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Thursday @ Paragon & Plaza

before you proceed I warn you of the number of pictures below.

hi everyone!
I’m currently typing this in mw because I don’t have wifi till 12pm on my laptop but I have nothing to do so I just decided I’d blog about yesterday’s events. Basically a bunch of us from school decided to have an outing which we have been planning since before pt3. From escape to the ‘hop on hop off bus’, none of those plans worked out. Seeing as we are all from butterworth, it was also quite a hassle to just get transport to the island but we managed to do so anyway.

Kirtisha’s mum fetched me to Penang around 11am while jy, tung, munira and manvinder took the ferry to gurney. The main planner ( looi ) couldn’t make it at the last minute which was slightly annoying not gonna lie LOL cause we were all quite clueless of what we were suppose to do in penang. Originally, we were meant to board the hop on hop off bus since it was cheap ( myr 19 only HAHA ) and it would be adventurous  but in the end all of us just ended up having some retail therapy at paragon and plaza.

[ fun fact : I have never been to gurney paragon so it was much more fun for me lol ]

kirtisha and I arrived earlier ( as expected ) so we decided to shop for a little while. As we roamed around we passed a “spongebob mini theatre” where they were showing, I presume, snippets of spongebob episodes. There was a show at noon which was just a 5 min wait and kirtisha wanted to go but no I stopped her HAHAHA.

We then went to h&m and got superrrr excited because they were having a sale. The majority of dresses there were selling ONLY FOR RM 25 ????? and there were even rm 10 muscle tees and skater skirts which aren’t my forte but still???? Rm 10 in h&m????? damn. HAHA soon after we were over our shock of how cheap the clothes were the others arrived and jy was so hungry that she literally dragged us out of h&m to find a restaurant for brunch

we had breakfast+lunch @ miam miam as suggested by jy since she wanted to try their famous french toast which I have seen 837792739 pictures of on instagram. I didn’t mind going there too so that was where our first stop was. ( all photos are taken on that day through our phones so please mind the quality ) 

they had pretty deco but it was so awkward to take pictures LOL so I made jy go and take some but she didn't do that great of a job HAHA ( look below lmao ) but A+ for effort jy!! HAHAHA

the bottomless ice water which I appreciated so much because most restaurants only serve super sweet drinks which I don't like at all.

"i am fantabulous bow before me u peasants"

[ all smiles but we were actually starving and were mad because the service was really slow ]

despite that, they were nice enough to tell us that the restaurant is non-halal so it wouldn't be suitable for munira. We wanted to get up and leave but munira repeatedly kept saying that it was fine and she didn't want to eat which was so irritating because she clearly was hungry -_- if you want to eat you don't have to be shy dafuq. I was fed up so I just decided to keep quiet and sit there and enjoy. 

anywho, tung's food came first. Not sure what it was but it was some kind of lobster soup with a side of french/italian bread idk. She said it was super salty and she didn't really enjoy it. 

tung's soup and bread

[ buy one christmas tree get one free salty soup set HAHAHA jk ] but she does look like she's promoting the tree AM I RIGHT AHAH 

a little later mine and jy's spaghetti arrived ( we decided to share a plate of spaghetti and french toast but they came in HUGE portions so we ended up not being able to finish the french toast ) 

the bacon = 9000000000 thumbs up man 
the spaghetti as a whole was OK. 

Kirtisha's chocolate souffle thing idk HAHA fancy food ain't up my alley

omg manvinder's was heavenly!! I have no idea what it was but damnnnn it was good. I only had a bite but I loved it. It was like bread covered with cheese and bacon, simple peasant food but absolutely scrumptious!!

tung's dessert, it was soooo weird. idk it was crispy at the top and moist at the bottom THAT SOUNDS WRONG HAHAHA ok im sorry it just tasted awfully weird, in a nice dark choc kinda way

and finally....

THE EVER SO FAMOUS FRENCH TOAST WHICH I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IS FAMOUS because it tasted like regular 'ol french toast I have every sunday morning at home lol, the cream was a nice touch though! might try it home made.

