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I feel like the title of this post is too mundane but I honestly can't rack my brain to think of something more creative and wow!! so ya bear with it HAHAHA.

Helloooo everyone. It's been quite a while and I kinda apologize (insincerely) sorry HAHAH cause I was seriously caught up with school & the nilam competition so I didn't manage to have the time to even give a quick glance to this blog :( Now I do though!!!


heck yes.  you have no idea how long I have been itching to type that on my laptop as I lean against my bed headrest. I visualised this moment for so long i swear HAHAHA. I am very very very behind updating on my life and I am SUPER DETERMINED to post about this whole year as holistically as I can but as much as I want to continue on where I left off in April ( or was it May..?), I have this constant urge to blog about my birthday this year - which makes me kinda self absorbed but whatever hahaha

Anyway, typing this post now I still feel very thankful with the fact that I've turned 16 with so many (mostly unexpected) people whom I've grown to love. Before I begin this ( you may choose to believe the following sentence on your own will) I would like to say that I was SUPER and by super, I mean in an extreme almost hyperbolic way, surprised. Seriously guys, I expected nothing. I have no idea why but since my fourteenth birthday that special birthday spark & anticipation really died down and it was all the same this year, adding to the fact that my add maths exam was supposedly held on that day.

Amazingly, it has now been rekindled and I cannot express my gratitude enough. I sincerely thank you all loads. It left me speechless, I hope you noticed that. I was absolutely lost for words. I don't know and will never know if I ever deserve to have such incredible friends & parties but even undeservingly, you have made me the happiest person alive and for that, I love each and every one of you.

I don't even know where to start omg!! Is it pathetic that I feel excited as I'm typing this? LOL. Anyway, I guess I shall begin with the day my goddamn finals FINALLY ended. I had a competition to attend during the actual dates of my add maths & science papers... so I skipped 'em and had a resit on thursday and friday ( it was meant to be on monday and tuesday originally but the haze situation caused it to be pushed further back which made me pissed. ) But, it did give me some time to actually relax and enjoy my actual birthday on my actual birthday, if you know what I mean. Since I was born in October, I've always had unlucky fate during my birthday because it either a) falls on the day of my finals or b) falls on the week which to us Indians is auspicious and are vegetarian by tradition. Surprisingly, this time round it was neither!! - well except for the finals part but the free hols from kpm made it possible HAHAHA. 

The day before my birthday, my grandma took me shopping and she got me a rose gold ( and by rose gold I mean a legit gold, rose ) ring. It's arabesque detailing makes it incredibly beautiful and I love it!! But what I love most is the meaning behind her gift which truly made it special. Thank you loads, grandma. I love you. Ate at swensens in autocity for dinner cause I wans't really in the mood to head out considering my 2 tough papers that were awaiting me but surprisingly the food wasn't that meh - in fact my spaghetti was pretty damn good.

badly shot picture of good food

what my sis ordered - I think it was cereal chicken if I'm not mistaken but I didn't quite like it cause it was a bit sweet and I was craving for flaming hot that day. Generally, I think it's pretty interesting though.

we had complimentary chowder - which was super super thick but good

clam chowder & hot choc
p/s their hot chocolate sucks (unless you enjoy 90% milk 10% chocolate) seriously nothing compared to the ones in secret recipe, chilli's and old town

for dessert everyone else went for ice cream but I still had some space left over so I tried their sizzling brownie - with marshmallows, nuts and some random thick chocolate ice cream. This was THE DISH OF THE DAY. it was SO GOOD. I'm craving for it as I type this. It tastes like a hot version of a brownie bingsu(?) all I know is its just rly rly rly rly good. (but so sinful omg)

The cake I got this year was chocolate brulee by Secret Recipe. I've loved it ever since they launched it in January and being faithful I got a whole 1kg of it which I gulfed down in practically a week (with the help of my chocolate maniac family)

also, my sis made the sweetest card (so out of her character) which I don't have a picture of but you can see peeking at the sight in the image above ^ My mum gave me one too as it's tradition for the two of us to give each other cards with suuuuuper long heartfelt messages.

The week passed and I eventually got through both my add maths and science papers (nearing death, though) Friday finally approached and when the last bell rang I was looking forward to my bed, kdramas, warm tea and lots of rest. Sadly though, I had add maths tuition later in the day and unsuspectingly dhanya told me she was coming over early. I mean, she kinda does it on the norm HAHAHAHA so I literally naively acknowledged it. She arrived around 5pm (???) I don't really remember but it was pretty early considering the fact that our tuition starts at 6.40. Since I was dead tired from the hectic week, I was literally passed out on my bed and woke up at her arrival. The thing is, I was still in my uniform HAHAHA so I locked all my doors and rushed to the bathroom, ignoring all calls from my maid and grandma as well as dhanya herself to get myself ready.

Once I showered, I continuously refused to unlock my door and allow dhanya in cause I was annoyed - I wanted more sleep HAHAHAHAHAH. Eventually I did though and we casually chilled as usual. Then for some odd reason, she kept tryna pull me downsfairs when I rly didn't want to. At that time you have to keep in mind that I was IMMENSELY lazy HAHAHA. So she went down first and after about 3074 nags from my grandma for not entertaining my friend and me being pissed cause I couldn't find my accounts documents, I finally made my way down.

and guess what I found when I opened the door to my study room? 5 idiots attempting to drag about a gazillion helium balloons up to my room because of my late arrival HAHAHAHAHHAHAAH. I was SINCERELY shocked. Especially shocked to see ng since she doesn't go to add maths tuition with us. Thanks for coming bro although you had to go to kl the next day and are caught up with igsce. love you.

