Thursday, June 5

Escape Room - 1st Avenue

Hey guys!
It's finally the hols but omg a week and a half has almost pass and I feel so sad. I want the hols to last longerrrr :( I legit have no mood to go back to school and continue all my duties as a student asjksjksjks. On a brighter note, my friends and I went to Escape Room today! Originally, it was planned for eight of us to go but only 4 of us made it - Looi, Jia Yee, Katie and me. My mom took us all to Penang and back again. Returning home was a slight rush but it was still fun!

The night before the outing was pretty disastrous. We were all up trying to figure out how we were going to head back from the island. My mom had to come home by 4.30pm and we all were meant to stay till 6. We contemplated ferries, asking everyone's mom and even went to such desperate measures to call other friends at the eleventh hour for transport. HAHAHA. In the end, our game was scheduled to finish by 3 so we just gave in and decided to come home early. Hence, leaving not much time for shopping. D;

 WE ALSO BOOKED THE TICKETS IN THE WRONG PLACE YESTERDAY. We were meant to go to Escape Room but we booked Break The Code which was near Gurney Paragon instead of the one in 1st Ave. WE REALISED AT THE LAST MINUTE. We as in Looi and I because we were up stressing over the bookings lmao. Honestly, it was Looi who realised that 1st Ave was at Jalan Magazine NOT Jalan Burma so thank heavens for that. We were all so excited though we had to rush t get there by 1.20 for our 'Crazy Lab' game but it was at the wrong venue HAHA. However, when we managed to find the Escape Room website as well as cancel our previous wrong booking, we realised that Break The Code looks nicer and that we should've gone there. The two of us were like "Next time!" We ended up choosing Fear Factor Warehouse as it's level of hardness was only 4 compared to the other two which were available during the allocated time ; The Mummy Returns which had level 5 hardness and there was The Vampire Chronicles which looked so freakin' scary though its hardness was also a level 4 so in the end we resulted in choosing The Fear Factor Warehouse.

Above is the polaroid they allowed us to keep. Two was taken and one was put up in their err.. shop? idk. On the loser board D; Since there was only one Looi being the selfish female dog she is took it. HAHAHA.

First selfie in the car , on the way to penang island. HAHAHA LOOK AT HOW BLUR I LOOK OMG. Why do all my friends look so pretty I can't.

We didn't take much pics otw to the island bcs we were just warming up (???) I guess. It was a pretty long ride and the four of us had to squeeze in my mom's back seat bcs my sis had shotgun. D: Jia Yee was the victim tho HAHAHA. #sorryforher.

When we arrived, the first thing we did was go to the toilet because I wanted to fix my hair. We legit rushed immediately after TWO TUITIONS which ended at 12.30pm and our game started at 1.50pm so it was a mad rush and I couldn't dress myself up properly. I can't imagine the rush if we were scheduled for the 1.20pm one though. Honestly, we did not know AT ALL where Escape Room was located in the whole mall but once we exited the toilet, we came across it. Omfg so coincidental, we just randomly chose that floor which made it even creepier!

After claiming our bookings and getting our wristbands , we went to sit at the waiting area provided. Before this, our plan was this register and eat but we were all too nervous to do so and we had a change of plans.

Our wristbands! Taken when we where all shakily waiting for our turn.

While waiting for them to prepare our room, I WAS SO SCARED THAT MY TEETH WERE CHATTERING. But I guess it WAS pretty cold there too. ( Do we look shaken? haha )

Omg the lady who called us was so friendly I swear, she gave us blinfolds that were so cute but we were all too afraid to take pics of them HAHAH. We had to keep our things in a free locker provided but we took our phones for torchlight. (  I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DIDN'T PROVIDE US WITH A TORCHLIGHT LIKE WHAT ) As we were going in, we saw another team that consisted of a mother and his young son taking their pics and it was so cute idk.

OMG WHEN IT WAS TIME TO GO IN I WAS FREAKING OUT LIKE THE LADY WAS ALL " ARE YOU READY " AND ALL MY FRIENDS WERE LIKE " YES " AND I WAS LIKE " NO! " When she opened the door to the room, we were all so scared to go in. It was literally PITCH BLACK. Jia Yee, as usual, went in first HAHAHA. At first it was scary , the music is the background was pretty creepy. The first room was super easy to break in but the second room we had to ask for hints. Basically, we were given this buzzer thing to ask for hints and we used them all in basically a go HAHAH. Oh, did I mention that the sole purpose of this game is to "escape" from the room that we were "trapped" in. IN THE SHORT TIME OF 45 MINUTES. At first we thought 45 minutes was too long HAHA but it went by JUST LIKE THAT in the room. I guess time DOES fly fast when you're having fun. Which is honestly not fair :(((

WE WERE SO FREAKIN' CLOSE ASJKSJKSJ THERE WAS THIS PUZZLE which we took QUITE A WHILE to figure out but I somehow managed to crack it with the help of all my friends. After figuring it out, we legit didn't know what to do. There was 1 minute and 5 seconds left at that point and we basically gave up HAHAH. Apparently, we put it upside down. IF WE HAD JUST TURNED THE PIECES , A WHOLE NEW VAULT WOULD OPEN LIKE WHAT IS THIS OMG.


upside down

like wow.

