Friday, July 15

2016 Birthday Series: Part 1

hi!! yes im back but not to blog on travels but birthdays!
so i had horrendous period cramps yesterday and almost went crazy so I didn't go to school today. after being stuck sick at home lying in bed binge-watching holiday vlogs, 4 seasons of baby daddy and a couple of modern family re-runs I told myself that it was time to do something productive. and hey, blogging makes me feel productive so here I am! :D + add maths is cancelled because I have an appointment later at 6pm so double :D

anywho, this year we successfully celebrated everyone's birthday in the bff zone wuuu!
I don't exactly recall every single detail from each celebration so mind me if the wordings in this post are short.

I shall start with cynthia's birthday which was on the 22nd feb. We surprised her by celebrating it at ng's house. leeya and I put on an oscar worthy performance in the car on the way there, let me tell you that. This was also the point where ng was truly recovering very well and had recalled most of her memories so we wanted to celebrated that occasion too and seeing that she still wasn't that fit to be out of the house alone yet, we decided to bring the party to her!

first we had a good long chat before getting into celebratory mood..

oh ps, we bought helium balloons again. 

sofa chats & hobo mates

i had so many pics of you guys on my phone now i deleted them all love yall

geng rumah dekat. im clearly the only one who truly understands what it means to derp. lol

the food that day was great! I mean pizza and tea? where else could we go wrong. plus aunty (ie. ng's mum) so graciously volunteered to bake cynthia's cake for us and it was the best most moist chocolate cake i have ever had!!!! it was so dense and chocolatey and omfg i want it again :-(((

stole this from dhanya's snapchat

so after the pizza arrived, we sang a quick happy birthday and quickly dug in hehehe. my hot chicken wings from pizza hut were so goooood. i want them :( plus, im vegetarian today and haven't eaten anything from ystd cause i'm sick but i could use some food right now. 

p/s creds to leeya for all our candid shots!!

very very good noms

wanna know the secret behind such good pics of food? here ya go;


^ just me in my natural habitat

after eating, we had the typical picture session and had problems with the helium balloons so we decided to tie them to ng's barney HAHAHA

hope you had a good bday cynman!!! we always do this feet pose thing whenever we take a pic tgt god knows why tho HAHAHA.

 all in all, it was truly a great day and i hope cynthia enjoyed herself!!

next up was miss wan wen whose bday falls on the 26th of march. this time we had it at her house and decided to surprise her at her house with (yes you guessed it) helium balloons and a very......unique cake.
you see, this weirdo doesn't enjoy the delicacy of cake and therefore we are always in a state of confusion as to what to purchase for her celebration everytime her birthday approaches. dhanya did suggest the durian cheesecake from secret recipe because it was apparently rly good and doesn't taste like cake. but after some deliberation, we decided that she was not worthy of such an exp cake. cause she wouldn't enjoy it anyway HAHAHA so in the end we planned to make a derp pizza cake for her. (which is practically us just arriving 3 hours earlier at dhanyas house sticking cut out derps of looi on to sticks and placing them into freshly ordered pizza. yea. we are good friends)

i made a vlog during looi's bday cause i was feeling it so you can check it out here:

so in dhanya's house i was joined with leeya and (obviously ) dhanya and we made the cut outs and stuck them into the pizza after they arrived.

them cut outs. I was the one who compiled them all and leeya printed them. i must say, i did a lovely stalking job. 

the pizza!!! :D

proud mama of these pizzas! :D although dhanya sucks as a photographer so forgive my gross shots.
later, around 10pm, we were joined with caely, tung and jia yee to celebrate loi's bday and surprise her! funnily enough, she did suspect something like she did last year when her mum set up a table for us. this year, she instead cleaned the whole house thus causing suspcion to arise within Looi LOL

we were happy cause our surprise was a success!! she said she was more surprised this year than last year in fact where we actually filled her room with helium balloons and polaroids. 

