Friday, April 10

rain check

I swear I blog at the oddest times... I kind of have a crappy amount of workload & I'm also sorta covered in coffee ( more on this later hahahah ) anyway hello to all my non-existent readers after approximately 4 months of no posts! :D ( I apologize for my laziness for the 700th time ) Anyway, I actually have A LOT to blog on but idk I just don't seem to have the mood for it so I shall just insert mini snippets of events that happened so far in 2015. Therefore I am making a blogger rain check post to make up for them. Also, did I mention that it's currently 1.43 am & I haven't so much as touched my homework or packed my bag and I've got to be awake in 5 hours. Welcome to my life of splendid decisions!


i.  started school as a 16 year old student

I know, I know. Are specifics that significant? Well, to me it's a yes because where I live ( Malaysia ), when you reach the age of 16 ( aka form 4 ) you have to choose a stream to enter - namely science stream vs arts stream. I was in the longest dilemma of my life... I was so confused as to which stream to take but eventually after a TREMENDOUS amount of deliberation with my parents, friends & some research on my own, I made the decision to enter the arts stream, specifically ( here I go again with the specifics ) - the Commerce classes. Commerce equates to perdagangan btw. Form 4 has been ONE HELL OF A RIDE. Juggling 10 subjects is something that really caught me off guard! It's a real challenge and to this, I'm still terrified as to how I'm going to manage to get myself readied for spm which is basically 17 months away. ( shit ) 

ii. here's a random mini food journal of food I ate in January

a) Secret Recipe

One of the main reasons I go to secret recipe is for this prawn mac & cheese

^ THIS IS AMAZING OMG. It's a new cake that was introduced by Secret Recipe only in January 2015 and it's the chocolate brulee ( ya I know I'm lazy to add the proper spelling enunciations ) cake. 

B) Kenny Rogers

tried the barbecue dressing since I always go for black pepper, it was not bad but I still enjoy black pepper more hehe

C) Morganfields

I remember my dad purchased a groupon promotion thing and we really feasted like kings that day!!

E) random stuff at home

By random stuff at home, I literally mean only french fries. Of all finger foods, I enjoy french fries the most and this is one picture out of the 600 times I've eaten french fries in that month. #frenchfryobsessions

F) Mcdonald's

couldn't find the solo pics!! >:( but I tried the new french cheese sauce thing ( it was new then ) and I guess it was OK, I think I prefer sweet & sour!

That's all for January's food journal hahaha ( damn this post is gonna be hella long! )

iii. Also in January I ordered a tote bag from Faizah ( my friend who sells homemade totebags ) 

and I'm super super satisfied with the outcome!!! honestly, so pretty! You can order a bag if you want from her instagram - givememynamepleasexx, her prices range from rm20> depending on your desired design. For mine, she charged rm 25. Albeit a little costly, she literally does it all on her own and I've even seen her at work so ya, just supporting a friend! ;)


Moving on, february. Ahhhh february. 

i. reminisced over old journal entries and old journals

ii. mini food journal of February

 A) homemade mini doughnuts & pizzas

yup, again with the fries!

B) Mcdonald's bfast 


I genuinely prefer mcd's breakfast servings as compared to lunch/dinner, the sausage egg mcmuffin is bomb!!!!

C) tons & tons & tons of ikea chocolate

deceiving pic of less than 1% of what I actually devoured. 

iii. went for thaipusam! 

iv. went jogging w/ bff zone!

v. finally took the time to watch whiplash & gone girl ( I LOVE AMY DUNNE SO MUCH I WANT HER MINDSET SHE'S MY SPIRIT ANIMAL !!!! )

vi. attended kursus kepimpinan

 vii. spent valentine's day alone ( not a problem to me honestly I like it that way lmao )

viii. finally got a new queen sized bed!!!! 

The delivery was delayed to about 3 weeks though omg -.- I had no bed for 3 whole weeks. Howeverrrr ( and I'm not just saying this because it's a new bed ), the bed frame + mattress is hella comfy!

ix. started all tuitions ( including literature )

in case you're wondering what relevance does my face & tuition have - just saying that this was taken on the day of my first lit tuition/ sejarah tuition of 2015 if I'm not mistaken HAHAHA

That's it for February.

I originally wanted to continue this post all the way to April but I guess I'll just split them up seeing as 1) It's 2.43pm and I haven't bathed, packed my bag or done any of my homework and I have school in roughly 3 hours 15 mins. Yay! and 2) the post will be too damn long + quite a lot happened in march!

Till my next update, chou!