.

So as y'all can probably see super clearly why I prefer morning session so much more.
Moving on to the real part of school.

The teacher's this year are really nice too, well they seem really friendly.

Our class teacher is Pn.Norazlin who is a really friendly person but she gives bucketloads of homework to complete ( especially during school breaks aka now since its the cny hols. )

So now I'm just going to do like a general teacher's list (??????) idk.

2014 teachers.

Bahasa Melayu - Pn. Mas Anita

English - Pn. Angela

Maths - Ms.Tamil Selvi

Science - Pn. Suzie Liana

Sejarah - Pn. Manjula

Geografi - Pn. Loh 

Pendidikan Seni Visual ( Arts ) - Pn. Annor Yusnita

Pendidikan Sivik & Kewarganegaraan - Pn. Hasni

Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu ; Ekonomi Rumah Tangga ( Home Ec ) - Pn. Norazlin // Pn. Fadzilah

Pendidikan Moral - Pn. Norazlin.

So far, school has been amazing and all my teachers have been super nice and fun. I'm actually starting to enjoy school a lot more despite the hell we all name as pbs but since this is my third and final year I just have to suck it up and live with it for another 300++ days. More on pbs later.

Yesterday my school celebrated the CNY festival ( as usual ) but since it's my first time in morning session, I paid a little more attention.

Yes, I admit it. 

Celebrations in the morning are much more fun and joyous.

The school generously gave all those celebrating CNY an angpau or the typical red packet with some money in it. I'm not sure how much though but I think its rm 5. And they also gave more to the less fortunate students which was really nice of them.

On another note, the school also celebrated all students who were born on the first month of the year (( January in case you're too dense lol jk )) My friend was one of them and they gave each of them a bookmark. It wasn't anything super great or what you would expect but you know, its a nice thought. Plus, they cut cake and even got a slice each and that is when they announced that this birthday celebration thing is going to be done every month and you should have heard how loud the whole school cheered hahaha. It's pretty cool and I'm quite certain we're one of the only schools who do this ( The only school in the district I think. )

Anyways, the CNY celebration was great and I loved every bit of it though it was boring at some points. The teachers all wore red which was so nice to see and when they were taking pictures, it was beautiful.

Other than the CNY celebration, my school also launched our new theme which is


It used to be  "Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty" .... I think. I'm not quite sure HAHAHA.

That day was pretty cool too, they had balloons and streamers and stuff.

They also launched the new area of our school called ' Teatre Gemilang ' . Only a few people were there for that though since we were all actually required to go back to class after the launching of the school theme but my friend and I were busy bodies curious as to what it was.  So, we just followed our other friend, Aina, who was in charge of taking a few pictures of the ceremony for the school magazine.

The so-called theatre is not a theatre at all. It's sort of like a university lecture hall ... a dewan kuliah. It's air-conditioned and has huge desks ( it reminded me of the Trader's Hotel where I took my ASEAN scholarship tests. ) It also has a huge projector and projector screen as well as a new,clean whiteboard. Overall, it was not what I was expecting but it's pretty cool.

That's all that's major which has been going on in school so far. Putery, if you're reading this, nothing much has happened since you moved but it's not the same without you /sadface/ /cries/ .

Anyways , this year, I've been much, much , much organized. I have a planner, a class notebook and everything which I'm still keeping track. Honestly, I expected myself to fail at all these in the first two weeks or so , but that didn't happen! Instead, I am super-organized ( compared to last year ) and I feel much more of a relief knowing that I've completed my work before going to school.

Anywho, that's it for this post and it's pretty rushed since I won't have access to the internet for a couple of days after this. /sigh./

I hope you've all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed typing it all out.

Till next time.


P/p/s : My next post will be on tips on how I'm keeping organized this year + a diy tumblr inspired class notebook + my planner. Watch out for them! :)




  1. "simple in virtue, steadfast in duty" is my primary school (CHIJ)'s motto hahaha. i haven't had school since O levels ended (15 nov) and i miss having things to do.

    as for jc, think about this: sec 4 is twice as hard as sec 2 (which should be the exam you'll be writing for the scholarship i think???? sec 2 = 14 years old) and jc is 4 times as hard as sec 4 because you have 2 years to learn twice the things. its hard which is why im wigging out :'-(

  2. Wow, you remember all of their names? I still don't know our Geo teacher's name -.-" I suck big time.

  3. I love your blog


  5. I loved studying morning in high school, in college but unfortunately am having to study at night. I agree that studying in the morning is the best option, loved the post and left me longing for study in the morning!

  6. I've always had only morning classes since I started going to school. Although sometimes I also complain so much about waking up early, I do agree that having lessons in the morning is better than in the afternoon. I find myself getting really lazy and tired by the time afternoon rolls around, so having lessons at that time will definitely not be ideal :P Hahaha.

    Love your blog! And thanks for visiting mine :)

  7. Amazing post! Xx

    New post:

  8. it's great to know that you are more organizer than last year ^^
    great job

  9. haha hey supriya!!!!! long time no talk :-) anw im at (im gna keep my blog semi-personal bc school's sUPER hectic) but i'd still like to keep in touch :-) (ps you don't have to link me or anything haha bc even if i link you there's no point bc its "private") eagerly awaiting your next post!!!!!

    1. hey adithi! yea, but I still wanna link you bcs your posts are interesting and that's basically the whole reason why I link people haha x its fine, I don't mind you not linking me :)))) xo