omg i remember this moment SUPER VIVIDLY.  the asshole went up to change for the LONGEST time. ( much longer than we originally estimated anyway) and so the candles melted leaving wax all over the pizza. great looi. thanks HAHAHAH 

after giving gifts (we got her a dress) and singing happy bday, we had dins and went into photo shoot mode

our last pizza was weird doe.... i took this shot to complain to dominos but totally forgot till now HAHAH.

ok before the photoshoot, speaking of presents....... ^^^ me, leeya and dhanya added a little smth at the bottom of the letter. HAHAHA I shall just leave this here as an inside joke for us to reminisce on. 


group pics!!

if you look closely at leeya's hair and the balloon string im holding.... hahahah 

happy bday bro!! hope u enjoyed your day. we definitely grow closer as each day goes by </3

and i shall end this post with another behind the scenes pic:


ok that's it for now! thanks so much for reading. i'll be back with part 2 :D


Sunday, July 10

London Travels: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

(This post was written right after my mid terms ended...but it never got completed so here I am today on the final day of raya hols trying my best to catch up on posts before trials approach :-(((( I miss the freedom of post-mid year feels zzz.)

warning: the pictures are of horrendous quality so brace your eyes because we only had my iphone as a camera. (and it also doesn't help that there are odd filtered pics here and there so please mind that)

Hi everyone! I can't imagine there to still be active readers here but if you are then thanks :D I'm back after a hella long week of midterms which are actually still going on since I have lit & sivik on monday but hey..... sejarah and add maths is done right?

Anyway I'm back to update my London and Paris trips and then blog on 2016 recent events cause I got one ask in askfm to update about my current life instead of hols but I MUST finish blogging my trip cause I seriously want to look back at this when I'm old and grey. So, here's day 4 (skips day 3 for later) of my London trip where my sister and I headed to Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. Specifically Watford, Leavesden and we were staying at central London ie. Lambert North so it was a loooooong train ride.

Fun fact one: I've only watched the harry potter movies (a gazillion times, in fact) and I love them! Despite being a total bibliophile, I don't own a single book but have requested for the full set for my 17th birthday this October. Holy shit. I've had this blog since I was 14 and I will be turning 17 this year. Wow ok. (sorry lost track a little) I actually do not agree with those die hard book fans of Harry Potter and how they adamantly insist that people who find pleasure in watching harry potter solely (and not reading the books) are not "sincere" or just "following the trend" but truly, truly the movies are an art in itself! so adorable it is to see the evolution of the movie making industry throughout the eight movies and I personally enjoyed the fourth movie (Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire) with the first movie (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) being a close second to my favourite. I may have different favourites when I have read the book though!

Fun fact two: My sister and I went off to Watford all on own as my parents were not fans of Harry Potter (well my mum isn't anyway) so they decided to go off separately.

First we got on the train from Oxford St. to Watford station and disembarked only to board the Harry Potter Tour bus where the driver was INCREDIBLY friendly. Honestly, everyone in London was super friendly and they kept thinking I was only 12 when I was actually 16 LOL :( Upon arrival, we were greeted by the most gorgeous signboard EVUR. Too bad I didn't get to take a pic with it cause I was too stressed out handling the ticket conversion and getting all the "gear" but I did manage some snaps of Gurupriya when we FIRST saw it

Ticket claim seriously did not go well for I mixed up the instructions and assumed that we were retrieving our head pieces once we entered the studio but nope!! I got suspicious as we roamed nearer and nearer and everyone else seemed to be fuddling with their ear pieces and I was like ??? better check with someone.

So I found a nice young girl probably no older than myself and asked her if I made a mistake and she was like "oh no" I completely understand why though. My dad booked a HORRENDOUS timing for us to visit the studio as 2 other schools (yes, SCHOOLS) both a primary and secondary school were having a field trip there. Hence, I was bombarded with the NOISIEST line of young school girls & boys chatting excitably away. People watching in London is beautiful and this was a lovely opportunity to observe how the schools in London functioned but I was too pre-occupied with my predicament of not having the equipment which I paid for.

The girl was so unhelpful at first though and told me that I had to crawl through the line to get it - ??????. I was shell-shocked and frantically looked at my useless sister for help who just stood there annoyed. THANKFULLY the girl understood why I was so flustered and told me to just wait there as she heroically passed the lines to get some of the head pieces for me.

