Friday, November 13

Nilam Camp '15

hi everyone! It's currently precisely 0005 on friday the thirteenth and I just got a few chills from reading KLNoir so I decided to write a post to distract myself
basically this is about the 4 day nilam camp I attended in BTPN Kepala Batas.
let me assure you this is the FIRST AND LAST time I am ever participating in competitions that require you to stay overnight. Trust me, I am NEVER. EVER. EVER. doing this again.
I was the only representative in the SP Utara section so I went for the camp alone not knowing anyone but in the end establishing a solid friendship with many people whom I've grown fond of solely based on their personalities.

night before leaving

if there's one thing that's unique about this camp is the fact that it involves ONLY form 4 students and standard 5 students and we were each paired up with a kid whom we were in charge of. I was NOT keen on the idea at ALL. Plus, they were really racist with the picks and chose malay-malay chinese-chinese indian-indian which made me extra pissed. but there was really nothing I could do about it, could I? so I just rolled with it, unsatisfyingly of course.

my roommate is a little indian girl who is really independent which is a good thing.

here's a lil' room tour for you

after a bunch of shit activities here's my sweaty face in the mirror

there was a compartment underneath my dressing table which was supposedly meant for clothes/ hand luggage but c'mon!! PRIORITIZE ESSENTIALS 

dressing table with all my facial stuff

THANKFULLY!!! there were 2 study tables for us each with decent lighting and a good bookshelf where I kept all my books. (duh) 

the reason why I was kinda unhappy about attending this camp was also due to the fact that I had finals the NEXT WEEK. and what was I doing?! haha. HAHA. stuck in a stupid camp. I planned to study a little every day AT LEAST. but I ended up sleeping every night cause it was honestly super super super tiring!!! We have to wake up at 5.30am every day and go to bed at the earliest - 11pm. EARLIEST. Plus, the heater in my room wasn't working so it was HELL for 4 days.

Not only that!!!!!!!! The light in our bathroom wasn't working either - and I still feel disgusted thinking of how  nightmarish it was bathing in the wee hours of the morning and night with no vision of what's around you. it was really bad. ( I did complain and they offered us another room WITHOUT air conditioning but good bathroom facilities. my roommate wanted air-cond and so did I so we just went through hell for the comfort of cool air. Which, now that I think about it, was idiotic. )


there was the TINIEST tv provided which showed running man at 10pm every night!! and some random korean drama in the middle so it made me a TAD bit happier.

we had quite a few places to store stuff which was pretty convenient

my COMPLETE crap bed. with my sejarah book already out HAHAHAH

view from my room

mine vs. roommates side of the room

this was from the talk held the first night where everyone was basically inn their pajamas lmao. SO BORING. That's what I remember, anyway.

So, I'm sure you're all probably (not) wondering how I got to make friends, right? well the first friend I ever made was harpreet. actually, it was thanks to her sincerity and sociability that we became friends cause she was the only female representative from her school and the two others were guys so we become quick friends and I soon learned that she is the sweetest most honest person I have EVER met. and I'm dead serious.

thanks harpreet!! honestly, for making my camp life suck less.

I LOOK SO SO SO BAD HERE. it was taken in a museum in usm which was so cute!!

love u </3
I still remember before we took this pic she said "Ok I'm going to hug you now" TOO CUTE

me, harps, andrew, angela ( ps: I SHIP THEM SO MUCH)

And so how did I continue to form friendships with Kei Yi, Stella and Sufern? through lizards and cockroaches.

it was the first night and kei yi stayed opposite me and there was a huge commotion outside so I decided to check and see what was going on. turns out there was a huge cockroach in sufern's room which was two doors away and a lizard in kei yi's bathroom!! my roommate was the hero of the day despite her ripe age of 11, she is the one who actually sprayed ridsect everywhere and managed to daze the cockroach. kei yi, on the other hand, resorted to calling one of the camp instructors who skilfully and casually just threw the lizard out the window. THAT was how the two of them became friends with me.

stella, on the other hand, was sociable on her own. she's from pcghs and is super super smart and has a beautiful command of english!! i believe she will win the comp ( results yet to be announced ) we actually became closer after the trip to the Seb Jaya Public Library where me, harpreet, kei yi, stella, sufern, andrew, angela, and jarod sat tgt during a random talk which tbh was advocating extremism which in my VERY honest opinion was wrong for them. 

all of us exchanged instagrams and facebook after the whole fiesta cause we were all riled up about what the talk was about and all. then thats where I found out that stella was a debater too- third speaker of the pcghs team. I told her that I debated as well and when she found out she told me the the funniest things. 

me & stella

here's a group pic with everyone on the last day before we headed home!!

from left : xin yan, sufern, kei yi, stella, angela, mua, harpreet, andrew, jarod

here are some pics from our trip to usm!

stairway to heaven LOL

i look SO ODD.


andrew and angela playing the traditional congkak together!

how's the food, you ask? ha hahah ahahgahah hahaghaa


GOD, it was rice after rice after rice after bun after rice. The rice was all good but NOT EVERY DAY PLEASE I COULD DO WITH SOME GRILLED CHICKEN OR SALAD OK?? but i survived through 4 days of it. ya I came out unscathed. 

THANK GOD for my secret stack of snacks I stocked up on the first day

the best chipsmores are the hazelnut ones don't lie to yourself!!

when you don't have a rubber band- you do this. legit.

then there was this day where we were required to do a random presentation. I'm sure it was just basically to test our fluency and capability of the language. idk how I did- I wasn't very keen on doing well I just wanted to carry myself appropriately.

