Tuesday, January 28

The 2014 Difference

Hey everyone!
Omg its been superrrrr long since I've blog and I apologize deeply about it. My friend kept pestering me to update in school , she's super annoying. ( If you're reading this Mathusha, ily and your obsession with TVD HAHAHA )
Anywho, its the 26th of January and I'm just posting my first ever post.
I should make it special right?

Ain't nobody got time for that ( I'm stuck in 2013 , Lord help me. )

To be quite frank, my New Year's Day didn't go as planned.
It wasn't very um fun .
It was more of a hassle as school reopens the next day.

The funny thing is, I used to have so many problems switching from the previous year to current one in the first month of the new year but this year, I had 0 problems. I don't even know why. 2013 wasn't the best year for me but the ending was great because I got to watch certain things about certain people which filled me with glee.

This year has been amazing so far and I'm starting to enjoy life a lot more. I'm doing great in my classes and I'm actually completing all my school work and assignments on time. I'm much more organized and I've been so much more productive. I give less damn about what people think about my appearance but I still am insecure. ( aren't we all , then? ). I began taking up photography with my dslr and learnt a few tips with my dad. I started being a little more confident around unknown people but the best thing is

...I'm drifting away from my old friends.

note : no sarcasm intended.

Don't feel sorry for me, I actually feel much more light hearted and airy with my so-called "new" group of peers. Basically I was so obviously mixing with the wrong people and from where I am now, I am super aware of it. When I watch them I always go " Thank God that's not me anymore. "

But sometimes

I am still stuck

With some people.

But, all I have to do is keep my chin up , plaster a fake smile on my face and I'm good to go.
Having the right friends isn't easy at all. And, let me tell you this first hand, when you start school, everyone will seem like the right friend for you.
Everyone will act nice.
Everyone will try their best to be popular.

But the ones who are really the right ones are the ones who stick by you and who can pour out their feelings too.

Just the other day, one of my friend cried to me about something and it hit me. I was finally a proper friend to someone and not some extra dead weight hanging by the others like I've always been.

It's been a pretty good start to year so far and I hope I keep up the momentum.

However, on the upside, my piano is going downhill.

I'm taking a big practical exam this year and my teacher is stressing me up to the max. She is pushing me so hard that I almost let tears fall in my last piano lesson. There are too many scales for me to memorize but I'm trying my best and this brings me to another note.

A few messages which I would like to indirectly give certain "people" about certain things.

First off, when in class, don't talk loud and obnoxiously for attention. Being desperate, I know, is one of your many amazing qualities but please, stop. Everyone doesn't give a damn and I'm just here because its hard to concentrate with people like you.

Next, paying a little respect to the workers in school isn't a funny and weird thing to do.
It's nice.
Something you just are not.

It doesn't matter which school you go to.
Stop showing off because it's not an ivy league college.
It's just a secondary school.

Stop trying to be instagram famous.
Try replying to your comments instead and call me when your insta fame career works out, would'cha?

Just because you're in a higher position
Or you think you are
show off.
Because you know where you got your interest from. Give that a little think, honey.

I keep things bottled up for quite a while and I'm not even letting go enough here.
I have a seperate , you could call it a "diary", but I feel like an emotion book (???) describes it better.

For instance, if I feel angry or irritated, I just take one of my coloured pens and scribble around the whole page, it doesn't even matter if it tears. I just get that frustration out of my system and I'm glad about it.

Something is terribly wrong with me HAHAHA.

Anyways, this isn't a very good post , is it?
I'm sorry.

I promise to blog about much more important things after this.

I read a book the other which my friend lent me and it was Brutal by Nabila Sharma. [ I've linked the title to amazon and an etsy shop where you can get them if you want ] but your local bookstore should be fine too.

I'm going to do a review on the book soon because it is just one of the best books I have ever read. I daresay it surpasses The Fault In Our Stars too. It's that good. I'm not going to say much about it  here but once I read the book I was so enthralled by it and I tweeted her and she replied me! Which was pretty cool! c:

Follow me @existsforgrande

So yea, I was pretty happy when she dm'd me too.

On another note, one of the many good beauty youtubers stellabeauty08 also tweets and dm's me like we're buddies idek but I'm happy about it. She's about to reach 100,000 subscribers soon and I want to be one of the first to wish her!

Anywho, 2014 has been a great year so far and its already been a month omg! That was so quick. It's February in 3 days? or 2? I'm not sure and soon it will be time for tests and exams.

Sigh, I should enjoy the current life since I can sense its going to be hectic soon.

P/s : Don't miss my next post on school. It's going to be slightly personal as some of my friends are reading so they'll be aware of who I'm referring to.

Till next time!




  1. Awww Ilytt ♥ Loved thisss! ^.^ You better post the next one fast okay? I'll be waiting and I'll annoy you at the same time <3

    1. hahaha can you not :b okok putery wants to read about school so I'll do it soon

  2. awwh i wish you luck for your piano exam, i've been through that before and it's a relieve it has been over.

    1. aww thanks so much:) x ikr! Haha in that cold hotel room just anxiously waiting for your name to be called :')

  3. This was fun to read! I'm glad this year is going well for you so far and I wish you to continue this! I'm happy you've made new friends, and remember to stay with those that keep you feeling positive and happy - those that don't shouldn't let you down. I had a similar issue last year and this year has been a lot better - become independent yet very social - a bit contradicting but can be found a balance of - one which I myself am also looking to find!

    I hope you have a great year and I may just have to pick up that book!


    1. awww :') I'm so glad you read all the way through. xxx
      And yea, Brutal is amazing! It's a story about a young girl's innocence :)
      Thank you so so so much!

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