I have never liked surprises being done for me because if you truly know me I don't particularly find my birthday any special. But this left me speechless and touched and shocked all at once. Thank you guys for the surprise :') Thank you bff zone for 10 years of friendship. Thank you dhanya, looi, ng, cynthia and leeya for being such understanding friends eventhough I'm such an irritable person to handle. I love y'all

The helium balloons were so cute, I've seen helium balloons but not love shaped ones. and ng even took the time and dhanya's purple sharpie to personalize them with drawings and words. Thank you for the cake too guys, and pizza. (sorry I didn't have any money atm HAHAHAH)

After stuffing ourselves, ng left (therefore sadly no pics w/ her) we brought the balloons up to my room for pictures. btw,we cancelled tuition that day on impulse (again) hahhahhaahaha.

my room looked so pretty adorned with these balloons

a collage of some of the msgs on the balloons

and so, let the photoshooting commence! (ps: kirtisha came over not soon after and became our designated photographer hehehe thanks bro)

heart emoji heart emoji heart emoji all the heart emojis

we don't have a single serious shot together - legit.

TWINNIN' but different skin colour HAHAHHAA 
ps : inside joke don't get offended

but seriously guys thank you so much although you all had finals approaching associated with the stress of that stupid accounts folio you still made time for me. <333 - gay hearts for everyone!!

also I deleted all ur faces </3 HAHAHAH jk

 thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!

and when I thought this year couldn't get any better, boy was I in for a complete shock the next day! I was kinda dreading lit tuition that week because I missed so many classes previously and I would be a little lost during class discussions. However, I survived through unscathed but with a hefty mood (idk why, pms perhaps HAHAAHAH) So with a dark cloud above my shoulders after tuition, I entered my house only coming to COMPLETE and UTTER confusion as to why the air conditioning was switched on. I was annoyed cause I thought my sister was wasting electricity HAHAHAHA but when I walked further in I could see blurry images of floating balloons. I didn't have my spectacles on so I was peering like an idiot and noticed the words 'S U P' in gold and got the HUGEST shock of my life when a huge group of my friends from school just jumped out with a cake and sang happy birthday for me. I was completely speechless seeing jia yee, tung, looi, phey jo, joe sin and jing yi casually handing me the most adorable cake I've ever layed my eyes upon. After recovering from my initial shock, they led me upstairs where my room had the coolest undertone and was FILLED with helium balloons - yet again!!

exactly my view as I entered

some pics they took during preparations

they got me a gold macbook case which was a really smart gift honestly. It's definitely in good use now cause even I didn't know what I wanted as a present but a laptop casing is pure genius and I love it. thanks guys!!!

and thus another photoshoot commences


thx looi for all your efforts in planning (the countless number of fails) and for coming though you just got back from taiping

thx jia yee for the incredible cake + all the random stuff you get me every time in school (phone case, macarons, books etc.) 

thank u thank u thank u <33333 all of you

looi looks oddly different here (in a good way) and I can't put my finger on what it is so I shall just feature u here friend.


MINDBLOWN! SO.CUTE. Fondant cakes are beautiful but it's a lil hassle to remove all that sweet icing before getting to the cake hahaahhaha. 

also, if you have read this far and are thinking "wow so typical. helium balloons on the ceiling." well, to me it was incredible!!!! I don't think you'd get it until you've truly experienced it but hey!! this wasn't your typical celebration. oh, no. these girls transformed my whole bloody house into party centre chasing my whole family alongside my maid out for dinner HAHAHHAA. 

see MY WHOLE LIVING ROOM. I KID YOU NOT. And dats my grandma- a little portion of her hehe. 

and so let another photoshoot commence. (altho I hate taking pics c'mon you can't miss out on this am I right)

joesin why are you touching my fats stop


thanks mum for being a part of the surprise and keeping me moody all day HAHAHA

jia yee's face here is LEGENDARY

joe sin PLZ.

anyway we had pizza (YES, AGAIN. In fact, I was so jelak of pizza the following week that I just ate white bread on the day my parents dined dominos. No. I could not take anymore dough and cheese)

for some odd reason my friends are OBSESSED and I literally mean INFATUATED with my grandma's cheese sandwiches so my dad bought bread and made them some. My maid also made lemon juice freshly squeezed which was so good we asked her to make another jugful.

then we blasted hitzfm on the tv and proceeded to play stupid childish board games + net games and just talked.

 from top left: tumblin' monkeys, launcher, headbanz
can we just take a second and appreciate how good joe sin and tung look in the headbanz bands?

we also had a good round of carom

everyone went home around 12am and it was honestly one of the best nights of my life. I was so touched and I have no idea what I did to deserve this (I still feel guilty for having had all this done because I SINCERELY do not find myself worthy of them but nonetheless I am thankful) 

also, thank you munira for your gift!! The shirt was cute.


and thanks shu yi, jia sin and minjia  for the cutest card heheh

I still find all of this amazing although its been around a month. Btw, the balloons are still in a large pile on my carpet in my room but the S U P letters are still going strong. I refuse to throw them HAHAHAHA

Anyway guys, once again all I can do is say thank you. Thank you loads for showing me the meaning of friendship once again and rekindling some hope for better relationships in future. I love you all so so much. </3


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