Tuesday, September 16

one day splurge

hi everyone ok I'm rlly sorry I haven't been posting as frequently as I used to but I'm sort of caught up with pt3 and if you don't know what that is, well, it's basically a public examination that determines my stream for next year which is important. However it is a new system and you can read about it here. The one week hols just begun yesterday for a week and I'm super excited but still lazy because pt3 is in another 20+ days and I have to start hitting the books though trials just ended last week.

I haven't been going out as much and most of my friends are nerds and are studying unlike me ( jk they're being smart, I'm pretty stupid ) so I don't have much to post about. But I went shopping for deepavali today so I thought I'd just post a little on that! Don't worry I'm not turning into those typical fashion bloggers or anything, I'm still going to post on my life but adding bits like this in, ofc.

So I just went to 1st Avenue Mall in Penang and I didn't expect to get much, but surprisingly I did manage to find quite a number of things. Normally I don't feel good shopping in huge stores like H&M and Cotton On but this time I did find stuff I like!

First, we went to H&M

1) Grey baggy crop top ( RM 69.90 , size S )  

I was slightly contemplating this buy since I wasn't sure if I looked ok in it but my mum insisted I looked nice so I decided to get it

2) White skater skirt ( RM 69.90, size S )

3) Skirt & Crop top together

4) Floral dress ( RM 59.90, size S )

My mum thought the print was ugly until I tried it on, so I suggest you definitely try dresses on which you like the cutting of but not the pattern because you may change your mind.

I also got a lovely black dress but I didn't get to take a pic of that in the same sd card since this was full and I got lazy sorrrryyyy

Next we went to Brands Outlet aka my lil' sis's fav shop. I wanted to get sunglasses since they were 1 for RM 19.90 and 2 for RM 30.00 but I couldn't find any that I liked :( I did manage to get 2 collared, button up shirts though.

5) Small printed black collared shirt, Mint collared shirt ( RM 69.90 each, size S )

they were buy one free one so it was a good deal!! ( I think )


That's the end of the stuff I bought in Brands Outlet but my sister did get a lot of things there.

We also went to Padini to search for shirts for my dad but then we stumbled upon a pretty dress which was so cheap!! ( It doesn't look flattering in the pic but I swear if you are slim, you'll look gorgeous in it! I'm not but I just liked the dress.)

6) Mint dress ( RM 39 , size M )

ONLY THIRTY-NINE! and it comes in three colours aka mint, maroon and blue! I had to contemplate A LOT between the colours but finally chose the pastel one.

Then I headed to Victoria's Secret where my dad got me three different body mists.

7) Island Rush VS Body Mist

pomelo & coconut water ; mint infused with conditioning aloe vera

8) Pure Seduction VS Body Mist

red plum & freesia ;  infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile

9) Secret Charm VS Body Mist

honeysuckle & jasmine ; infused with conditioning aloe vera, jasmine, honeysuckle and chamomile

that's all for my haul today! My next post won't be too immediate since I think it will only be after pt3 which is held on the 12th to 17th. Wish me luck and I'll see you soon!!