Friday, July 15

2016 Birthday Series: Part 1

hi!! yes im back but not to blog on travels but birthdays!
so i had horrendous period cramps yesterday and almost went crazy so I didn't go to school today. after being stuck sick at home lying in bed binge-watching holiday vlogs, 4 seasons of baby daddy and a couple of modern family re-runs I told myself that it was time to do something productive. and hey, blogging makes me feel productive so here I am! :D + add maths is cancelled because I have an appointment later at 6pm so double :D

anywho, this year we successfully celebrated everyone's birthday in the bff zone wuuu!
I don't exactly recall every single detail from each celebration so mind me if the wordings in this post are short.

I shall start with cynthia's birthday which was on the 22nd feb. We surprised her by celebrating it at ng's house. leeya and I put on an oscar worthy performance in the car on the way there, let me tell you that. This was also the point where ng was truly recovering very well and had recalled most of her memories so we wanted to celebrated that occasion too and seeing that she still wasn't that fit to be out of the house alone yet, we decided to bring the party to her!

first we had a good long chat before getting into celebratory mood..

oh ps, we bought helium balloons again. 

sofa chats & hobo mates

i had so many pics of you guys on my phone now i deleted them all love yall

geng rumah dekat. im clearly the only one who truly understands what it means to derp. lol

the food that day was great! I mean pizza and tea? where else could we go wrong. plus aunty (ie. ng's mum) so graciously volunteered to bake cynthia's cake for us and it was the best most moist chocolate cake i have ever had!!!! it was so dense and chocolatey and omfg i want it again :-(((

stole this from dhanya's snapchat

so after the pizza arrived, we sang a quick happy birthday and quickly dug in hehehe. my hot chicken wings from pizza hut were so goooood. i want them :( plus, im vegetarian today and haven't eaten anything from ystd cause i'm sick but i could use some food right now. 

p/s creds to leeya for all our candid shots!!

very very good noms

wanna know the secret behind such good pics of food? here ya go;


^ just me in my natural habitat

after eating, we had the typical picture session and had problems with the helium balloons so we decided to tie them to ng's barney HAHAHA

hope you had a good bday cynman!!! we always do this feet pose thing whenever we take a pic tgt god knows why tho HAHAHA.

 all in all, it was truly a great day and i hope cynthia enjoyed herself!!

next up was miss wan wen whose bday falls on the 26th of march. this time we had it at her house and decided to surprise her at her house with (yes you guessed it) helium balloons and a very......unique cake.
you see, this weirdo doesn't enjoy the delicacy of cake and therefore we are always in a state of confusion as to what to purchase for her celebration everytime her birthday approaches. dhanya did suggest the durian cheesecake from secret recipe because it was apparently rly good and doesn't taste like cake. but after some deliberation, we decided that she was not worthy of such an exp cake. cause she wouldn't enjoy it anyway HAHAHA so in the end we planned to make a derp pizza cake for her. (which is practically us just arriving 3 hours earlier at dhanyas house sticking cut out derps of looi on to sticks and placing them into freshly ordered pizza. yea. we are good friends)

i made a vlog during looi's bday cause i was feeling it so you can check it out here:

so in dhanya's house i was joined with leeya and (obviously ) dhanya and we made the cut outs and stuck them into the pizza after they arrived.

them cut outs. I was the one who compiled them all and leeya printed them. i must say, i did a lovely stalking job. 

the pizza!!! :D

proud mama of these pizzas! :D although dhanya sucks as a photographer so forgive my gross shots.
later, around 10pm, we were joined with caely, tung and jia yee to celebrate loi's bday and surprise her! funnily enough, she did suspect something like she did last year when her mum set up a table for us. this year, she instead cleaned the whole house thus causing suspcion to arise within Looi LOL

we were happy cause our surprise was a success!! she said she was more surprised this year than last year in fact where we actually filled her room with helium balloons and polaroids. 

omg i remember this moment SUPER VIVIDLY.  the asshole went up to change for the LONGEST time. ( much longer than we originally estimated anyway) and so the candles melted leaving wax all over the pizza. great looi. thanks HAHAHAH 

after giving gifts (we got her a dress) and singing happy bday, we had dins and went into photo shoot mode

our last pizza was weird doe.... i took this shot to complain to dominos but totally forgot till now HAHAH.

ok before the photoshoot, speaking of presents....... ^^^ me, leeya and dhanya added a little smth at the bottom of the letter. HAHAHA I shall just leave this here as an inside joke for us to reminisce on. 


group pics!!

if you look closely at leeya's hair and the balloon string im holding.... hahahah 

happy bday bro!! hope u enjoyed your day. we definitely grow closer as each day goes by </3

and i shall end this post with another behind the scenes pic:


ok that's it for now! thanks so much for reading. i'll be back with part 2 :D


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