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Prefectorial Luncheon 2015

here I am again to blog about this year's prefect luncheon which was on the 27th of October at the newly built Light hotel, opposite Sunway Carnival Mall. 
hi everyone!! I have nothing much to write about on this post... more of pictures. I have been in cbw's prefectorial board for 4 years now and I would be completely lying if I say I enjoy it. I mean, its fun and all at times but having no close friends in the board makes prefects' night, prefects' luncheon and prefects' camp all a big black hole. nonetheless, since my batch was in form 4 this year it was only tradition that we prepare the venue, theme and basically organize the whole event for our seniors and fellow junior prefects. 

Everyone was so adamant on having it held in Light hotel that we catered for them though it exceeded our budget quite abit hence resulting in no specifically booked ballroom. Instead, we rented out the coffee house downstairs for an International Buffet. 

Upon arrival, I had high hopes but in the end everything was just meh to me. but don't get me wrong - the luncheon went fine, everyone was having a good time stuffing themselves and taking pictures but like I said previously I never felt as though I belonged in the prefectorial board but I still smiled my way through. 

sat with mathusha, manvinder, kirtisha and nithia that day. 

after a hurried emcee introduction and speech by our principal we were allowed to dine and I was FAMISHED. Keep in mind, it was the first day after 11 days of being vegetarian for me so it was akin to my haven. 

I was planning for EIGHT rounds of food - but I could only manage 4. 

first round - mash potato, broccoli, grilled lamb, grilled chicken

I think my favourite out of all 4 rounds of food was the first round. I only couldn't stand the lamb though, it was too chewy but the chicken was cooked to perfection (please read that in gordon ramsay's voice) 

second round - chicken biryani, oyster sauced tofu and chicken, fish stew(?)

I guess I went a little indian here. The biryani was a disappointment. It was terribly dry. The chicken though, was once again, AMAZING. It tastes as though it was has been slow cooked upon an open fire for at least 24 hours. Seriously, it was soooooo good. The others were ok I guess, nothing special. My mum could make better.

third round - cold sausage salad, chicken strip salad, basic salad, mash potato and grilled chicken (again), random fried fish

The salads were fine. They were quite fresh. I really liked the mash potato and grilled chicken from the first round so I went for another round hehehe. I didn't like the fish -cause it was not de-boned. I only eat de-boned fish. Yea, picky eater. 

fourth round - dessert. ALL KINDS OF DESSERT.

I can't specifically name you each dessert because I didn't take them on my own. I was busy with the gift exchange so I asked mathusha to get some for me cause I really didn't want to miss out on dessert!!! This was also a big plate of sadness just starring up to me honestly. The strawberry mousse and deconstructed brulee were the only two things I sincerely enjoyed. Other than that, I guess wasn't meant for my tastebuds cause my friends seemed to like it. 

I missed out on quite alot of food that day cause I was helping around. They were serving on-the-spot char koay teow as well which I didn't manage to taste. I didn't take the ice cream and teh tarik (which EVERYONE was raving about after the whole thing) either. :(

btw, this was the havoc during the ceremony and I am glad I only had to help from far. I now understand how the backstage crew feels. Satisfied with the contribution but no need to put yourself right up front.

but it was a little awkward standing by the huge table of presents alone cause the workers kept teasing me about it and asked me if they could have one and yada yada. you could only imagine my embarrassment.

and thus, more "photoshooting". You aren't from convent if you don't constantly have your phone in your hand with the camera app open and ready for some shots.

with chia hooi!

although I look horrendous, I HAVE to put a picture up with her because she has grown to become my favourite senior of 2015. She has the purest most sincere heart and it was a complete pleasure working with her throughout the year. Thankfully, she and I handle the same class and she is the most responsible person EVER. We even participated in Mighty Minds and Solar Car together. Thank you Chia Hooi for a great year! Good luck for your upcoming SPM papers, I know you'll do great. 

with massara - who looked like an Arabian princess (as always) insecurities x100

syifa!! as usual, her demeanour never disappoints. SO SO SO pretty.

w/ nithia

I look bad again but this was my only picture with her.

"if we had a best dressed title this year it would be u"

and I wasn't kidding. kirtisha won best dressed f3 prefect last year and she would've again if we had the competition. 

dude I have so many pics with you

but they're all derps

dive hi!!!!!

thx wafa!!!!!!!!!!!

it would have turned out normal - IT WOULD HAVE.


FINALLY. (it took us so long to get here)

i hate taking pics with dive. cause she's so tall and i'm a midget. and i have to crane my neck up everytime she holds the phone :( exhibit A ^

exhibit B
how are you guys my juniors. you're all so much taller and mature-looking.
 someone help me grow up

me refusing to take a picture with faizah cause I could feel my food baby

but I did anyway though I look bad :( faizah's outfit was ON POINT. so pretty!

w/ munira

all of us are so bad at selfies cause we don't do it often (except kirtisha) so we were struggling to get a clear shot

w/ nava

I actually hate this group photo. cause they make me look shittier than I normally look.

but I love kirtisha's candid here HAHAHHAHA (not like mine's any better)

w/ amelia! the senior to which I and MANY OTHERS look up to. How can you not?! So pretty and SO smart. 

thank you for always lending me your past year papers and for guiding me through nilam.

after the gift exchange was over, 

this is what I got btw! lucky-number-48

Manvinder received my present which was a galaxy coated bracelet! I have another one in a deeper purple blue colour cause they came as a couple set. I guess we be twinning now.

this is what they decided to give the teachers on our budget of rm6. I have one cause of my mum hahahha

anyway, we proceeded to take group pictures at the staircase

CBW's 2015 Prefectorial Board

this is such a sad picture cause of the terrible lighting.  so we decided to head up to the pool for good shots cause the hoteliers there told us it was perfect for photos.

we decided to take the marble staircase up which gave us a good chance to have a nice look around the highest rated hotel (4.3 stars) on the mainland. BAD idea cause the pool was up the third floor and I was wearing bloody half-heels so the majority of us gave up midway and took the elevator the rest of the way up. The hotel overall ok I guess, pretty grand. HUGE ballroom. Attentive staff. The usual.

failed mirror shot 


have a good look at kt's bomb outfit

 we hurriedly took group pics at the pool cause we oustayed our welcome. The pool was lovely for shots but I sadly only got one with syifa and a couple solo pics.

wrong. I was one step higher. sorry syifa HAHAHA

 ending this post with a solo pic hehe
thanks for reading and I'll be back real soon!


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