Thursday, September 15

Paris Travels: Roaming the Streets

hey guys! I'm back with another post. This may be shorter than the previous one (but hey, the previous post was considerably lengthy). Also, I think I've figured out a more effective system of blogging and transferring pictures from the various sources of devices that hold them that won't leave me so drained after blogging. I do get an immense headache from sorting out all of the pictures and trying to piece everything together. Now, the headache is still there but less intense cause I take 2 days to create a post. The first day is preparation ie.gather everything up and get your shit together and the second day is just typing everything and positioning them together. This way, the fun in blogging is not sucked out by me rendering on every little detail expected of me and I can just type my thoughts and.....quickly drift from the subject matter at hand. Like this. OK. I'm done being distracted now, lets get into Paris.

We left London early in the morning to King's Cross Station (oh, so many monopoly memories!) where the Eurostar headed to Paris is stationed. Yes, we went to Paris by Eurostar. It was an interesting trip altogether cause the last time I actually went on a train ride was when I was 8 or 9 and my family and I were headed to KL. 8 hours. Tired. Noisy. and NEVER AGAIN. Gosh it was a nightmare. Mind you, that was before the ETS system was even introduced what more practised. The Eurostar however was a great contrast to my experience in the Malaysian train. It was efficient, clean and all-round spacious. It was lovely.

excuse me, I just woke up. and was having a very very bad hair day. and face day. I now am beginning to think that it's just me.

yes we were also sleepy HAHAHAH 

as we waited for our train we went to marks and spencer's for a little food shopping!! of course, snacks are mandatory. My mum and I were vegetarian on that day (something of a tradition being a vegetarian every friday) but we were so surprised (at least I know I was) at the luxurious amount of food I could find in M&S that suited our nutritious needs!! From salads to pastas to sandwiches...I kinda wish Malaysia had more M&S's around here.

when we entered the train we also found out that the spacious allocation for our family on the train was the best because we got the once smack middle with four seats facing each other..the others were just pair seats and were like aeroplane seats but they looked slightly cramp. thankfully, we were lucky enough to book the spacious seats.

mmm...much chocolate...many wows.

bet you can tell which one's mine


of course as the kids my sister and I used our advantage of being the youngest to get the window seat. I also managed to get a good hour of reading done during the journey. It was lovely.

ah yes!! Looking at this pic I remember the nice little family that sat next to us. They looked European and had two of the cutest little children - a girl and a boy. The girl was reading too with the father and we kept exchanging looks with the two of them. They seemed like a beautiful family. A shame I know I will never cross paths with them ever again.

here is some graffiti which welcomed us into Paris

after a seemingly long journey, we finally reached the city of Madeline, the city of love and the city of art.

after checking into our apartment, we decided to stroll around to see if there were any interesting sightings before embarking on our actual planned adventure tomorrow. It was day 8 of our vacation and you could say we were getting pretty exhausted by that point always walking around and sight-seeing. The trip in Paris was slightly more laid back given that we had a week and managed to see most of what Paris had to offer.

here is the view we were greeted with when we FIRST laid eyes on Paris herself

pretty great, huh? We walked past this bunch of Christmas trees every day since we live so nearby. And it was positioned right ahead the nearest station - and the train was our main transport.

The location of our stay was also very very convenient - just like the place we had in London - and we could visit the Notre Dame with less than 5 minutes of walking!!

our apartment is suuuuuper cool. My sister and I had to climb up a wooden ladder BUILT IN THE APARTMENT to get to our beds where we could actually touch the ceiling cause our rooms were the top most floor and just LOOK at the exterior of the place;

hogwarts af or what?!

according to trip advisor and also my personal experience, this building has a natural history of its own having survived 2 world wars and all that. I could hear the tour guides actually explaining the history behind this beautiful building every morning and it was a super cool experience!

in front of the notre dame!!

believe me when I say that the queue was exceptionally long that day cause entrance was free. Did you know Paris has free entrance to all museums every first Sunday of the month? We were suuuper lucky cause we went to Paris just in time for their first Sunday of December.

attempt at a selife #1

Then we walked around more... did some window shopping and people watching

my mum and chargeable cars (I think)

I remember that these are the cars like teslas (?) where you don't need fuel to power them but just a quick charge. And there were charging pods all around. My mum got a little over-excied at the sight of them.

I was also vlogging alot but sadly deleted all my footage absent-mindedly thinking that it was all backed up but no...... :(((( 

onwards with our walk we reached the iconic love lock bridge!!!! Although there were some locks that have been taken down due to the weight that exceeds the original max weight in which the bridge was supposed to withstand, there was still millions upon gazillions love locks and they were all so.....sappy HAHAHA. but cool!! I read love from all over the world - across mumba to san francisco. from russia to the phillipines. I could have stood there all day reading the hopes and dreams of young love. My biggest dream now is to come back to this bridge, face these locks with the sunshine of Paris beating down on my face alongside some cool breeze, and write. Just write. In a diary. A short story. A poem. I want to go back and write. 


following on, we went to the louvre!! Yes now I remember. this day was a friday. Not a sunday yet. So we had to pay to enter the louvre. I guess the line for notre dame was long just ....because HAHAH. We were patient though and didn't enter to see Mona Lisa till Sunday so we didn't have to pay HAHAHHA. But we definitely took some shots outside!!

my sister and the louvre

 yes, one does not simply come to the louvre and not attempt this pose. 

attempt at a selfie #2

proceeding from the louvre, we found ourselves amidst the plethora of people in a tiny park with a miniature stature that looked the arc de triomphe...but was not. HAHAH. Don't worry we still managed to see the real one in our later days but this was such a cute replica! Well I don't think it is a replica honestly and has its own significant symbollic resonances but hey it got us confused in the spur of the moment didn't it HAHAH

don't you just adore the lush greenery surrounding the entire place? echoing the beauty of nature that sparks a natural lust in the most innocent of men.

another thing I absolutely love about the city of Paris is that no matter where you travel or how far you think you are going... you will ALWAYS get a glimpse of the eiffel tower as though it were a chide to seduce you back home of remind you that this is the city of love. And I love that so much.

spot the eiffel tower! ^^^

and so we just continued on..observing nature

Paris has great floorwork might I add...not in terms of dancing but their tiles oh gosh so quaint and beautiful.

 later on, we decided to grab a quick lunch at mcdonalds cause everyone knows it is an unspoken rule that at least one mcdonalds meal MUST be eaten when you visit a foreign country. Rule one of travelling.

I don't necessarily remember what we had exactly but I know we could substitute fries for wedges. They sold french macarons too there. And I'm pretty sure their array of sauces knocks Malaysia out of competition. 

everyone knows international mcdonalds is always better than local ones because 1) bacon and 2) the grass is always greener on the other side.

after food we, of course, resumed the roaming

ah yes... I also remember that as we were walking about we even received free christmas chocolate from a guy dressed up as Santa Claus. What's NOT to love about Paris?!

and so after a long journey of walking and as darkness began to display its dark and dense veil the christmas markets came alive with the most cheery of tunes and the happiest of people.

yes this is my picture I shot it off my iphone

I still remember how shocked I was at how good it turned out a shot to be and knew at the back of my palm that this one of the many magic powers of this city.

we then decided to head home and visit the closest supermarket and got a ton of snacks!!


after washing up, I decided to put on a mask as I was breaking out slightly that day due to the amount of travelling and dry air my face was being exposed to. 

with the tiny bistro making lots of noise outside our apartment where there was a plentiful of gay bars, I fell asleep to these foreign sounds that tugged at my heart begging me to make them sound less foreign in the near future and more like home.