Sunday, January 4

happy twenty-fifteen

hi & ohmygod happy new year!!

I'm kind of in a state of shock where I am unable to comprehend the fact that I will be form 4 this year and turning 16 in a few months. It is also unbelievable that I have been ( kind of ) successfully blogging for almost 3 years!!!  I guess it's safe to say, it took me about 4 days to kind of cope with reality which gushed in all of a sudden, hence the overdue new year's post. ( the fact that my family and I decided to have a very unplanned trip down to kl for some retail therapy may have also been a contributor to my delayed post heh ) Anyway, we have an extra week of school holidays!! This is due to the floods and I hope everything will be ok soon.

Spent new year's eve and had a countdown at dhanya's house along with ng and looi and on new year's day we had a road trip to kl. So far, 2015 hasn't been that much different minus the stress of the extra subjects I will be taking in form 4. I have opted for the art stream, in the commerce class. Originally, my school placed me in the science stream of class 4sc1 but after much thought and discussion with my parents, I made a switch and now I am separated from all my smart ass friends. :((((((((  It definitely is going to sting when they talk about how hard their stream is and how tough the additional subjects that they are taking are and I will inevitably feel out of place during school talk but I made up my mind that I know what's best for my own future. Already there are uncles that are trying to talk me into changing my mind, telling me that if I do not go for the science stream a huge window of opportunity will close on me bla bla bla and so on. Some of my friends, I can tell, are already looking down on me but I am trying my best not to let them bring me down. I will work hard and attain success, till whenever that may be I HAVE to keep a strong upfront. No, I am not switching because my pt3 results suck balls. I switched according to my personal interest. I managed to get 8A's & 1B for pt3 which clearly isn't a good result but it isn't a bad one either. I was one of the three students who got straight As and one B in my school haha. I am also currently torn between taking eil or est as my tenth subj and I hope to figure it out soon.

Anyway, last year, I allowed people to get to me. There were some of my high points but I did reach rockbottom in 2013-2014. This year, I feel much more confident and much much happier. Despite my fear of entering form 4, I feel so light and free that I'm actually going to enjoy life. I've realised after much harsh confrontation that I am quite negative. Perhaps I am, or perhaps it is who I have become. Nevertheless, no one will understand if I say it is the latter due to certain events that have kind of knock me overboard.  I have had quite a lot of thought about it and I am going to be A LOTTTT more positive this year. I used to be an extrovert as well all throughout my life but that kind of changed in 2013-2014 and well I am going to go back to my old ways. I am not going to be that shy little lame friend that sticks to the back anymore, I'm gonna be bold and I'm gonna be confident.

I have quite a number of events that happened in 2014 which I am yet to blog about and I'm stuck between the decision of blogging on 'em or just focusing on new events and I believe I will be focusing on new events. However, I did go to Bali and there def needs to be a post on that!! Haha


Here is my list of 2015 resolutions :

i. wake up early on weekends

ii. study consistently ( this is going to be the hardest shit ever )

iii. only watch one show a day and don't waste my time on useless dramas and youtube videos after          school

iv. do not let people intimidate you and do not be shy or an introvert

v. be more outspoken in class

vi. prepare and stick to a study timetable ( you're gonna need it or you'll regret this later )

vii. take part in as many competitions as possible

viii. homework must be done on the day given

ix. smile more

x. be more sociable

xi. finish tuition hwk on the day pre planned

xii. blog more often

also : ( they're cheesy but I gotta learn how to do 'em )

I genuinely hope 2015 will be a much better year for everyone!
It's so cool, isn't it? how each year 365 days can just pass by and teach you lessons that will lead you to a better year every time.  Happy new year everyone and may God bless us all :)

[cheesy but cute ok HAHAHAH]

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