I WAS INCREDIBLY TOUCHED. Considering the fact that I am writing this post about 5 months later and still remember her gesture truly proves how much I gratify her actions. Honestly, whoever you are, thank you so so much. But this isn't my only encounter with friendly people/workers/Londoners in general. Can you imagine how Malaysian or Singaporean workers would've treated me if I were to have committed the same mistake here? HAH I turn hysterical imagining the complete impossibility of me receiving the same treatment from the workers here. What I CAN imagine though are snarky smiles and remarks or annoyed and tired grunts. Oh, how ironic cause don't our Sejarah books teach us that us "Asians" are "innate" with "budaya ketimuraan" or if literally translated, the Eastern culture. WHATEVER stereotypical expectation that may be.

the super troublesome digital guides :(

Anywho, we FINALLY entered the studio and was first greeted by the Main Hall. Oh, the beauty of it all in reality is too ravishing to be described with mere words typed out on a pixelated screen. Sincerely, I was blown away by everything. However, if there was a single complaint I had of the place, it would be the complete lack of lighting. It gave off a mystical, whimsical look- sure - but the lightning really did not play a part in helping us achieve a good shot which, lets be honest, is second to the main objective of enjoying the whole experience.

We just navigated through the entire labyrinth of a place with the help of our digital guide and here are some of the (somewhat salvageable) pictures we managed to take!

btw: me fiddling with the stupid digital guide that was honestly the cause of 9/10 of my problems that day. Not only was I in charge of an impeccably irritating (and by impeccable I mean she NEVER FAILS to annoy the shit out of me) little sister, I had to ensure all electronic belongings were in check. Throughout the tour. Gosh. 

gryffindor common room!!!

good god I extensively remember how hard it was to get the picture above (kinda gave up as you can see how blurry it turned out) The large clock was actually moving which was pretty cool but it gets irritating when you need a shot with about 100 people waiting for theirs.

 All I could think of was Snape and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone and how Snape so savagely and viciously burnt Harry.

The detailing of everything oh my. Absolutely stunning. Spot the Yule Ball sign! From my favourite movie out of all the eight. Where the Ron and Hermione ship started sailing. yas.

dat lighting. beautiful.

little ron and harry. sobs.

no doubt one of the coolest exhibits ....and we weren't the only ones who thought so...zz

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ICONIC. HONESTLY. You see, the exhibit was really interesting and of course everyone and I mean EVERYONE was rushing for a picture. My sister and I finally made it to the front area and lo and behold this guy could NOT stop with his selfies. It took so long to the point that I gave up and just took the above picture of my sister. Her frustration is hella vivid. I LOVE IT. 


Stupendous lighting. :-)

got one of the workers to take this pic of us on the display of the hogwarts express. ahhahaha sorry ur skills aren't appreciated. :-(

There were mini stalls at the Hogwarts Express exhibits which were all so gorgeous with various Honeyduke sweets and Harry Potter merch but holy shit. The prices were exuberant. My parents gave us quite alot of cash that day but I already felt bad cause the tour itself costed a fortune not to mention the whole Europe trip so I restrained myself. They had beautiful leather diaries each engraved with the house symbols and gorgeous clothing but I had to stop. :-( just got a nice tee for dhanya, a raglan shirt for myself and a sweater for my sister. We also got a original Harry Potter poster which was quite a good bargain I feel. They were also selling Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and lots of other Harry Potter extras and I was so excited to get my full set but found out they costed more in London than in Malaysia. It was rm420+- there whereas in Malaysia the highest price would be no more than rm300. :-(((((((

Iconic hogwarts express wall picture!!

Weasely residence! please ignore my gross face. 

One of my fav fav fav exhibits; 

so grand and gorgeous!

Paper version of hogwarts!!!!

Outdoors we visited the set of Harry's home on Privet Drive, the crooked wooden bridge, knight bus and bakers cottage alongside a couple of other props provided.

