Tuesday, June 16

"study"/movie day with bros + random shit

Yes I am aware my last post was in April.
Yes I realise I promised a continuation to that post.
No I do not regret for procrastinating SO much on blogging.
No I don't stick to my promises because I am a lazy piece of crap.

Ok, now that that's cleared up HAHAHA I'm sorry I haven't been blogging this year and no its not because life as a form 4 student is "super hectic that you can die and go to hell" or that being 16 is a terrible year where you have to juggle "mixed feelings."Considering I can now safely label myself as an upper form student and a coughz teenager, I can vouch to say that not everything you read only is true, ITS PURE MISCONCEPTION IF YOU ASK ME. Yes, being in form 4 is a pretty mad rush but all you gotta do is find a balance between your 10+ subjects in school & your social life. It is tough, but not as tough as the people on twitter keep exaggerating about. ( or perhaps its because I'm in a mo re chill stream so maybe if you ask the science students they would say I'm deranged.

The reason behind my lack of blogging is ................................my completely full & lively social life


ya its my laziness kicking in again.
And also, I don't feel the urge & need to blog anymore after I've started my journal last year, its easier to vent out my feelings just by grabbing a pen and my book which is surprisingly always at reach (unlike my always uncharged laptop & phone)

Anyway school just reopened for sem 2 after a couple weeks of hols :-(((((((((( [Today is the second day of school and I skipped HAHAHA - because of the WORST cramps I've ever experienced. Ever. I feel a whole lot better now hence why I'm blogging] I went to Singapore during the 2 weeks and my sister wanted to vlog the trip so I helped her and now I'm being sucked into the world of "film making" and I've been enjoying myself editing clips here and there so ya, a vlog MIGHT be up but I'm not too sure about it since I'm starting to get lazy. Again.

I haven't even blogged about my trip to Bali in December last year and about the debate tournament + torture & kem sehari & prefects camp & everything in 2015 basically and I'm too lazy to think back of the memories ( I must come off as a terrible person ) so I guess I shall just start from here.

The day before yesterday (Sunday- the day before school reopens), we had accounts tuition in the morning @ 10am and it was suCH A BORE.

((sorry cyn took your pic without your consent but u still look as fab as ever))


Clearly, I was totally doing my work and not taking pictures of all my friends. CLEARLY. 

We got so bored in accounts that we started planning an outing on that day ( WE ALWAYS DO THIS - plan an outing in accounts tuition that is, I bet pn.vijaya thinks we are damn kaki lepak HAHAHAHA when in reality only like 3 out of the 78328302 plans work out HAHAH) So we planned to go to the library to complete our last minute homework since school was the next day & to study. Then we planned on going to sunway & grabbing lunch + dins & a movie. It was meant to be the 5 of us ( excluding ng because her trials was the next day ) but in the end only me, cyn and leeya could make it because a. dhanya is a lazy piece of shit and b. looi was a sick ass faggot. 


otw home from tuition where cyn decided to take pics of me so i did my signature pose HAHAHAH

leeya's mum fetched us at 2pm ( surprisingly her mum was so kind that day, if you know leeya's mum you would be super surprised too. HAHA IM SORRY ) 

When we arrived we dumped our bag full of stuff in the small racks provided in the library and ditched it for sunway - since cyn was hungry & wanted a subway. So we walked from the library to Sunway AND IT WAS TWO PLUS IN THE AFTERNOON. IN MALAYSIA. Therefore, you should understand it was SCORCHING HOT. HOT AS HELL. But we did it ( no pics of us walking because we were afraid of all the foreigners HAHHA ) We walked through the entrance of Light hotel ( which is a 5 star hotel if you didn't know btw ) and all the workers there were starring at us - we just wanted a shady route OK. 

During our walks we talked a loT - ALWAYS ending with the issue of sexism & feminism idk why but it was interesting. When we reached sunway we felt like dead starfish & our legs were like the feathers of birds. NO shit. We were so tired & desperate that we came up with the idea to search for people we knew in sunway who could drive and ask them to send us home - sadly there was none. We also wanted to wait at the ticketing machine/parking lot in search for a kind old aunty who would send us home but we didn't have the balls to ask so we walked back to the library after getting cyn's subway and booking the stupidest movie I have ever watched. Ever. Wasted 13 bucks. ( It was called Wira Wah and its a local movie - perhaps explaining the shitty storyline) but i did learn some mandarin HAHHAA. 