[ lets all take a moment to appreciate how perfect the above photo would've been if it weren't for the half eaten spaghetti so disgustingly sitting there at the side HAHAHAH crap ]

as I previously mentioned, jy and I wanted to share both the french toast and the spaghetti but we both have reallyyyyyy miniature appetites so we ended up forcing ourselves to finish the french toast which in the end we failed to do HAHA

"you better eat at least two or I will murder you", I said as I grabbed another fork and stabbed the french toast and forced it into jy's hand


in the end we tried but this was what was left >:( 

the bill came up to just about myr150.10 which to me was really reasonable!! all of us divided it and payed rm30 each which was ok I feel.

then, we proceeded to h&m where the girls went on a shopping spree HAHAH I tried on a few clothes but I only liked one and it wasn't even on sale!! D: I was devastated. It was rm 60 and it was a minnie mouse sweater thing. It was so cute and I was in loooove but the price was ridiculous. I contemplated so long and finally made the decision to get it because well I would've remorsed if I didn't. I absolutely do NOT regret my purchase.

IT'S CUTE AMIRITE ok I don't care I find it cute and it was worth rm60 HAHA idk it is really really cute.

I was also looking through the accessories section of h&m to find that they were all also on sale! I found a set of 6 pairs of earrings only for rm10. Wanted to buy it but decided not to because I only really liked 2 out of the 6 pairs lol

After the rest made their purchases, we headed to the washroom because jy wanted to change into her new clothes ( I admit I was half tempted to do so too but I didn't because kt said we were to go back in a couple of hours, so what was the point right? haha )

annnndddd... this happened

"let the selcas in the toilet begin"


w/ kirtishaaaa

munira has perfect teeth man

as we were taking this we didn't realise that jy was out of the bathroom andddd she snapchatted 

...this HAHA

After that, we walked to gurney plaza. ( as we were walking also I managed to take pics lol wtf I am obsessed ) 

"ok smile"

"brader I wasn't ready"

When we reached plaza jy went to meet up with her friend while tung and I went to  padini while the other three ie. manvinder, munira and kirtisha wandered off without us gossiping about who knows what at who knows where HAHA. We finally all met up at chatime where kt said it was time for us to leave but I rly wanted to shop more so I asked my mum if I could come back with a ferry and she said ok!! I was overjoyedddd. Munira, manv and kirtisha then went back with kt's mum while Tung, me and jy went to the milkshake factory as tung wanted a drink.

She got a ferero rocher one but she said the tiramisu one tasted nicer. I would've gotten the bounty, nutella or maltese's one tbh HAHA but I was superrrr full.

tung looking satisfied af with her shake HAHAHA

the service @ the milkshake factory was great!! the guy was so friendly and allowed tung to try some samples before her purchase.

then we went to mango where I changed into my minnie mouse sweater thing that I got @ h&m a few hours ago ( lmao ) and headed back to gurney paragon.

There, jy went to naraya where she bought a bag and tung and I proceeded to bath and body works. It smelled heavenly in there omghiuwsjkaew. I wanted to get their pink chiffon body mist which smelled just idk IT WAS SO DELICIOUS but I had a budget so I just ended up getting a small bottle of warm vanilla sugar room spray which I sprayed ytd in my room and it smelled like a christmas cookie ok yumz.

 ( also tried more body mist's samples but didn't get any as you can see above HAHAHAHA )

after that we went to search for some phone cases for jy at switch and went to brown pocket for tea. Jy belanja-ed tung and I to a triple choc waffle and she had a random latte.

the triple choc waffle! ( it is unbelievable that this was taken with an ip5 cam and not a dslr right HAHA )  please do not steal this photograph.

( these were taken with a redmi. also not bad right HAHA )


jy & her latte

Also, did I mention that brown pocket has amazingggg service? well,  they have AMAZING service. The staff was so friendly and they were so polite and patient and were just so kind overall omg 10 thumbs up for their service man, they were so nice.
i look like a frog next to tung


"so hot la jy faster take the picture"

then as we stepped out of brown pocket we saw this

it doesn't look as nice in the picture as it does in real life!!

lol whut I don't do ootds but whatever




tung & jy

tung & I

jy & I

 after that we headed back to h&m where tung changed her shirt for a smaller size and then my dad called and was kinda pissed since it was already pretty late and it was dark out and he didn't want me taking the ferry when it was so dark so we took a cab for rm20 from gp to the ferry terminal ( which to me was a rip off. I mean his meter wasn't even working wtf.

but I was desperate to go home lolz

 [ on the ferry ]

 which is how and where my trip ended. It was a lovely day and I look forward to more outings like this w them.

ok bye for now!


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