One things for sure, the wind was blowing like mad. and London's cold and chilly winds know no bounds. They were frightfully cold and honestly, I miss it.


Evidence of the strong winds ^^

The knight bus is definitely one of the best things there!!! SO CUTE. 

gurupriya why you look so pissed HAHAHA i think it was due to the cold. Gosh my lips were so chapped at this point in time.

here is an EXTREMELY sad pic of me and the wooden bridge cause of my sisters incredible photography skills. + being the whiny 11 year old, she kinda gave up on pictures after a while hence why I didnt have a single good shot on that day :(((( tip: if you are an elder sister, please get rent a one-day photographer if you intend to visit this place all by yourself with your younger sibling. just trust me on this.

that zoomed in quality tho. 

Did you know that they only limit 5 people at once on the wooden bridge because of its unstable structure? It isn't just the illusion of it that made it crooked but was in fact, crooked! So they have to maintain it by positioning a worker there to only allow 5 at a go.

asked a nice lady who was lining up behind us to help us get the shot! meh skills but I appreciate her kindness. 

Then we headed in to get a break before we proceeded to Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Exhibit (WHICH WAS STUNNING BUT LETS SAVE THAT FOR LATER SHALL WE)

they served it in 2 portions - one being the small with the plastic cup (which we got) and the other being a big which came with a souvenir "mug" which looked cheap and plastic hence why we opted for the earlier.
butterbeer well.....lets just say its not for everyone. My sister (who at first was so persistent in getting the larger cup) absolutely resented it with the reason that it was too sweet. I found it oddly pleasing. The taste well, think of butter. And coke. It's sorta like the mixture of the two w- fizzy butter? It doesn't sound good when I put it that way but if you're anything like me you would find the taste confusing but enjoy it nevertheless.

taken on the table we sat at.
let me take this opportunity to write on the souvenirs we received which you can see ^. They were the basic pictures which costed 40pounds. Ok let me explain, we got them at the green room (where all the pics I possess are blurry as heck). Here, we had the chance of experiencing flying with a broomstick and it was magical. my sister didn't like her video but I did so on impulse, I got 2 pics with semi-meh harry potter backgrounds and the holy pendrive which consisted of my flying experience. SO COOL. but lets be real, total waste of money. Which is why I felt guilty througout the trip. HALO 40 pounds i bloody 280myr. hahahhahaha god the regret.

ok moving on...
back touring!!


And now...Diagon Alley.

Let me tell you, Diagon Alley was gorgeous! There was SO MUCH too see. With its adorable shop names and whimsical get-ups, it felt as though a fantasy was made real. Wow how cliche but I kid you not, the experience was breathtaking. Then again, the lighting, not so much LOL.

i look GROSS im sorry but this flash pic is just to show you how bloody dim it was in there. and beautiful. 

puking pastilles at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes at 93 Diagon Alley!!


after loitering around and being flabbergasted by everything Diagon Alley, we finally approached the end of the tour where the grand Hogwarts exhibit was and HOLY CRAP IT WAS STUNNING. The arabesque detailing of the castle standing in frigid, wintry air where cold winds reverberated around really set the aura. And of course,it had to have the worst lighting. Pictures DO NOT do it justice and I guess it is just a majesty that shall only live in my memories. 

And thus, nightfall dawned upon us (nightfall in London equated to around 5pm) and we exited the tour. It was an enthralling experience one that I will forever hold close to my heart and I have my parents to thank for giving me such a privilege. It also served a great reminder that Hogwarts will always be a place I can call home may it be if I return to the Studio or through books. 

before exiting, we saw three hand moulds of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. 
and so we went a little berserk at them.

goodbye Harry Potter Studios :( till we meet again. 

waiting for the bus outside alone on the chilly streets of London with our souvenir books! ^^^

And so that marks the end of our third day. (I shall blog about day 3 next) This whole post took me approximately 5 hours because of the transferring of photos :-((((((( anywho I shall blog once again (perhaps soon, or maybe  not idk HAHA) hopefully this long-ass post makes up for my absence cause I have been a lazy blogger. I hope to be more active soon but bye for now! and thanks for reading.