Tbh we weren't allowed to take pictures and or videos inside but in the last 5 minutes Looi , Katie and I did take a selfie HAHHA but the lighting was horrible, as I said it was pitch black in the first room but the second room had like this one blinking alternately light thingy.

Jia Yee wasn't in because she went out to check the timer I think but YOU CAN SEE THE LIGHT IN THIS PIC. THAT'S THE ONLY SOURCE OF LIIGHT WE HAD INSIDE.

Our "illegal" selfie HAHAHA Katie's face can't even be seen omfg.

In the end we obviously lost HAHAH and took many pics at the board in the front.

WE LOOK SO HAPPY ALTHOUGH WE LOST HAHAHAHA. There were various props for us but we were too lazy to take them so we just took some signs that stated "loser" and stuff. There was one pic where I was holding the Loser sign, it's in the polaroid that Looi took home if I'm not mistaken but I felt like the board "Brainless" describes us pretty darn well. HAHA Looi's board is so freakin self-absorbed I can't even HAHAHAHA. Katie be making so much sense with her "Loser" board and "Best Team" like wow much sense.

We were obviously starving at this point and decided to eat sushi. This may come as a shock but never have I ever , not even once, in my life, eaten sushi at a restaurant. So, I was basically lost in Sakae Sushi. We drank chilled green tea and I ate two plates of tiny portion chicken. My friends ate sushi happily. I just couldn't HAHAHA. Kirtisha took shishamo or smtg WHICH IS PREGNANT FISH EW HAHAHA and it came SO LATE. The service was HORRID. The waitress behind me kept complaining about this one kid who kept crying and she kept saying that it was annoying. I mean , I couldn't agree more but she was irritating me too.

Looi's Ramen came late and so did my Chicken Cheese Yuki. I had another plate of chicken before but I forgot its name HAHA I suck at this. We took several pics in Sakae Sushi but only one came out OK, nice even.


IT WAS SO EXPENSIVE OMG , IT CAME TO A TOTAL OF RM112.90 OR SMTG AND IT TURNS OUT THAT THEY CHARGED US RM 15 FOR SERVICE TAX WHEN THEIR SERVICE WAS HORRIBLE LIKE OMG I'M NEVER GOING BACK. Jia Yee was so nice to offer to pay for us the tax HAHAH we meant to pay her back but I just realised now that we never did.

Then, Looi and Kirtisha hurriedly went to H&M while I wanted to go to the toilet which Jia Yee to fix my hair AGAIN. I was having a HORRID hair day :(((((. The toilet was in cleaning progress so we just ignored my floppy hair and went to H&M. Looi bought a couple of things and Katie bought some pencil case , make-up bag thing with parrot prints for her sis. Katie and I also got Starbucks, she got Caramel Ribbon Crunch and I got Choc Java Chip. Then, we headed home.

Heading home, well damn. We took a HUMONGOUS amount of selfies. HAHAHA

Oooh I really like this one.


Ew my face here but just deal bcs my friends look great here.

Derp face #1 

Derp face #2 

Blur but I like this pic its cute.

When we arrived home, Looi and Katie had this mini photoshoot. BECAUSE MY ROOM IS JUST THAT PERF HAHAH.


Then, we messed around with my Mac's photobooth effects. ( Well, Looi did. )


Then, Katie's mom came so we all decided to take a quick selfie with the photo booth fish eye effect and it came out weird HAHAH

Looi and Jia Yee went home pretty late so we took more pics together.

Jia Yee ( ATTEMPTING AND FAILING ) at riding my sis's penny board. ON MY CARPET OMFG WHY JIA YEE. You can see my halfway done quote behind HAHAH.

Some of the final selfies we took damn we are really trained to take selfie hardcore HAHAH.

All in all it was a really fun day, hopefully the next time we can go to Break The Code near Gurney Paragon!



  1. So here I am :D Actually I was wondering, what does 'legit' means? HAHAHA Escape Room sounds fun! Too bad you guys didn't make it to the end. And the selfies, you guys are so cute hahaha

    1. aw ahaha legit is just basically the short form of legitimate and thank you! x

  2. i love how you guys are grinning while holding banners that say 'loser' and 'brainless' bahahaha

    i catch the ferry regularly so i honestly don't understand why you wouldn't do it! :(

    1. ahaha ikr I suggested to make sad faces but they were all like "nah"
      only jia yee and my mom allowed to come home using the ferry so the other two would be stranded AHAHA but idk what's so "dangerous" abt riding the ferry honestly.

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  4. Looked like you had a great time.

  5. I had always hated that back-to-school sadness, but I would give the world to go back to schooling and just not go to work! Hahaha.

  6. :) You really enjoy it!
    Today new post, Floral dress, summer is coming!
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  7. looked like you guys had fun. I'm officially jealous ( ̄へ ̄)

  8. lovely pictures my darling :)
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  9. lovely pics my darling

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  10. aw man it looks so fun hahaha i wish i had time to do all that :'-(
    oh, and welcome back hahaha!!!!