Thursday, October 16

15th Birthday + End of pt3

Hi everyone! how have you all been?
GUESS WHAT? the exam that I have been dreading for 3+ years is finally OVER. If you have read all my previous posts since 2013 up till now, you will understand the emotions I have felt. Actually, you wouldn't because you honestly would have to go through it to get why we feel so used and under appreciated. Scratch that, we feel unappreciated. However, I'm not going to rant on pt3 yet again but you can read on what I'm talking about here. Unfortunately I would just like to state my opinion on how the exams went since it was the trial year. In all honesty, there was literally ZERO standardization. I MEAN 0. My school did a really good job in trying to make it seem as serious as the previous public examination but the photocopied papers just didn't get me in to the mood. The fact that my friends who were in the first exam hall received papers to carry out calculation and that my class didn't really made me upset. All in all, the papers were truly quite difficult and I had to struggle through them. Hopefully, my work will pay off but I highly doubt it since I feel so unsatisfied when I was handing in my papers. That being said, I would like to thank all my Form 1/2/3 teachers who have shaped me into the person I am today and thank you for going through this journey with us and accomplishing it!!


Moving on, before pt3, it was my birthday on the 5th of October! Everyone was so kind to wish me!! Here are some of the really thoughtful messages I received.

I swear if you read Looi's message for me, you would just immediately know that she is one of my bestestestestestestest friend. Love this fegit!! She called me at 12am while I was having my beauty sleep and when I didn't answer she was so persistent she called me again and I finally answered omg HAHA

 Kirtisha was literally one of the few firsts who wished me over social media. She wrote such a touching msg on ig which made me have so many feels asjksjsksj love her loads!

JIA YEEEE WAS ALSO ONE OF THE FEW FIRST PEOPLE TO WISH ME @ 12AM AW I LOVE HER LOADS!! despite the ugly pic of me! I ordered my chocolate mousse cake from her aunt where they so kindly put a huge amount of macarons on because Jia Yee knows how much I love them!!! Aw I was so touched, seriously! She even got me a gift which was a limited edition strabucks cup! It was rlly pretty and I really appreciate it loads </3

((( the cup jia yee got me! It's gorgeous but this isn't my pic. I took it from the net because mine was filled with the tiramisu frap so it looked slightly dirty ahaha )))

Nithia wished me too which was very sweet of her! love her x

Massaraaaa she's so pretty I swear to God. Unfortunately she chose one of the worst pics of me HAHAHA but I love her aw!

Wafa wished me too! She's one of the juniors who I can actually stand HAHAHAH she is literally the queen of derp I swear & she has the hugest obsession with her cats HAHA so cute

cyncyncyncyn one of my other really really really bestestestestest friend! she chose the MOST pre-puberty pic like wow much thanks cyn HAHAAH but literally I don't look that different know seeing as I'm equally as ugly, damnit.

these are some of my other wishes! I honestly have quite a few more over whatsapp & facebook but I'm too lazy to screenshot and crop HAHAH Anyway I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends in my life and I treasure them so much, all of them.

Next, of course I had a mini celebration w/ my loved ones!! regardless of how close pt3 was to that day, I still celebrated HAHA

Here's my cake!

As I said, it's a chocolate mousse cake which was absolutely DIVINE and I ordered it from Jia Yee's aunt's bakery and if you live around butterworth, near Raja Uda, I would definitely recommend you to go to it and give it a try!! It's called Bruce Le bakery and its such a cute bakery and I would give the cake a 4.5/5, it was that good!

My mum all concentrated to light the cake HAHAHA & that's me in the mint green shirt!

Then the cake cutting commensed! It was a simple celebration, you also see a glimpse of my house HAHA

(( In my culture, its a ritual to feed the birthday girl/boy cake! ))

"had a lovely birthday w/ my loved ones today  stuffed myself with korean food & gained 830 kgs, thank you to everyone who wished me and to jia yee for my cake & a present omg, also to all my closest friends for such heartfelt messages and scaring me at 12am just to wish me as well as all my extended family members for their lovely greetings, I am a very blessed person." - October 5th 2014 

Then, we headed to Penang to find somewhere to eat!
I was craving some pork ribs since we were vege for a week before my birthday as it is a tradition for indians during the October/November month, so I wanted to eat in Morganfields. Unfortunately, it was extremely crammed and packed so we opted for another place to eat! My dad suggested Seoul Garden so we went there. Please be noted that the pics below aren't mine because I was too caught up in eating but it is HONESTLY what I saw there. x

So basically we ate at Seoul Garden in Queensbay.
Seoul Garden is all Korean based food where its a buffet. Since there were 5 of us, we bought two kinds of soup, Super Tomyam & Fishball soup!
They have a HUGE range of food to choose from where you cook them yourself in these built-in stoves to your table. It's a super cool environment and the food was EXTREMELY delicious, I swear 9.99/10!!!


Argggg just posting this makes my stomach rumble! The food is sooo good. Seeing it, you can tell that it's mostly uncooked food which we had to steam ourselves on the built in mini stove on our tables! They had a variety choices of food from fish to squid to prawns to nuggets. They even had loads of sauces which were superrr delish!

The closest pic I could find to the built-in cookers! They're super cool and don't worry, hygenic.

These are the tables and chairs in the Queensbay Seoul Garden branch!

( I couldn't find any pics of the ice cream bar, but the jelly bar I could get a pic. )

The ice cream flavours ranged from yam to chocolate and my fave was yam!! The drinks they had were also a lot and we could refill as much as we wanted!!! I would say it was overall a lovely experience and it was reasonable for RM 300!

I would recommend you guys to go and give this restaurant a try, you will have a blast, trust me!

That being said, I would like to tell everyone who wished me happy birthday a massive thank you for taking time out of your day to do that! I am very very very blessed xx

P/s since my exam's over, there will be a FLOOD of posts coming up! I went out with my 5 CLOSEST FRIENDS EVER yesterday and there will be a post on that very soon! My prefect luncheon is also on Saturday and there will undoubtedly be one on that too. Next week's deepavali and you can bet I'll be blogging on that too! ( Cookies and savoury crisps have already been done and I have been eating like a pig and becoming fatter day by day but I'm honestly very very excited!! )
bye for now



  1. Hey! Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I didn't get to wish you on your exact date >< Haven't read your posts in a while they're as great as usual hahahaha Looking forward to your future posts :D

    1. aww thank you so much!! hope you did great in pt3 x

  2. Happy belated birthday girl!