When we got back to the library we started our "study" session - i barely did anything since there was free wifi and I just took pics and surfed the web. ( ya could've done this at home too HAHAH )

( cyn looks hella good here ) 

oh wow looK LEEYA'S "studying" ( i know the focus was so off hAHHA )

ya i was so ready cyn go ahead ASSHOLE


failed pic of three of us

#fail 2
its really hard taking pics of 3 people across the table man

Then we walked back to sunway since there was 30 mins to our movie, we KNEW we had to speed walk but we still walk selamba je - we even planned to get dinner beFORE the movie so I guess you could say we were late HAHAHA

Went for dinner at winter warmers because I was legit craving for some of their bakes - the two of them weren't so keen on the idea but I managed to convince and drag them there anyway HEHEHE.

( i kinda look retarded itz ok )

( i was sitting at the place where there was the best lighting for pics but OOPS TOO BAD I AM THE WORST at taking selcas. THE WORST. ) - exhibit A ^ super duper blurry photo.

exhibit B ^ I'm not even looking into the camera

exhibit C - leeya takes an amazing pic (kinda SHE LOOKS SUPER PALE) 

then our food finally came .....5mins before the movie LOL

mine mine mine mine YUM I ordered their seafood bake - which I knew wouldn't disappoint seriously, although I don't eat mussels the scallops & prawns & crab meat & steamed squid & everything else that was in it was iNCREDIBLE. 9/10 - i wish it were a teensy bit spicier HAHAH and also it was super super big which is worth my rm 12.90

leeya's - IKR SO HEALTHY WTF. She ordered their garden salad which was really really really good as well - the walnuts were a super good add & their dressing was not too lemony, I rly liked it ( ya I stole some of hers too )

switched seats with cyn so she could take pics cause she is the SELFIE QUEEN. and I suck at taking selfies, as proven above. 

thx for da photobomb worker
much lahv



 and i tried my best to take pics again........

 and completely failed AGAIN.

this is my fav drink OF ALL TIME. Its their hawaiian fruit cocktail and I always always order this when I'm there - no fail.

It was roughly 6.15pm after we ate when we realised what a waste being late for the film and finally hurried up HAHAHHA

movie tix
Cyn left halfway through the show and it was only me, leeya & a few people at the cinema. When I say few I literally mean sEVEN people. There were only 7 people there - apek uncle & some kids and some parents. LEGIT. That is how illogical the movie was that no one wanted to view it HAHAHA.

after the movie as leeya and I were walking down.... we saw this poster 

IT LOOKS GOOD AND BAD AT THE SAME TIME RIGHT.... I freaking hate clowns so DAMN.

Before heading home leeya and I made a rash decision to ................,,get some doughnuts HAHAH #livindafatlyfe #happylivin #nojudgements

after purchasing them I was, of course, broke. Left with only 10 ringgit in my wallet :-( HELP

on a completely unrelated note.... here are some ice sugar doughnuts I bought from Tesco. p/s Tesco has really good doughnuts - the dough they use is splendid so don't think because it is a grocery place it sells bad food - THE DOUGHNUTS ARE GOOD.


Random Haul from Books Actually

It's located at Yong Siak Street in Singapore - mrt station Tiong Bahru, super far from Pasir Ris - where I was staying so ya my dedication to come to this literary bookstore is iNCREDIBLE.

they had a super super cute paper bag - in comparison to the popular plastic esp HAHAHA

what I bought overall - 
1. Objects of Affection by Krishna Udayasankar ( its a book of modern day poem I presume ) it was $16
2. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki by Haruki Murakami ( haven't read it yet but saw many reviews on it ) it was $21 
3. Handmade stationery it was $5

tbh the things there are super costly.... and not really worth it. You pay for the ambience & the cute things you see around only. P/s I found the same Murakami book at popular for only $18.95 so ya... this place is a bit overrated if you ask me. Excited for that poetry book though. 

I also bought the handmade stationery just to see the quality

clearly handmade, so I'm happy.

they had notebooks with aLL kinds of quotes but I chose this because it had one of my fav authors name on the pencil hehe 

you also get a free postcard with it btw

 That's all for today's post I guess.... so so sorry for my lack of blogging but I wasted my whole day today just lazing around and doing up my blog so its now back to ....

this life :( shit.

btw... I got a new phone last week ( yup an iphone 6 - space grey ) just as I wanted... AND I WAS ELATED. THANKS DAD LOVE U. Hence the better quality pics now hehehe

yes i know its my bra - I DO WEAR THEM. 

 Goodbye. x


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