Sunday, July 13

PT3 (???)

Before I proceed with my rant and before you carry on reading, I suggest you understand that I am not trying to downgrade anything nor am I trying to shame anyone. Blogging is one of the many various ways to self-express and I personally need a way to cleanse off because of all the stress which has built up. This was a tricky rant to write. 

PT3 stands for Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 which has replaced the former public examination, PMR. PT3 is basically a school-based assessment in coordination with PBS ( in my understanding ) What is PT3? Has been the question lingering in the minds of all 15 year old students. I honestly take pity on all of us and no one will understand what we're going through. Even we don't understand what we're going through. Imagine, having a new format all of a sudden 4 months before the actual exam? Imagine having to adapt to that new format after being used to the same old format for 2 years. In Form 1. we already had a struggle adjusting to the secondary school exam format since it was a pretty big leap. And now, another new format for us to get used to in the short time of 4 months? That's insane.

Imagine being told that you have to do a history and geography assignment ( almost similar to doing a thesis assignment in my perspective, but it's all a matter of opinion, really. ) that has to be completed in a the short period of 2 weeks, more like 6 class periods. This whole pelbagai instrumen thing doesn't really click with me.

We didn't even have proper timing to gather our materials , what more all the talks and lectures on what we are actually suppose to do on these assignments were obviously delayed. Thankfully though the teachers in my school explained everything very clearly and they are guiding us through the whole thing step by step. But, not all teachers are like that, am I right? As I mentioned earlier, I'm not trying to downgrade anyone. I'm simply stating this as a matter of opinion. I'm stating the truth. Both my Geography and History teachers have been very helpful and kind throughout this process that seems to never end.

Also, I am grateful to be having the opportunity of internet access and having my own laptop. This is obviously an advantage to the majority of us, but what about those who are not allowed on the internet 24/7? How about those who have no Wi-Fi access at home? Don't you tell me , "oh they can ask help from their friends." Actually, they can't. Do you think "friends" will do proper work for you? The most "friends" will do is get you some useful materials, but they won't go online and do a thorough research on your assignment topic since your "friend" herself has her own assignments and issues. Even though there is the option of heading down to the cyber cafe, it isn't the most ideal place to do research on an assignment, is it now?

Printing, printing and lots of printing, is what I have been consistently doing. BUYING a printer may be cheap, though not all families own a printer. It is not a real necessity, is it? However, ever since this PT3 thing came up, I believe it will soon be real vital to have a printer at home. PRINTER INK is extremely expensive. And as I previously mentioned, a lot of printing is required to ensure you have the proper materials for your assignment. Hence, expenditure also increases. What about families who aren't able to get a printer or printer ink frequently? It surely burdens them.

What about doing research in the public library, you say? DO YOU REALLY THINK RESEARCH IN THE LIBRARY IS THE EASIEST THING TO DO? Have you ever tried it yet? I certainly don't think so. Imagine having to look through all the books in the library searching for "faktor perpaduan kaum di Malaysia". It really isn't the most effective way in seeking information. Moving on, plagiarism. I understand where they are coming from with this "plagiat tidak dibenarkan" thing. But, come on! HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY ARE BASED ON SOLID FACTS. How are we going to try and word the WHOLE ASSIGNMENT on our own? I'd really like to see some of you guys try.

Moving on to the frequent changing of formats. FORMATS WITH AN S. In the beginning of the year, everything was a big blur. No one was quite clear on what the form 3's this year were going to be facing. I remember not feeling the pressure AT ALL on this whole PT3 thing. I didn't even know it was going to be called PT3 till the media announced it to the public around the end of February if I'm not mistaken. I remember during my UPSR year, I had that daunting feel of terror in sitting for a public examination throughout the whole year, but this year, I felt nothing. It scared me even more, honestly. Then, finally, around March, we were informed briefly on what we were to expect this year and it didn't really hit me that hard until the formats were released.

Basically, we are to sit for five written tests, namely , BM, English, Maths, Science and KHB ( I take Home Ec) , which will all be questioned in subjective. We will also be having oral and listening tests for the language subjects which will be included in our certificate, too. For History and Geography, on the other hand, is the pelbagai instrumen which all 15-year-old students are currently sitting for till the 18th of July.

Beginning with the written tests, BM. BM has never been my strongest subject and you can just imagine my shock when I found out the actual format in around April. It stresses a lot on tatabahasa which require us to have a good grasp in the national language. We also have peribahasa questions, which also scares me. All the 2 years we have been learning in secondary school, never ONCE has peribahasa been stressed on. Well, there has been objective questions on peribahasa in the previous format but THEY WERE EASY BECAUSE ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS FIND THE MEANING OF THE PERIBAHASA THAT WAS RELATED TO THE STATEMENT PROVIDED. What made it easier was that it was MCQ. In the PT3 format, we are given a statement or a picture or a story and we are asked to write out peribahasa that we think suits the question. HENCE, YOUR KNOWLEDGE ON PERIBAHASA NEEDS TO BE FREAKIN' WIDE. Besides, we have SO MUCH TO DO FOR OUR BM PAPER. We have two essays, one ulasan, 4 parts of tatabahasa questions including the peribahasa if I'm not mistaken, komsas questions and they all need to be completed PROPERLY in the allocated time of 2 hours. TWO HOURS. Previously, there was no literature essay in our format bUT THEY CHANGED THE FORMAT AGAIN 4 MONTHS BEFORE THE ACTUAL EXAM! IMAGINE HAVING TO DO THAT MUCH IN 2 HOURS??? But, I personally prefer all subjective questions in bm tbh.

Next, English. English isn't that bad for me since the format is pretty easy but there's A LOT to do in again, 2 hours. The english paper may seem tough to some people since they SUDDENLY have emphasis on grammar and writing. Science and Maths , I'm still not sure what to actually expect but as I've looked through all the PT3 revision books, it sure isn't easy. There are plenty of higher order thinking skills questions in where we are supposed to APPLY the knowledge we have learnt in Science. For instance, the other day, I read a question on Nutrition aka Chap 2 in Form 2 where they asked us to prepare a menu for a sick patient. HOW????? I know they need fibre and everything but how much??? THIS IS NOT KHB.

OH, KHB. Kh is probably the subject I am most worried for. Even with objective questions I barely manage to get A's. And now its all in subjective. HOW DOES ONE EXPECT US TO BE ABLE TO GET A WHEN WE ARE ONLY GETTING EXPOSURE TO THE FORMAT NOW? We have to change our study patterns, our study methods , EVERYTHING. KHB part 2 is the one I'm most dreading. The questions are basically asking us to answer in essay form. And as my elective in KH is ERT ( Home Ec ) , we HAVE to  have vast knowledge on sewing. I'm about 98% sure one of the questions is going to be like "Terangkan cara memasukkan jarum peniti ke dalam mesin jahitan" or smtg. And its not going to be easy.

Oral and listening tests. What can I say but we are the lab rats for this one. If you have good proficiency in BM or English then this is a big advantage to you! But, you still need to be careful since we are all not 100% sure on what is going to come upon us during these tests next month.

In saying all of this, we are still expected to get straight A's. We're human too. 

All I can say is, good luck to us all. 

We definitely deserve the luck and support.

To all F3 students, I hope we all make it through this journey smoothly.

May the odds be ever in your favour </3 </3


Okay rant over, I feel much better.

Bye now.