LOVED our group name LOL. 

on the final day we had to do random book reports and the talk on it was so boring that harpreet and kei yi drew me some artwork which was too cute!! ps: kei yi is INCREDIBLY talented in drawing comic strips

4 days passed by slowly and finally!!!!! it was time to head home. truly, a once in a lifetime experience - one which I learnt a lot and how to appreciate all the luxuries I take for granted now. thanks kem nilam for a hardy and solid memory, one which I will remember forever.

 bye for now!! will blog very very soon.


Monday, November 9

Singapore 2015

yup yup I'm blogging again!!
It's actually deepavali eve and there's a lot to do but I feel a little anxious and blogging honestly really helps me get rid of the anxiety.
hi everyone!
so, if you didn't know already I went to singapore during the mid year holidays for about a week. I don't exactly remember many details but I will try and recall as many events as possible.
I didn't want to blog on the trip cause I made a short vlog already but I guess I have enough pictures to wring up a post.

if you haven't checked out the vlog yet, please do!!

here are some pictures my sis and I took on the plane
welcome to derp 101 with ms. gurupriya

seriously, she never smiles. only derps.

My mum's twin sister (ie. my aunt but she hates us calling her that cause she is basically our 2nd mum so we call her "big mummy instead. funny, yes but its been tradition) picked us up from the airport and took us to her mother in law's house for lunch. Met two of my fav cousins who were so cute and prepared welcome gifts for us!!

also, if you read closely the bag says "small mummy" which is what they call my mum


after lunch, we basically just chilled and took a GAZILLION pictures with balloons.

meet my mum's twin sister, sonia and my mum!! hehe
then we just made our way home to their house in Pasir Ris.
otw home
next day, we went to fetch my uncle from the airport cause he's an SIA pilot ( captain, specifically ) SO COOL. He just got back from a flight to Los Angeles. 
sanjay with his dad's captain hat(?)

that day, we decided to let the kids have a little bit of fun at a random carnival event thing held by the tv channel Nickelodeon in Downtown East if I'm not mistaken. I think it was called the slime cup.

yea its the slime cup hahaahh

he won an eraser after the first game hahaha he looks so proud

at one of the game booths

they went "soft" rock climbing there too!!! it was THE COOLEST THING EVER. I wish I was eligible to participate :( but it was 12 and under damnit nickelodeon.

sis and all her gear

I believe they named the event "slime cup" for the one activity where kids sit in a throne-like chair and get slimed. LITERALLY SLIMED. It was disgusting but cool.

the whole purpose of this thing was to fill up the form we were given with enough stamps after visiting each booth and claim our prize in the end.  

the almost filled form

the prizes were cute tbh. since 3 of the kids played, we attained 3 goodie bags each filled with pens, notebooks, stickers, bottles, colour pencils and all sorts of stuff that was nick-branded. it was too cute!

they even served free popcorn, drinks and cotton candy!! so it was all gooood.

there was also a TMNT booth hosted by nick IN downtown east mall so we took them and it was so cool as well!!

fake lasers

 the next day and we went to Universal Studios.

just before leaving for the station

in the mrt with mi mum </3

we reached Sentosa and went to the toilet first HAHAHA

sonia's first ever mirror selfie hehe

annnnnd here's that "mandatory" universal studios picture
its actually my 3rd or 2nd here (i forgot) so I wasn't exactly rushing for a pic but my mum INSISTED.

my two other cousins who came down from penang joined us as well plus another cousin who resides in singapore with my uncle

this is when we were waiting for the yearly pass to be authorized or smth I don't remember. What I DO remember is that it took years. DECADES, even.

soon we all parted ways, my mums twin sister took the little-er kids of the kiddy rides.
the others who were crazy adrenaline thirsty went one way to all the roller coasters.
my mum and I just went around to the shops hahahahahha. I actually CAN do roller coasters -don't get me wrong. It does take a little bit of convincing but I can do them. I have went on a double 360 twist on a mountain in hong kong before. so ya I am a scaredy-cat but an occasionally brave scared-cat k HAHAHA

as we were roaming around, my mum spotted vin diesel. and she freaked. TOTALLY. she's the HUGEST fast and furious fan I have ever met. EVER. She dragged me to the wax figure and told me to take a pic hAHAHA so cute.

of course I had to take one too I mean COME ON.

he was adamant to get a pic with this car. But damn that car. DAMN. So solid.

I think my fav ride ever in universal is the transformers one cause its thrilling but not THAT thrilling to the point hat I need to plunge myself 7 feet downwards, no thank you. The mummy ride comes in second cause I have never successfully ridden it with my eyes open HAHAHA.

had an ice cream interlude before continuing

dippin dots~ 

as we were making our way to the transformers ride I believe, Charlie Chaplin stopped us. I'm NOT KIDDING. So we took the most interesting shots with him in front of the "New York Public Library"

I loved Charlie. Cutest character ever.

finally!! the transformers ride

nightfall finally reached and it was time to go home after a day of good food, good company and good fun.

that night, we had seafood and were all just PUMPED OUT. so we chilled on the sofa and played board games.

one of the games we played!! if you watch youtube, you would know this game and yes!!!!!! It is COMPLETELY NERVE WRECKING.

the other two days were spent going to the Science Centre, Snowball City, Books Actually, Haw Par Village etc. This is when I stopped taking pics and took more vids instead. Do check out the vlog for more!!

purchases from books actually!

bought jelly beans when I got hungry around the science centre heheh

Science Centre!

I shall end this post with a picture of Sonia's Teenage Mutant Ninja Ponies HAHAHA too cute.

thanks for reading!!
I'll be back super soon and an advanced happy deepavali to everyone celebrating! Eat lots of cookies, wear beautiful clothes, feel pretty, don jewellery, receive tons of ang paus and dance to your hearts content!